Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Man's Anniversary Celebration

So, yesterday was our 9th anniversary. Can you believe it? Other than the fact we have a 7 1/2 year old, I can't believe it either. It also marks the 10th anniversary of our first date (we married exactly a year from our first date).
My mom has been in town all week and offered to watch our children for us so we could go on a date to celebrate. I met Jeffrey in Southlake because my mom and I had been there for a late lunch and shopping. I put on my high heels to look a little more spiffy (took off the comfy Reefs...oh, how I love those sandals). I walked/jogged across the main street in Southlake to go to another store that was not in the town square (yes, I looked like a dork). My feet instantly began to ache and the blisters began to form. I waited for Jeffrey (who was stuck in traffic) at the Central Market Cafe. It was nice...I got a glass of wine and read my "Love and Respect" book that I'm reading (oh, how I need that book!!!).
We first had to go visit Toby and Michele. She had just had a hysterectomy on Monday and we hadn't seen her yet. We stopped by and talked to Toby. After that, we decided to go see a movie. We NEVER go see movies anymore. What movie did Jeffrey pick? Ok...don't judge us but we saw Knocked Up. Romantic Anniversary, huh? Well, it was either that or the Die Hard movie. It was actually funny (in a way too crude and totally inappropriate but redeeming at the end kind of way).
After the movie (by now it is 9:15pm), we went to eat at Snuffer's. No, I am not kidding! And yes, we had cheese fries. I actually couldn't walk any father because of the blisters on my feet...I threw those high heels in the trash as we exited the restaurant.
As I reflected on our anniversary (and the Happy Birthday card I received from my husband...this has now become an inside joke), I thought, "What a great man's anniversary!". it bad to have a "Man's Anniversary"?
Fancy restaurants make Jeffrey uncomfortable. And...expectations make him even more uncomfortable.
Let's back up to our first date...we were set up on a blind date. We met at his house with the girl who introduced us and her boyfriend. Mind you...Jeffrey had 3 roommates and had just gotten off Young Life Staff. Needless to say, there were people everywhere. We ate hamburgers (that I thought he made but later found out his roommate had) and then jumped in his car (Ginny, Todd, Jeffrey, and I) to go to Blockbuster to rent a movie. What did he rent? SCREAM! I'm not kidding!
Well, I was so scared that I talked through the whole movie. What else could I do?
So, last night was no frills but good (although I had to swallow my princess pride). I think guys like to have a "Man's Anniversary". It really isn't ALL about the wife, right? They have a right to celebrate their marriage the way they want to, too!
Tonight, he showed up with 3 dozen roses. Now, that was Extravagant...but oh, so appreciated by this princess!! Maybe it is give and take after all....

Monday, July 23, 2007

If VBS was at Disney World...

If VBS was at Disney World, it would be just like the VBS that my children experienced last week. It was THAT good!
Of course, my amazingly creative father had a lot to do with it (is that bragging?...yes, sorry!).
Round Up was the theme and it was amazing! My mom and I saw the "Big Show" every day at 11am that had singing, dancing, skits, bible stories, and magic tricks. Disney couldn't have done it any better!
Jake has had a hard time with separation anxiety and he went into his class every day...practically running. We were so grateful!
Will couldn't stop dancing at the "Big Show". He knew all the motions to the songs.
We have the CD of all the songs for VBS and the kids love it! I love it because it is songs about God!

A Huge Decision

On Wednesday, Will made a very big decision at VBS. He decided he wanted to "ask Jesus in his heart". Even at the young age of 7, he knew that he needed Jesus...desperately. He wanted Jesus to be in control of his life. We had talked with Will on several occasions about becoming a believer in Jesus but at VBS it finally clicked for him and he decided on his own that he believed! We are so grateful and excited for the journey he has begun. We dedicated his sweet life at 6 months old and are so anxious to see where God leads him.

