Monday, February 26, 2007


I can't tell you how many "lunch plans" (aka LPs) I've had with these girls. Mostly we had great lunches at Mi Cocina, Uncle Julio's, Houston's, Maggiano's, Patrizzio's, JG's Hamburgers, (I could go on and on with the list) when we worked together at Sports Travel. Before the days of e-mailing (at least we didn't have e-mail at our office), I would make a "document" in our shared drive, call one of these girls (well, it was mostly to Ginny who now lives in California), and leave them a voice mail to tell them they had a "document". The document usually read "LPs". We would ask each other what our lunch plans were and we would all go to lunch together in the "document". Those "documents" were usually created by 9:30am...we liked to eat!
Those ST days were VERY fun and now we are enjoying our new jobs (being moms). These days...we meet at "kid friendly" places like the park. This time we e-mailed each other our plans. They still think I invented e-mail...don't tell them I didn't, ok?
These girls (Alcie Massman on the left and Amy Houdek on the right) live in Lakewood (Dallas) but I met them in Highland Park at a fun park. Yes, I drove into the BIG CITY. Jake wanted to make sure there were no girls at the playdate. I'm not sure when that started but it was kind of funny!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dads And Donuts

Friday night was family movie night. Star Wars 6 (which is #3 to those born before 2000) was on. We were all snuggled on the couch (with Eli), eating popcorn (well, spilling it on the couch and floor), and hanging out. Who was Luke's father? was the question on everyone's mind....
Saturday Jeffrey had to work (say a prayer for him...he's crazy busy at work) so the boys and I hung around the house, went for a walk, then got ready for the Sports Marathon. They got loaded up in their baseball (Will) and soccer gear (Jake). We took Will to baseball practice. It was a beautiful day (minus the "sand storm") and it was families outside playing ball with their kids. There is nothing cooler than parents spending time with their kids, especially dads who were out there throwing the ball with their boys. Teaching them. Spending time with them. I soaked it in.
Jeffrey came to pick up Jake (he goes in early so he can be with his boys at night...amazing man!!) because he didn't want to miss his game. After Will's practice, I went to Jake's game (only the last 15 minutes b/c of Will's practice) and basked in him playing a sport that he loves. Again, I watched the dads who coached and cheered their kids on.
We went to church together last night. A man in our small group, Kurt, got baptized. Wow! His daughter sat in between me and his wife. What an amazing testimony to his daughter. She's only 8 but she will remember that moment forever...her dad standing in obedience and making a statement of what he believes. It made me cry!
This morning, we had "Donut Day" (a tradition started a long time ago). We usually go on Saturday but since Jeffrey worked yesterday, we did it this morning. Jeffrey went into Donut Palace (while the rest of us stayed in the car) and I watched as people walked in and out of the tiny shop. Dads. Lots of dads. Some with kids and some without. Dads getting donuts.
That's when it hit...all of these dads are making sacrifices, longing to spend time and invest in their children. They are a reminder of the heavenly father. He wants to cuddle on the couch with us, teach us a few things, cheer us on, show us WHO he is, and provide sweet things for us. He is the ULTIMATE dad with donuts!!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Bears Are 101

Howdy folks! Welcome to the Country Bear Jamboree. In just a few moments, our show will be startin'. I'd like to ask those of you in the front row to stand behind that white line away from the brass railin' until those doors come completely open. Now, once those doors come completely open, why don't ya grab a partner, enter the theatre, and doe-si-doe all the way down the row filling up each and every seat. Now the bears (being personal friends of mine and all) have asked that there be no eatin', no drinkin', and absolutely, positively, no flash photography. It's not that our bears are camera shy, but due to the distance and lighting, your film will not develop properly. Enjoy the show!

That is the "spiel" I had 13 years ago at Walt Disney World. I was an "Attraction Hostess" for the summer of 1994 at Country Bear Jamboree & Tom Sawyer's Island. Like the outfit?
My sweet friend, Kristen, reminded me today that when the bears were broken (and sometimes they would get stuck...picture a glorified Chuck E Cheese) you would have to have the audience exit the theater and would call out "The Bears are 101" to the other cast members.
So, that is why I am such a freak about going to WDW with my kids. I couldn't wait to take my kids even as a soon to be junior in college! It is my long time dream! Can you believe I still remember my spiel? Are you dying to see my in my Tom Sawyer's Island. I'll make you wait for a few days to add to the suspense...

Darn You, Adam & Eve!

