Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm Scared...

I start P90X tomorrow! It is an intense workout! Wish me luck!
One good thing is we have a group who are going to workout with me on Tuesdays. I think this accountability will help...
Click on this to find out more:

School Fundraisers

My friends and I are now learning about school fundraising! Team Beachbody is now using the Coaching opportunity to help our schools both physically and finanically! What a GREAT idea! You don't have to buy wrapping paper or cookie dough! You can purchase the Shaun T's Fit Kids Club (school gets $8) or any products (through the school's Team Beachbody website) and that school/organization gets 25%! So exciting!
Here are some pictures...


I apologize to all about not posting. I've been a bad mom! I have Jake's birthday to post (Cousins Sleepover/Birthday Party at Peter Piper Pizza), his new tooth lost (pulled by his brother...of course!), and his school field trip. So, I thought I would just do a slideshow to show what has been going on the past couple of months for Jakey Bakey (he doesn't like Snakey anymore).
I can't believe he is 6!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rockin' Body

After spending a weekend with my high school friends (post on that soon), I decided I was better in the old days (or in my MIND I was better than I really was). So I purchased this video:

It was SO much fun BUT I was glad no one was watching me! My groove is gone and I looked like a pathetic soccer mom trying to do a dance! Maybe I'll get better. At least I had fun doing it! Can you lose your dancing abilities with the birth of your children or did you not really have dancing abilities before their birth?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


As if I wasn't already wasting enough time on the computer on any given day, I've now joined Facebook.  It is wild!

Church of Oprah

Can I tell you how much I like to watch Oprah's Favorite Things around Christmas time? Such cool things. I get sucked in and think whatever Oprah thinks is cool has got to be cool!
Well, I have stopped thinking Oprah is cool. WATCH this YouTube and see why...

It shows me how we are ALL susceptible to false doctrine. We ALL can be lead astray. We ALL can be lured away from God so easily. So...make sure you READ THE BIBLE. Seriously! DO NOT listen to preachers or speakers without investigating the TRUTH for yourself! I love my pastor and think he is so wise BUT I have to seek truth from the BIBLE on my own. I have to investigate to see if what he is saying goes along with scripture. We get lazy and just listen to what others say. If it sounds right, it has to be right, right? Wrong!
Had Oprah read scripture on her own she would have know that the bible says "God is a jealous God" as her preacher said and understood what her preacher meant. God is not jealous of you but he is jealous of you worshipping other things. He wants You and ALL of you! Sit down with him today and see what HE has to say!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Notice how he likes to perform like his mom...
His School Performance Last Thursday
(This was the happiest I had ever seen out American Idol!)

Notice how he is playing football just like his dad did (before the 2 broken legs)...

His First Flag Football Practice
(He scored a long run touchdown at his first game on Saturday)

Breakfast in Bed

This was the boys' idea on the last day of Spring Break.  They had never done it before.  Precious...Boys are so sweet to their Moms!


Easter this year came by so fast (and so have the days sorry for the delay in a post).  We went to church on Saturday night (after repainting kitchen and planting flowers).  There was "no room"!  We had to leave so we went to a new Mexican restaurant (Fernando's...tasted like Anamia's).  The next morning, we decided to go to church with Jeffrey's family in  Denton.  After church, we went to dinner and the boys got to do an Easter egg hunt with their cousins.  They had a blast!That night, our friends Alexy and Natasha from Russia came over.  They live in Penza, Russia and work with kids who are exiting the orphanage.  They have an amazing ministry.
It was a crazy weekend but a nice one.
I know this is going to sound pious but Christmas and Easter are not a big deal to me.  They frustrate me.  I celebrate Christ each weekend and don't understand why those two weekends are a big deal.  (I hope I don't get struck by lightening...hee hee!)  They a
re so muddled with secular things that I have a hard time celebrating their meaning.  I wish Christians celebrated on a different weekend from Santa and the Easter would be MUCH better.