Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Welcome the Newest Member of the Family!!

Introducing Eli Jackson Richardson!!!!

Jeffrey just returned from Wichita, Kansas (yes, we are crazy) bearing our new addition to the
family...Eli! Eli was born on September 22 and is a sweet puppy! The boys are so excited!!

What have I been doing?

Timbuk2 Bag

I know! It has been FOREVER since I had a post! I am so sorry (not like anyone has been missing it...but if you have THANK YOU).
My last post was November 30th. Since then, I have become an eBay-er. Yes, Jeffrey and I have been selling things on eBay. Mostly, Timbuk2 bags but I have also been selling my everyday ware (so I can get new ones) and various other random things in my house!
Jeffrey found Timbuk2 bags (see picture) at Sports Authority and we've been selling them. He bought 36 of them. We have 18 left. It's been a fun little adventure and I must admit...I am OBSESSED! So, if you are wondering...that is what we've been doing.
I've also been shopping for Christmas presents, decorating my house, going to lots of Christmas parties, and hosted an ornament exchange.
I have a VERY exciting post later today. Stay tuned....