Fussy morning for the boys this morning! It could have been that they were allowed to watch 30 minutes of Star Wars XI last night and then couldn't go to sleep afterwards.
Will went into how he doesn't like school (which he does) and he doesn't like to work.
"Why do we have to work?", he asked.
"Because of Adam and Eve!", I replied.
What? He thought I was crazy!
We talked about the reason we HAVE TO work goes back to Adam and Eve. They screwed up! God wanted us to just hang out with him in the garden.
Then our discussion got much more theological...FREE WILL. Oh, my! What a big concept (don't ask me to get Theological...I'll have to call John Mark, my brother)! We talked about how Will had FREE WILL to hit his brother yesterday and that is why he is grounded from his Nintendo today (with FREE WILL comes consequences...yuck!). He had FREE WILL to make the choice on whether or not to hit his brother. Adam and Eve had FREE WILL on whether or not to eat from that tree. Both choices had consequence.
Would you much rather be in the garden today than cleaning house? I would.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh, The Places You Will Go...(Or Things We Will Do)

Reoccurring theme...BUSY.
This week has been crazy but some fun things have happened.
#1: On Wednesday, Will was the "lead" for the announcements (see picture). He did a SUPER job and I was quite the proud parent! In true obnoxious form, I went to take pictures and took pictures of everything (the principal, the TV screens, all the participants, the teacher, etc.).

#2: Jake and I went to Kids Muze with his playgroup on Wednesday afternoon.

#3: Will started baseball practice. Yes, we are doing what we said we'd never do...have our son in more than 1 sport at a time. The crazy thing is, if you stop for a season you lose your spot on the team. So, we didn't want to lose our spot on the soccer team so we are doing both. I have NO CLUE about baseball. The nice man at Academy had to help me find all the gear we needed...including a CUP. Oh, my! What a milestone! Buying a cup for a boy is comparable to buying a 13 year old girl a training bra. I still haven't quite gotten over it.

#4: Today, I went to the carpet store. I'm getting carpet for the stairs!! Yeah! No more explaining what is on the stairs. Yippee!! The rest of the dirty carpet will have to wait until Eli is a little bit older to be replaced. Which one do you like? Don't get too attached...I haven't gotten the price quote yet....

#5: My "skinny pants" fit yesterday! I can't begin to tell you how great that felt. They weren't even tight (but it could be because I didn't dry them the last time I washed them). I haven't worked out very much the past couple of weeks but I have been watching what I've eaten a little better. I just know if you make right choices and will come off. I don't want to be obsessed! My "goal" of 125 is closer in reach. Only 3.5 to go! I LOVE running! Have I said that?

#6: "WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD"! Remember for my 2007 "goals" how I said it would take a small miracle for us to go to DW? Well, it happened! I got the OK from Jeffrey but I have to save most of the money myself. Me? Save money? That is funny! Actually, I'm doing OK. I've saved several hundred over the past 2 weeks (Jeffrey swears it is the first time in our marriage that I have stayed on budget...I disagree) and I even started making cakes for people to add to the Disney fund. Need a cake? We leave May 6th! I'm a freak right now about ever cent spent. My friend told me I'm supposed to be that way always (frugal)...not just because of a goal. Silly girl!

#7: Both boys have soccer practice tonight. Of course, their times overlap too! Ugh! Puppy School overlaps with Jake's practice. You know we can't miss Puppy School...that is like missing an AA meeting for an alcoholic!

#8: I ordered new glasses yesterday. Eli ate my old pair. I did good, however, at not spending much over the allotted amount given by the insurance company. I did have an inner battle, though. They had the cutest glasses that were $70 more. I refrained. "Disney World", kept ringing in my ear! Did I tell you I'm saving money? If you could only know how hard it is for me!

I guess that is all for now. I have lots to write but no time...

Eli's Birthday

Today Eli is 5 months old!!
Our baby is growing up!!! He had a play date with Sarah Bella (who is about 3 weeks younger than he is) at the soccer fields today. He's the one on the left. Isn't he big?
He had a "private" lesson tonight at puppy school because no one showed up (and we were 30 minutes late). So, for 30 minutes he was instructed by the Head Trainer at Petsmart. She said he was going to go through his "Teenage Years" and is going to be less teachable. Oh, my! It is going to get harder? We're in for it!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Eli's Playdate

Yesterday, we took Eli to the Dog Park to play. We met Amy & Kyle (sister & brother in law) with their kids plus 2 dogs (they have Sadie and now have Jax who is 1 week older than Eli). Because Jax is a Labradoodle, he had do go in the "Big Dog" area. Sadie, a Bishon Frise, and Eli were in the "small dog" area (29 pounds or less). I'm pretty sure Eli was the biggest of the "small dogs" and annoyed every dog there until he was completely exhausted.
I never thought I would be a "Dog Park" girl but it was great and we will definitely be going there a lot.

