Monday, August 28, 2006

"Just Singing (and Dancing ) In The Rain"

Yeah! It finally rained! We've been having an awful drought here. The lake is 14 feet below normal. We need rain!
The boys decided to play in the rain after dinner. Their neighbor friends joined in the fun! I remember doing the same when I was their age. Great memories!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Last night, we went to Deep Ellum to eat at Monica's (Jeffrey's favorite place). Lots of bachelorettes go there (decked out in interesting attire like necklaces w/male body parts on them!!!). Stephen & Star went with us. We didn't join the congo line (although I think secretly Jeffrey wanted to...Just Kidding!!!) but enjoyed the music...especially the segway from the salsa music to "Sweet Home Alabama"....very funny! After dinner, we drove Stephen and Star around town (they just moved here from Houston). What a great night (but not the best picture of Jeffrey & me)!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Will woke up this morning very tired. He got dressed and told me his throat hurt. He wanted to go back to bed b/c he was so tired (Will has NEVER gone back to bed...he HATES to go to bed). So, I sent him to his bed. When he got up an hour later, he complained of a sore throat and stomach ache. I was a little skeptical. He was chasing his brother around the house...was he really sick??? I decided to take him to the doctor to make sure I was right that he was not sick and he was "pulling my leg". Well, the doctor made the verdict...he is indeed sick! He has a double ear infection and a viral infection causing his throat to be swollen and infected. Oops! I was wrong. You would never know he was sick. He was acting like normal!!! He is now on Zithromax (b/c I can never remember to do antibiotics for 10 days) for 5 days. The Dr. said he could go back to school tomorrow. Jeffrey and I have been sick all week w/cold like symptoms and sore throats. We (or rather, I) act sick! He must have a high pain tolerance (or is easily destracted by his little brother!)!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Like Father Like Son

Yesterday, I took Will Sonic (that is what he wants every week) to school and ate lunch with him. We were talking about how he was riding the bus.
.....I know, I know. I said I would NEVER let my kid ride the bus. They have made it sooo hard to drive the kids that it is virtually impossible not to ride the bus now. There is lots of drama concerning the drop-off/pick-up at Heritage...don't want to go into it. They do, however, have assigned seating so that makes us feel better. Our neighborhood has so many kids that they have to have 2 buses for our neighborhood.
Ok, back to the story...Will asked me yesterday as we were chatting not to meet him at the bus. He said, "The other moms just wait inside. Can you do that?" Oh, No! My first grader is already embarassed of his mom. I'm a COOL mom...why would he be embarassed of ME? I gathered up my pride and told him that I wouldn't cross the street but would wait on our lawn. I asked him if that was ok and if he would be embarassed by that. He said that was, "OK."
So, it reminded me of a Jeffrey story. Jo (Jeffrey's mom) told me that when Jeffrey was in first grade, he wouldn't let her walk him to his class. He just wanted to be dropped off. He convinced her that he could do it on his own. She reluctantly agreeed and he walked himself in, found his name on the roster posted on the door, and entered the classroom. Jo recalls that she cried all day long as her "baby" (the oldest of 3) was in 1st grade and she didn't walk him to his class.
As Will asked me not to wait outside, I realized that he was EXACTLY like his dad. Independent to the core. At least I was able to walk him into his class his first day of 1st grade!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Feliz Cupleanos, Emilio!

