Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Welcome the Newest Member of the Family!!

Introducing Eli Jackson Richardson!!!!

Jeffrey just returned from Wichita, Kansas (yes, we are crazy) bearing our new addition to the
family...Eli! Eli was born on September 22 and is a sweet puppy! The boys are so excited!!

What have I been doing?

Timbuk2 Bag

I know! It has been FOREVER since I had a post! I am so sorry (not like anyone has been missing it...but if you have THANK YOU).
My last post was November 30th. Since then, I have become an eBay-er. Yes, Jeffrey and I have been selling things on eBay. Mostly, Timbuk2 bags but I have also been selling my everyday ware (so I can get new ones) and various other random things in my house!
Jeffrey found Timbuk2 bags (see picture) at Sports Authority and we've been selling them. He bought 36 of them. We have 18 left. It's been a fun little adventure and I must admit...I am OBSESSED! So, if you are wondering...that is what we've been doing.
I've also been shopping for Christmas presents, decorating my house, going to lots of Christmas parties, and hosted an ornament exchange.
I have a VERY exciting post later today. Stay tuned....

Thursday, November 30, 2006

One more thing....

Will lost his tooth on Monday night!!! It is his 4th tooth to lose (2nd one on his own). The tooth fairy brought $5. He was very excited!!!

It's Snowing!!!

Look at the fun!!!
I got Will out of school at lunch time today because of the weather. He told me I got the "Best Mom" award because I took him out of school AND he got Chick-fil-A for lunch! I didn't want him to ride the bus home so I picked him up!

"Is it Christmas yet?"

That is the question that comes from Jake's mouth every morning. We're working on the TRUE meaning of Christmas. When asked yesterday what Christmas was, Jake replied "It's when you get presents!" I wanted to crawl in a hole! That is everything I didn't want him to think it was. I have failed as a mother! So...to redeem my parenting skills we had a discussion yesterday about what Christmas was, why we celebrate it, and why we GIVE presents. It was one of my "teaching moments" that we have in the car. Will and Jake listened to me (b/c they had to...they were trapped in the car) and I thought they understood what I was saying. My parenting license was redeemed...so I thought. Last night while working on our family Christmas canvas, the question was asked again, "Why do we celebrate Christmas, boys?" Jake said, "Because we get presents!" I was crushed once again! Then he and Will spit out some "churchy" words where every answer was "God", "Jesus", "Church"....and so forth and so on. What is worse? The "churchy" words that are regurgitated because they know that is the right answer or the "real" feelings they have toward Christmas...that it is when they get presents. Hopefully, by the time Christmas gets here they will UNDERSTAND (in their heart) the true meaning of Christmas...
Until then...they are excited about the presents!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What are you thankful for?

Jake is Thankful for this...
So very Jake!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Check it out....

My friend, Kris, posted her response to my "Etiquette" question.
Check it out:

She has some great insight!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Why is it that when someone is going through a difficult situation or loss we want to run the other direction? I believe it is because we have no clue how to respond. What do we say? What do we do?
I've decided to start collecting information from friends who have dealt with significant loss or difficult situation. What would have helped them? What could people have said? What should you NOT say? What should you NOT do?
So, maybe I'll know how to be a better friend. Maybe I'll know how to truly "Love Thy Neighbor". Isn't that what we are called to do?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Here are our husbands at the Wedding Celebration...not quite as fun for them but they were good sports.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

By The Way...

Just wanted you to know that soccer season is officially over. The boys now have their trophies and our Saturdays are going to be much calmer (well, maybe not with the holidays approaching but we can always dream!).
Jake wasn't able to go to his soccer party last Sunday night because he threw up the night before. We had a "make up" soccer party as a family Wednesday night. He was able to pick what we ate for dinner and we went out for a special dessert (Baskin Robbins) that night.

Will's party was Tuesday night (at Village Grill...our favorite restaurant in Highland Village which we go to way too often). We had a great time but he threw up after the party and was unable to go to school the next day. Aren't you glad you know that info?

Anyway, the boys both had a great season, won most of their games, and made great friends in the mean time!

Old Memories....

Sophomore Year

Freshman Year (me, Kami, Robin, & Eileen)

Ok...last night got me reminiscing about college (especially my roommates) so I thought I would post these pictures....

