Friday, March 27, 2009


I post a lot on my Facebook status update that I'm going to "CB". Wonder what "CB" stands for and why I go there a lot? "CB" stands for Corner Bakery. And it is in our new shops by our house (Shops of Highland Village). It is a great place! Healthy food (there are some unhealthy choices but mostly healthy), great atmosphere, and community feel. Oh, and did I mention FREE wireless and amazing Black Current Iced Tea (oh, my!)?
Today was a prime example of why I go there. I went to meet my friend, Morgan, and ran into about 10 other people I knew. You see, this is kind of my "Cheers" (remember that show?). Everybody knows my name! LOL!
It is what Community is all about. I always feel good when I go there and, most of the time, I enjoy an awesome conversation that spurs me on...mostly in my faith.
So, if you see I am going to'll know I'll be happy, sipping my Black Current Iced Tea and enjoying some amazing conversations with great friends! Come meet me at "my office".

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Jetsons

The boys have been watching The Jetsons lately on "Boomerang" (great Cartoon Network that plays all the cartoons I watched when I was little).
Anyway, Jake said, "I wish we could do food like the Jetsons." The Jetsons have a selection and eat all their food by a pill (hot dog pills, turkey pot pie pill, etc.). I think that is funny because I remember thinking the same thing when I was his age.
But, I was thinking today...we kind of have that now! With Shakeology, it gives you all the fruits and vegetables you need in ONE shake (kind of like a pill). It's a meal in a shake! However, it has much better ingredients than The Jetsons food capsules and will be much easier on my hips. LOL!
To find out what Shakeology is, go to:
You can order at:
You can tell your kids that you are eating like the Jetsons! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That Look In Her Eyes...

I ran into a new mom yesterday at Walmart (yes, I shop at Walmart...but it's a fancy one in Highland Village). She had her almost 3 month old baby in her Baby Bjorn. I was excited to see her because I hadn't seen her since the baby was born. She had that look in her eyes. You know...the one of a new mom who looks overwhelmed, sleep deprived, and about to cry at anything? I felt for her. I was there and it was an all too familiar look. I wanted just to hold her and tell her..."IT GETS BETTER! PROMISE!".
We talked about her quitting her job and how money was tight. We talked about the Beachbody Business and I told her I wanted to help those with "That Look In Their Eyes". Those moms who are overwhelmed, strapped, and just plain tired!
I wish I had this Beachbody Business when my baby was 3 months old. I was so lost. I had quit my job because I KNEW I wanted to stay home but this was such a shift from working. I was in a sales job and talked all day BIG people (adults). My baby didn't talk! I needed an outlet but was so overwhelmed by being a new mother...I didn't know where to start. Plus, I had NO structure. If you know me, you know that is one of my struggles.
I'm excited about helping those moms "with that look in their eyes" find a way. A way to not feel so overwhelmed, spend time with their children, feel good physically, find something of "their own", and be able to help their family financially. To be a Fun, Fit, Mom....