Yesterday, the boys and I went to our first "Mexican" birthday party. Our friends had a party for their 3 year old. I was one of 3 adults there who didn't speak Spanish. It was awesome!!!! We had a great time. They sure know how to throw a party. I think there were 27 kids and probably 26 adults!!!
The party started at 1pm. The kids played outside in the blow up swimming pools. It was HOT but there was lots of shade. We had taquitos, rice, & beans for lunch (So yummy!!!). After lunch, they hit the pinata. It was a huge one (but small for Mexican pinatas...did you know in Mexico they are lifesize?)!! They sang a Mexican song while each child took three swings. The boys joined in (even though they didn't know what they were singing). What fun!
It was great to meet new people. I loved listening to them speak. I want to learn spanish!!! As I listened to them, I wondered what it would be like to live in a foreign country. They all met each other b/c they were from Mexico City and were so excited to meet someone who was from their country...and spoke Spanish! I've been doing the Daniel study by Beth Moore. Daniel and his family were captured (with the other jewish people) and taken to Babylon. They didn't speak the same language and he had to learn their language along with their customs because he was one of 4 boys who were sent to the palace to do so. During the study we thought of how sad he must have been to leave his homeland.
As I sat there not understanding what the people at the party were saying, I thought of Daniel in a new way. Maybe it was sad to leave his home but I also wonder if he felt a sense of adventure? Obviously, he was smart so he probably loved learning new things. He was probably like a sponge soaking everything in. I think now he might of seen it as a sense of adventure.
In the midst of our fear of change, do we ever relish the fact that it could be an awesome adventure that will change us (for the good) forever? Or, are we too gripped by fear and tunnel vision to look for the bigger picture? Sure, I bet the Mexican families wish they were home and miss the comforts of it. But...what an adventure!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Jake's First Day of Soccer

We are an official soccer family! Jake started soccer today. He was very excited!! We bought him a red ball, red socks, and red shoes (well, the shoes were left over from Will). His coach used to play professional soccer! We're going to have a great team!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Boys' Back To School Bash

Well, it's not a bash...just a few kids over to play. 7 boys at my house right now. That's a lot of boys! Will is just like me...can't invite 1 person, it's got to be everyone!
Here they are taking a break from chase to play Nintendo. Boys are weird about video games! No tea parties or make up application here!

"My dad rules the world"

So, Will wanted to wear the t-shirt we made for Father's Day today. It says, "My dad rules the world". I thought it was so funny. What do you think people thought who saw him wear it today? They probably think we are a little weird...which we are! I had to take a picture of him walking up to school in it!
The shirts made for Father's Day said:
Mine...."My husband rocks"
Jake's..."My dad is cool" (which now says "coo" because the L fell off"
Jeffrey's..."I am the bomb"
Yes, we wear them in public. And, yes people look at us funny!!! We like to wear them to: Pancho's, Wal-mart, Cracker Barrel, the lake, Babe's Chicken House and places similar so we don't get as many stares. Maybe we could wear them to Nascar if we ever go!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jake's Play date

So, Jake needs a friend now that Will is in school. We had our friend Barrett (from church) over. Barrett has an older brother as well so I thought it would be a perfect match. When Barrett arrived, neither boy knew what to do. There was no older brother bossing them around. Barrett's mom (Lea) and I laughed. Poor second children! They come out of the womb being bossed around (sorry John Mark). Finally, they got in a groove and had a great time. It just took them a while to think for themselves. We need more play dates!

Sore Throat?

How do you tell when your child is "stretching the truth" about being sick? Yesterday, Will woke and said his head hurt (to his dad) and then he told me (later) his throat hurt. Which one was it? And then, he said, "I never get to stay home. I never get a break." (he's been in school 2 days at this point) Hmmm....I think he has realized that Jake is getting to stay home with me and do fun things. So, I sent him to school yesterday, alerting the teacher that he "may" be sick. No call from the school nurse.
So, this morning at 5:45am (which brought back horrible memories of being up with small children...don't think I could do that again...I am so not a morning person) he woke up again with a sore throat. I didn't believe him again but then he started to sniffle. I think he's got drainage. Anyway, maybe he did have a sore throat. Maybe I'm the world's worst mom for thinking he was faking it! I took him Sonic for lunch. He seems to be doing better. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow morning.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Will's First Day of First Grade


First Grade

I think I'll have to hold back tears all day long. Will is at school. We just dropped him off and we are sad.
Here are a few pictures from this morning. Don't they look old? They have grown up so much!
Will was very excited about school and he is going to have a great day. Jake says he gets to hug Will first when we pick him up because he is his brother. I guess I'll have to hug him second! Would it be too smothering to take him lunch today? Ok...I'll wait. What about Wednesday? Do I have to wait until Friday?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Last Day Of Summer

Look at these moves....