Eileen: I met Eileen the first day of school. I went into her room to introduce myself because she was next door to me on the 5th floor in Collins. She thought I was crazy. We went to eat at the Student Union Building. On the way there, I greeted everyone we passed. She asked if I knew them and I told her no. She really thought I was crazy!! We became great friends. She didn't forget I was crazy but embraced it. Eileen went on to be my roommate my sophomore year and then for 2 years after college. She taught me how to be responsible and how to be a good friend. She now lives in The Woodlands with her husband, Jay, and their two precious baby girls, Mary & Kate.

Kami: I met Kami through Eileen. Kami was the reason Eileen was at Baylor (they had met in High School while Kami lived in Marin County, California...long but cool story). Kami was so much fun and was as boy crazy as I was (which I didn't think was possible)! We were great friends and also lived together my sophomore year. She was an "unofficial tri delta" and I still think some DDD's thought she actually was a member. Kami taught me so much. She taught me to endure through all things, to be strong, and to have fun!!! She now lives in Fort Worth with her husband, Jim, and their two beautiful children, Jackson and Katie.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fall Festival and Julie's "Wedding Celebration"

Hopefully not a picture of things to come in their future....

Jake with Olivia...Is she not the cutest???

Me, Kami, & Eileen

So, today was exhausting but fun. It started at 7:45am when I headed to set up for Will's school Fall Festival at the Pumpkin Patch. I was on the "Games & Prizes Committee" (thank you Sara and Angie!). It was FREEZING COLD!! I had 3 layers on plus gloves and a scarf (ok, Melissa...I know it is colder in Iowa but that is why I live in Texas!!).
The Festival started at 11am and it was a great success. The kids had a blast and it was fun seeing everyone.
After cleaning up the pumpkin patch, I got home around 3:30pm. I immediately jumped in the bath (hoping to relieve my aching feet and back) and then got dressed. Julie (my pledge sister from Baylor) got married (eloped) in September and she had her "Wedding Celebration" tonight. Eileen and Kami (college roommates and dear friends) were there too! It was fun seeing them!! I also saw lots of sorority sister and other Baylor Alumni (didn't remember too many names, though...which I blame on lost brain cells due to giving birth to two children!). Jeffrey was TOTALLY bored but did enjoy the 80's cover band (which was great...we need to go to Ft. Worth sometime to hear them again!!).

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Life After 40

Just wanted you to know..."there is life after 40", and Jeffrey knows that now. Here is a picture of our family "camp out" (well, more of a 1 1/2 hour hike + smore cooking + 6 hour drive + junk eating + Jake puking excursion). More pictures to follow!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Does God live at La Madeline?

I know that is a funny question but...I really think He does. I know he lives everywhere but He sure does bless me there. Do you have a place where you feel close to God? For my husband, that is the mountains. For me, if I can get to the mountains...God is definitely there however, the mountains are far away. La Madeline is where God is to me in the MOST tangible way. I know that sounds crazy but amazing things have happened to me at La Madeline.
  1. I met Steve Ferrar there. He is a writer who wrote some amazing books and really made an impact on how my husband treats me and my kids. I was able to thank Steve for letting God use him.
  2. I've held bible studies there. There were some amazing "real" times where we struggled with whether or not we believe God is who He says He is.
  3. I've had countless lunches there with friends where God has blessed the conversations. You know those good conversations where you laugh and cry together? I love those!!!
  4. I've watched other women study the bible there and encourage one another there from afar.
  5. I've had some of the sweetest prayer times with God there.
  6. I've learned so much about God during my studying there.
  7. I've had a date with Will there. What a precious time!
  8. I met an amazing godly woman named Helen Hosier there. She was the sweet lady I met yesterday who saw me studying my bible and asked if she could sit down beside me. Of course, I welcomed her and enjoyed talking to her. She has written over 60 books and blessed me with our conversation.

So, God meets me at La Madeline. I really feel like it is an annointed place (not to mention the food and iced tea bless my tummy!). It is my place where I can be alone with him and He can meet my needs. I long to be there more than anywhere else on this earth because He is there. I don't say that to be preachy or holier than thou. I NEED Him and He is there. I really don't think it is really La Madeline but it is my quiet place amongst all the chaos where I can rest in Him. Where is your La Madeline?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat...Smell My Feet!