Riding In Cars With Boys

I believe that is a title of a movie starring Drew Barrymore, however, I believe the movie has different meaning than what I am referring to. I rode in a car with these boys in the above picture for over 35 hours (if you include our "excursion" to Buena Vista). Yes, I should receive many jewels in my crown in heaven for that!
We left on Friday night and stayed in Amarillo at the Holiday Inn ($50 thanks to deal!). Jeffrey informed me that he had gotten some hair color at Sally's on his way home. So, Jeffrey and Will dyed their hair "blonde" in the hotel room (after the boys swam in the indoor pool) at 10:30pm that night. Please, Lord, do not let them get a tattoo at an early age!!!
We met Jeffrey's dad at Cracker Barrel for breakfast...yummy! We talked to him about Jeffrey's cousin who is having a baby at the end of August. We've been praying that she would let us adopt the baby but we think she is going to keep the baby girl. I was saddened by the news but know that God has what is best for everyone. I'd love to have a girl around the house...especially after being with boys all the time.
We headed to Keystone and arrived around 5:30pm mountain time. Our condo was amazing! Did I tell you I got it on eBay for only $350 total for the WHOLE WEEK? Crazy!
Hiking, swimming, playing in the creek, playing monopoly junior, watching Hannah Montana & Man vs. Wild, reading (I read Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas...totally suggest that book!), riding the alpine slide...were all big hits!!!
We did get to see John Mark and Laura briefly. He was still in a lot of pain from his ACL surgery. I felt so bad for him!
We left at 3:00am on Saturday morning (Jeffrey drove). We arrived back in Dallas at 6:15pm...then I ran up to the church to sing at Kids' Village.
All in all we had a great trip together BUT (as I always feel on a trip with all 3 boys) I am so outnumbered!!! Boys are so different than girls! They love potty humor and dirty things. They are just wired differently. I don't get them most of the time! I am looking forward to doing some girlie things very soon!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

VBS in H-Town

Yes, we drove home 14 hours (leaving at 3am Colorado time) on Saturday. Then, I headed up to the church to sing with Kids Village. On Sunday, we had a whirlwind day...singing, small group, laundry, picking up Eli, etc. The boys and I caught a flight to Houston at 7pm that night. They are attending VBS at Second Baptist Church and are LOVING IT!!! I am enjoying spending time with my mom and seeing friends. We'll have pictures and more to come...

Friday, July 06, 2007

We're Off...

We're headed to Keystone right now! I'm sure I will have lots of fun pictures to post.
(Which I can't believe I didn't take one picture on the 4th of July...we had a blast, though, with the Smiths!)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Popcorn, Please!

Are you ever in those situations where you wish you had a camera? Or a time you just wanted to sit back and eat popcorn while watching your surroundings? My neighborhood Kroger makes me feel that way every time!
I am a grocery store snob...I will admit. I don't go to Walmart. My favorite two stores are Tom Thumb & Target. While trying to cut the grocery budget some, I began shopping at our local Kroger. This is NOT a signature store, however, it has a signature all it's own.
Bought from a former Minyards (says Jeffrey who points out it still has the Minyards colors), this Kroger is in a strip center. The people that work there are so sweet and kind but a little different. I love it that Kroger hires these people. They would probably not have a job otherwise. They are always friendly (sometimes the guys are a little too friendly to me...which makes me a little uncomfortable...I do not feel comfortable when men talk to me that aren't my is just my weird thing).
Then, there is the clientele. Oh, my! All kinds of people...from all walks of life. Today was especially interesting. I watched a lady and her daughter (or granddaughter) go through the store. They had to be on something. The lady was jittery and itchy. When getting my avocados, she actually went for the big avocados ($1.79 each), took off the sticker that has the number on it, and put it in her bag. She was trying to get the $1.79 avocados for $.50 (the smaller avocados were 2 for $1). Crazy! There were other characters but I was fixated on her and her daughter with the afro hair (although she was Caucasian).
I know I stare when I shop at Kroger...I can't help it! I am so grateful, however, for all those people. I am sure they all look at me and think I'm an oddity as well...with my hair pulled back, no makeup on, and two boys who are usually messy...begging for everything down each aisle. All the odd people go to included. As my friend said (when I saw him there at the store and commented on the odd people), "They are my people." I guess that says it all. Anyway, I just had to post about it. It is the most normal thing in my life...especially since I live in a bubble called Castlewood.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer of Surgeries

My mom had a hysterectomy at the end of May. My brother tore his ACL on a raft trip (which he was the guide) and has surgery in the morning in Vail. I need to have my deviated septum fixed at the end of July. Our poor family!
I have a surgery is optional (although I can only sleep on one side at night and it is progressively getting harder to breathe). I'm now having second thoughts. The doctor did say that one of the risks was my nose could be deformed (not good coming for someone who wanted a "nose job" as a sophomore in high school) and it could change my singing voice (to not be as that bad or good?). Other problems include: the surgery is scheduled on my 9th anniversary (which is actually also the 10th anniversary of the our first date), and Jackopierce is going to be in concert (at House of Blues) the weekend after my surgery...which I really want to attend. What do I do?

Family Pictures Postponed if I didn't feel bad enough that we cut Will's hair, now the family pictures are postponed until July 21st!!! As everyone knows, we have had major rain. Our pictures were outside and we feared the muddy mess that happens when 8 cousins get together in white shirts. The studio did inform us that they had a "virtual" outdoor backdrop in case of rain. When I inquired about the "virtual" backdrop, I learned that it is a green screen that allows you to choose your background. I died laughing (inside, of course as to not be rude). Hmmm? We could be in Hawaii, or on the slopes, or in a Star Wars picture (as they had at the Star Wars Exhibit). Too funny!