We just got back from Canadian, TX (population 2223) where we went to Jeffrey's cousin Kris' wedding. We stayed at the Canadian Courts Motel. The wedding was at the First United Methodist Church (which was packed...not an empty seat) and the reception was at City Hall. The boys were ready for the wedding to be over so they could go to the reception to eat cake and dance (after my own heart). The boys joined the wedding party as they did the Grand March (must be a square dancing thing). They thought they were part of the dance. Very funny!
We were able to see Jeffrey's grandmother, his dad, both of his uncles and their families. They are all very nice...too bad they live so far (most live in Canyon, TX...near Amarillo for those who do not know their Texas geography).
NEW HOUSE RULE..."No putting boogers on other people"-this rule was added on the way to Canadian. Jeffrey and I secretly laughed so hard as we had to tell them the new rule...LIFE WITH BOYS!!!
So, today is the last day of summer. I am very sad. My baby starts first grade tomorrow. He is not old enough to be in first grade...I'm not old enough to have a first grader (although, I did find 4 grey hairs on my head). He is very excited! Jake and I are sad. We're going to miss him! 3:00pm will not come soon enough tomorrow!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Meet The Teacher

(No pictures from Meet the Teacher, Jeffrey would have been too embarrassed...I'll have them on Monday, though, for the first day!)
So, tonight (in 105 degree heat) we went to meet Will's 1st grade teacher (yes, I said 1st grade & yes, I'm going to cry!). Her name is Mrs. Yocum. She is very nice. My friend, kinder teacher Ms. McElvoy, went to school w/Ms. Yocum's son. Isn't that a small world? Will has at least 6 kids from Ms. Mitchell's Kinder class in his 1st grade class. His desk was next to his best girl buddy Madeline (Jean's daughter)...I think people thought we paid her to do that but we didn't...we just lucked out!! It was fun getting to see everyone.
Will did not want to go tonight but when we left he said he couldn't wait until Monday. What a blessing!
Tomorrow is our last day of summer. What a complete bummer! I have loved being with the boys this summer. It has been so much fun and I am going to miss them when they are in school. We have fun together!

Pictures from the past week

Jake standing in line to jump off the diving board. No fear!

Will waiting to go on the ropes course.

Steph Weber & Jake

Will on the climbing wall! So proud!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Here are a few crazy things that have happened:
Went to pick John Mark (my brother) up from the airport. While I was driving to the airport, a huge thunderstorm rolled in causing his flight to be late. The boys and I (w/neighbor boy Hunter) went to Burger King to go to the bathroom. While ordering Icees for them, the power went out (not the best neighborhood to be in when the power goes out!). So, we leave BK empty handed and go back to airport to pick up JM. Then, JM can't get his luggage b/c it is still lightening and thundering. So...we wait some more. Meanwhile, Hunter's mom calls and says he has to go to tryouts for football by 6:00pm. We were at Love Field and it was 5:00pm (ever heard of 5:00 traffic). Well, we hit major traffic and got Hunter to practice (10 minutes late). 3 hours in the car! bag for JM. He had to go back that night to pick it up! Crazy!
Tuesday was our LAST Terrific Tuesday and we were sad. After dropping John Mark in Dallas (2 more hours in the car...yes, I live in "Oklahoma" as my dad likes to say) we came home to eat lunch and get dressed. I took the boys to Kidz Muze (a new play place in Coppell). The kids had a blast and we had a great turnout for Terrific Tuesday (Will climbed a climbing wall for the first time...see picture). After that, I dropped the kids off in Southlake to spend the night with their cousins. Then, I went to Sprouts & Tom Thumb to pick up groceries for the Mary Kay party I had last night. (Yes, I like to cram as much as I can in one day!) While bringing in the groceries, The carrier's bottom for the wine I bought (the man talked me into buying 6 b/c it was cheaper) fell apart and all bottles fell on the ground breaking 3 and making my big toe black and blue! I was so lucky it didn't cut me!!! It was 1 hour until the party at my house so I called Sprouts and they sent a lady over with new bottles. Isn't that nice? I'm sure they were just scared I was going to sue them for my toe!
Since the boys spent the night at their cousins, I had a relaxing morning. I got some stuff done around the house (cleaned up from last night, cleaned up the broken wine bottles, made dinner, make cake balls, etc.). I ate lunch by myself at Celebrity...yes, that is a new thing. In my older age, I'm liking being by myself to have my quiet time and read. That is weird for me b/c I usually have to have someone around all the time. The only craziness today was losing my pearl earring. They are the earrings Jeffrey gave me for our first Christmas. I was heartbroken. I called all the stores I went to today and then just prayed. After I prayed, I found it on the floor in the study. Praise Him!
I know this is long but think of it as 3 days in 1!
Oh, BTW...We found out who Will's teacher is! He has Ms.Yokum. We are very excited and he has 6 or 7 kids from his last class in his new class. We are still going to have Ms. Mitchell's Mommies Night Out (MMM) with the old class but will add our new friends. It should be fun!
We have Meet The Teacher tomorrow night. I'll let you know how that goes!!!
I'm hoping to work out tomorrow. I've got to get back to Weight Watchers! Next week the routine begins!!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Keep Drinking Water