Featuring Buzz Lightyear and Buzz Lightyear
Today was our first "real" Trick or Treat experience. For the past 3 years, the boys have been sick on Halloween or we really didn't have plans. This year, our neighborhood had a pizza party and then we all went Trick or Treating. So fun for the kids. They have tons of candy and are definitely smelly now (they worked up a sweat running from house to house). Jeffrey told them if they took a couple pieces of candy and gave the rest to us, they would get $5 each. They are going to cash in the candy...they're smart!!!
It was a full day for the boys. The first grade had a parade of costumes this morning at 8:15am. Jake's class wore their costumes all day and had their party at noon. We are worn out!!

Tomorrow starts the 40th Birthday festivities. Jeffrey decided to take off work starting tomorrow. We leave for camping on Thursday! Let the festivities begin!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

I'd rather have a flu shot, thank you!!

Yesterday was a huge "teaching moment". For those of you who know me...the REAL me (as if I pretend to be anything but a work in progress!) know that I HATE to clean. It is my least favorite thing in the world.
So, I finally got the energy gathered, fought the feeling of being overwhelmed by the piles of messes that laid before me, and started cleaning up the house.
I then told the boys it was time to pick up their toys. Oh, the drama! Oh, the tears! Jake was quickly diverted by telling him he would get a spanking if he kept throwing a fit. Will was not diverted by the fact that he was not allowed to play Nintendo for the next day so I knew there was a battle ahead. He said he was tired so I told him to go to his bedroom (it was 4pm). I could hear him crying upstairs so I went to him. I asked him why he was crying, "This is the worst day ever! First Alec hit me with his elbow and now I have to clean up!" Hmm...wonder where he gets the drama from???
Anyway, I thought, "Perfect opportunity to teach him what God is teaching me." I began to share with Will how much I hate to clean. I began to describe it like this...
"You know how bad shots hurt? Well, I'd rather have a shot than clean. I HATE to clean. But, God tells us that we are to do everything without grumbling and have a happy heart. This is SO hard for me but I am trying. I haven't been very good at it lately but it is my responsibility to clean up just as it is your responsibility to do the same."
Well, he got up a few minutes later and began to help Jake and me.
Then...more drama.
"This is the worst day ever! Alec hit me with his elbow, I had to clean up, and now Jake locked me in the car!"
So, on the car ride to soccer practice we began to talk about how we shouldn't let the "little things" ruin our day. So, in loving mockery I began fake crying out, "Oh, this is the worst day ever!!! The sky has clouds in it and I wanted there to be no clouds." The boys giggled and so did I! I hope they are "getting it".

I told Jeffrey the story this morning and he said, "Will is just like you." Ouch! How many times do I let the "little things" ruin my day. I'm trying to teach my kids but learning more myself in the process. Couldn't I just go get a shot instead?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Funny Soccer Pictures

Thought you might enjoy these new soccer pictures....

Sunday, October 15, 2006

One Year Ago

What were you doing 1 year ago? We were MOVING. It was I think a million degrees outside and we were moving from Coppell to Highland Village (13 miles). I know 13 miles doesn't seem like a long distance but it is. We moved to a new city! New house, new school, new church, new friends (we kept the old ones too but seem them less often). It was a big leap for us. We'd lived in the Coppell "area" since we'd been together.
This morning, I looked outside our bedroom window at the trees and had great joy in my heart. We love it in "Oklahoma" (as my parents call it). We are so much happier than we ever thought we would be. What if we hadn't taken that "leap of faith"? We would have missed out on all the things we have experienced this year. It isn't the material posession of the house, it is just the new territory God brought us to. We prayed that God would "Expand our Territory" before we moved and He certainly has. It is better than we could have ever imagined! Great new house, great new school, great new church, and great new friends!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Birthday Week

Ok, I have been dreading my birthday for a week now. Every time I thought of it...tears came to my eyes. I know...I'm only 33 but for some reason I wasn't excited. I usually love my birthday and want to celebrate for a whole week (if not the whole MONTH). It was just an "off" year. Next year, I'll want to "Party like it's 1999".
Anyway, last weekend I got to hang out with my friend Amy who was in from Houston. We went to a "girly" lunch in grapevine with her friend Christine (from L.A. who was in town b/c she sings with John Tesh...pretty cool story), Star, Amanda, Amy and me. It was so fun! We sat and talked forever. Then, I took Amy and Christine to Southlake to SHOP. That night, we went to FBC Irving to see all the old FBC Houston people. It was great!
On Sunday, we had small group (which was amazing...our house was jam packed) and then I got to have another "girly" lunch w/Amy, Christy (who was in town from Nashville), and Lauren. "Tacos de Brisket" Rock!!! We had a great time! Thanks, Amy, for paying!!
Monday came around and I read 200 pages from a book my mother-in-law had given me "Remember" (a Christian fiction book I can not put down...and I NEVER read) and yes, my house is a mess. That night, I went to a "LATIN FUSION" class at the gym. It was so fun!!! If I had any rhythm when I was younger, it has completely left my body! When I got home, the house was pitch black. I walked into the kitchen and there was a lit candle. "Birthday Rap" was playing in the background. I turned on the light and there were posters all over the walls and bar with Happy Birthday wishes, a huge arrangement of flowers, and gifts! So fun! They were playing "Hide and Seek" so I had to find them (they didn't get the whole run out and yell surprise thing). I was so surprised and teared up. How thoughtful! Jeffrey wrote sweet things in his card and the boys picked out my present (a scarf, hat, and gloves). So sweet!
Yesterday was a pretty normal day but I had tons of calls from friends and family wishing me a great birthday. I read more of my book (I only have 2 chapters left), had lunch w/Jo and Michele, and took Will to soccer practice. It was a VERY relaxing day.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I needed to add a picture of Will!! Last blog had too many of Jake.

Will and I had a wonderful date yesterday. I took him out of school for lunch and we went to Pazzo's. He loved the pizza! He was upset, however, that he didn't know the plan earlier. I kind of surprised him. He DOES NOT like suprises. He likes to know the PLAN!

This Past Week....

Sorry...I haven't been blogging this week...here is a snopsis of what has been going down at the Richardson's....

Wednesday Night...had dinner w/some friends (my sweet blog reader...thank you for being the ONLY one who reads it!!). Jake now has a new girl friend. He talked about Audrey all day the next day and then the following day. I think he has a crush (she is the one in the Monster's Inc. costume).

P.S. We still have the "Santa" chairs for you, Lauren & Matt...they WILL show up very soon...be ready!!!

Friday Night (sorry no picture)-Jeffrey played "Corn Hole" w/neighbors until 1am!!! They had a blast just having guy time outside. The boys and I stayed out there until 9pm. My parents got in town around 11pm. Late night at the Richardson's!

Saturday Night- 2 soccer games! Yes, it was 98 degrees here! The kids were so glad to have Nana and Papa here. We all had a great time & loved Papa's new "do". (picture taken by Jake)

Sunday- still recovered from 98 degree heat.

Today-Jake and I went to the Pumpkin Patch with his playgroup from church. He was the cutest "pumpkin" there! He's pictured with Emma. Aren't they precious!

These are some of Jake's buddies. They are ALL boy!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Confessions of a "Soccer Mom"

(Am I actually confessing this?)
"I love being a soccer mom!"
Yes, it is true!

(Although I have not purchased a mini-van, nor have any soccer stickers on my car, nor have soccer balls hanging from my rear view mirror...)
I love to watch my little boos (as Amy calls them) play soccer. It is so much fun...more fun than I ever thought.
  • I love to watch the excitement in the faces when they score a goal.
  • I love to watch the determination in their eyes as they focus.
  • I love to watch as they finally "get" the game.
  • I love to watch as they master a new skill.
  • I love to watch them beam as they run through the "parent bridge" as they finish a game.
  • I love to watch my husband get so intense about the game (especially since he is the LEAST competitive person I know...it makes me laugh).

I am soaking life up right now!

Monday, September 25, 2006

More Clues

Jeffrey's 40th Birthday Trip

Can you guess where we went? It was where he said he wanted to go the first night I met him.....

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yeah!! He lost his tooth tonight!!

Oh!! We are so excited over here. Will just lost his first "real" tooth (the other 2 were pulled that he lost before). He's been working on that loose tooth for over a month and finally wiggled it out! I was so glad it happened before we left town. Ty, Will's cousin, lost his today at lunch when we were together. The tooth fairy will be busy tonight!!!