So, we went to the Coppell Aquatics pool w/Steph Weber and her kids yesterday. We had a great time. Steph has to start a larger dose of chemo on Wednesday. She'll do that every other Wednesday for 6 months. She really seems to be handling it well. God really has given her supernatural peace.
Last night, Jeffrey and I went out with the Upchurches. We ate at Cheesecake Factory (which was funny b/c we always make fun of Jeffrey's brother & sister for going there). After dinner, we walked around Southlake to window shop. Because we spent 3+ hours at the pool (just after taking a STRONG class at the gym), I think I have a little dehydration. I woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache (which happened over New Year's...the Dr. Diagnosed as dehydration). I'm trying to drink as much water as possible. I always tell my kids to drink water and I feel like I drink water ALL the time. Obviously, as hot as it is out...I need to step it up! It's HOT down here!!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fun in the Sun!

Today we went to Lifetime to workout and then swam. Wow! I'm going to miss days like today in 1 1/2 weeks when school starts! It was 103 degrees in my car when we drove home. I made sure the boys drank lots of water!
Patricia and Lindsay met us at the pool. We had great discussions about life and our "issues"...we've all got 'em! The boys had fun playing with their friends at the pool Shelly, Landry, & Caroline met us. So did Jean, Maddie, & Emma. We all went down the slide several times. The "dark slide" (as the boys call it) was scary but fun. Lots of water up my nose!
Yesterday's bible study hurt my head! We are studying Daniel. God is stretching me more than ever! My little brain can't think that hard...but God is giving me just enough knowledge to get through it. It is very interesting. I'm not one who knows much about prophesy so it is new to me (end times, post-tribulation, pre-tribulation, rapture, premellinialism, and other big words I can't spell or pronounce!). It's not real touchy feely so that is hard for me but I'm pressing on!
Well, I'm off to wash clothes. The stack is growing and growing.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More pictures from yesterday!

I'm having a hard time downloading my pictures. Here are some more from yesterday. The moms had fun too (Dawn, me, Jean, Arlene...Sara's not pictured).

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ft. Worth Science Museum

Sorry it has been a few days!
Some of you have asked how my sister in law's family is doing. They are having estimates done on the house but nothing has been fixed yet. We keep saying..."At least they weren't home!" What a blessing!
Yesterday, the boys and I spent 3 hours at the Lifetime Fitness pool. It was fun! A new friend of mine, Patricia, met us because I had a guest pass. I met her with Lindsay at The Village's VBS. She's a 7th grade teacher at Lamar Middle. The kids played and played. We got to visit and that was fun. Lindsay is going to be my guest on Thursday. I didn't realize how much sun we got. It never seemed that hot because we were having so much fun.
Ok...on to today. The boys and I left early this morning to go see my grandparents in Ft. Worth. Princess the cat would not come out to play so they were disappointed but all in all the trip was good. We visited with my grandmother as she at breakfast (and Jake talked about how hungry he was...he is ALWAYS hungry).
After our short visit, we headed to the Ft. Worth Science Museum. We met our friends there (Sara, Jean, Arlene, Dawn, & kids) for "Terrific Tuesday". It was a lot of fun! I thought the kids would last 1 1/2 hours MAX! I had to drag them out at 3:30pm (so we wouldn't hit traffic on the way home) and we got there at 10:30am! They can't wait to go again.
We have bible study tomorrow. It should be another busy day! I think I'm trying to cram as much into my schedule as I can because we only have 1 1/2 weeks left of FREEDOM...then school starts!!!