My heart aches!

Tomorrow morning, Jeffrey and I leave for his "40th Birthday Trip" (6 weeks early...I think we are going to have a Marathon 40th Birthday). Although I am thrilled to get away and be with my sweet husband, my heart is aching for I have to leave my two monkeys behind. I've just been sad all day. When I think of leaving them, I tear up. What? I know that is crazy and totally unlike me! I love to get away but for some reason my heart is sad to leave them. They are in GREAT care but I feel like I need to be there for them. Will is probably going to lose his tooth this week. Jake is probably going to need me to kiss a "boo boo". I won't be there for either. "Please, Lord, help me release control to you and put them in your hands. Comfort them! Love on them while I am away!"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mega Play date!!!

So, I am now recuperating from having 43 women and over 50 children at our house this morning!! Yes, the Play Group kick off party was at our house today. It was very fun...not to mention, VERY crazy! Thankfully, are carpets are already kid proof (a.k.a. stained beyond repair) so it was perfect...no stresses here! I am less Martha Stewart these days and loving it! I'm comfortable with the fact my house won't be spotless and I can't do everything (well, it is still a battle but I'm getting better?). There is a lot of freedom in not being perfect (the Lord is constantly teaching me that...especially through the "carpet episodes"...Did you know the professional painter even spilled some paint in the living room?)
There were people every where. Jake had so much fun. There are 6+ boys his age and he thought he was in heaven. It was fun to see new mommies (there were babies who were 6 weeks old here!!!) and veteran mommies (am I a veteran...I guess I am?) having a great time. Stay at home mommies desperately need fellowship (not to use a somewhat "churchy" term) with other mommies...it helps us keep sane!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Crazy Weekend!

(I apologize for the long blog...feel free to just look at pictures)
Friday Night- The boys and I went to the Family Worship Night at our church. We arrived early so I could help with registration. I sent the boys out to play on the playground. As I rounded the corner to get them, I could hear Jake crying and Will consoling him (I immediately thought...Will's trying to make Jake laugh so we won't tattle tale on him!). I found Jake crying with blood gushing from his mouth (then I thought, here we go to our first emergency room visit). I calmly walked over to him and looked in his mouth. He had bitten his tongue very badly that was where all the blood was coming from. No broken teeth, no head injuries...just a few scratches and lots of blood. Through his tears, he explained to me he fell off the "outside" of the slide (which he wasn't supposed to be climbing on). He threw up and then I took his shirt off (sorry to be so graphic...life with boys!). I cleaned him up and his tongue stopped bleeding. We left the church and took care of his tongue. He was fine when we got home. Will kept saying, "I'm so sorry, Jake, that happened to you." I told Will how thankful I was that he was showing compassion to his brother. He told me, "I love my brother, mom. I just feel so bad for him." It made me tear up. They're getting it!!!
Double Header! Will had his first game at 10:30am vs. the Pirhanas. He did fantastic! 3 goals! He really is understanding the game and also gaining skill (but did wiggle his loose tooth during the whole game). However, he complains and I think this will be his last season. Chaney, Amy, Bob, & Jo were there to cheer him on.
Jake had his first game at 4pm. Amy's whole family was there to cheer for him and so was Bob & Jo. He did great!!! 2 goals! Have you ever seen 4 year olds play soccer? It is hilarious!! I really wish we had brought our video camera.
After the game, we all went to eat dinner and then went to Graham's game. Graham scored a touchdown while we were there but it was revoked b/c of holding. We left after half time...then he scored again...we missed it!!! We were so tired last night! We only have 2 more months of soccer to go!
Jeffrey and I just returned from watching the Cowboys game at a co-worker's house, Shah. They are from Iran and are so nice. We had pistachios from Iran, tea from Iran, bakery goodies from Iran, and then dinner from Iran. It was my first "Persian" experience. I feel very cultured! Did you know Iran has 4 seasons? Did you know Persian rugs are made from hand and take 9 months to create? Did you know Persians put a cube of sugar in their mouths while drinking hot tea? Did you know people from Iran speak Farcie (spelling?)? Did you know you call things from Iran "Persian"?....Now YOU have some culture!
Now, I'm sure I have bored you to tears...sorry! There was just a lot to cover!