"I'm Sick"

...The above is a quote from 2 of my boys today. First was Jeffrey, who in the middle of the night had a lot of congestion in his chest. He's going to the doctor as I write this post. I'm sure he has the flu and has contaminated his whole office. He's NEVER missed a day of work for being sick. Isn't that crazy? Can you say "WORK ETHIC"?
Second was Jake, who was super fussy this morning. I asked him if he was sick and he said he was. So, I told him to go back to bed...AND HE DID (he hates to be in his bed w/o his brother...he obviously isn't feeling great!). He didn't go back to sleep but brought his pillow and blanket down about 30 minutes later to watch TV on the couch. Sometimes we just need a "sick day". He is now asleep in my bed and has been for a couple of hours. He did inform me, however, that when Will got home...he wouldn't be sick anymore. Hmmm.......

Friday, February 16, 2007

Baby "?" was born today...

Our neighbors, the Krahls, were expecting their first baby girl in 3 weeks. Yesterday morning, while flat ironing my hair in my robe, my husband called:
"Go take Jen to the hospital. Her water broke. Ryan's out of town."
What?? (The scene that transpired was like out of the movies.)
I quickly got dressed (w/my shirt backwards & my boots around my ankles) and hurried Jake out of the house. We pulled up to the house to get Jen. She was crying, saying "It wasn't supposed to happen this way". I replied, "I know but we're having a baby today!! How exciting! Let's get to the hospital!" We packed her stuff in my car and headed out. Her brother-in-law (Travis) was coming to pick her up and had already made it to the neighborhood. We exchanged "the cargo" and I told her I'd meet her at the hospital. I took Jake to school and met them at the hospital around 9:30am. We sat around and chatted. This was the first baby on either side of their family. Flowers arrived, contractions started, and everything was going smoothly. Ryan (Krahl) arrived at the hospital at noon after catching an early flight from Nashville. "Just in time!", we thought. Travis and I left the hospital being was sure that baby would be there in the next few hours.
Well, that baby girl had other plans! She didn't arrive until 6:06am this morning!!
She doesn't have a name (which is her fault...she is the one who came early) so for now she is "?". She weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces. Congrats Krahls!! We can't wait to meet that sweet baby!!!
(I have a few pictures from the hospital but am afraid she would get upset...she was in LABOR, ya know?)

Valentine's Week

For me, this week has been super crazy! Here we go:
Monday: pretty normal, took Will lunch at school

Tuesday: Focus group study (got paid $100), Young Life Committee Meeting at our house

Wednesday: Received a Valentine from my boys along w/$100 (which I saved last week) and a new watch; Star & Lauren came over (we missed you Amanda!!...hope you are feeling better) for a Valentine's lunch/cup cake party; was in charge of Will's school party (including a couple games of Valentine's BINGO): dinner w/the family at Cotton Patch (can you say ROMANCE?)

Thursday: my neighbor's, Jen Krahl, early delivery (story to come); Jake had Barrett over (who locked both doors to the bathroom...thankfully he wasn't inside); Workout at gym for the 1st time in 1 1/2 weeks; PUPPY SCHOOL (Eli was the worst pupil...they are going to give him "special classes" b/c he is a "special dog"...oh, my!)

Friday: Kelsi & kids came over for lunch; booked our DISNEYWORLD trip!!
...And the week isn't over!!!
I need a NAP!!!

We're having the "guys & kids" over here tonight from our small group; Tomorrow night the Webers & Parkers are coming over; and Sunday is small group. Crazy!

Monday, February 12, 2007

5 Star Dining

We had two 5 Star Dining meals this weekend. Where did we go? Our friends' houses. Oh, my goodness...those girls were blessed in the kitchen!
Friday night, we went to the Velten's house. They are from Mexico City and they made us a couple of gourmet Mexican dishes. This wasn't your typical El Chico/Taco Bell meal. She made this corn casserole thing that had a yummy sauce on top. She also served Mole (I think that is how you spell it) and rice. Oh, yum! For dessert, we had crepes w/Carmel sauce. Can you say fancy?
I brought the salad and I thought I was so gourmet (well, at least for me). I bought the dressing from The Village Grill (Chipotle Lime Vinaigrette) and made homemade croutons (which I had never made before). My salad was NOTHING compared to that meal.
Last night, we went to the Schulte's house. They have been coming to our small group and live around the corner. They have 2 girls 1 year older than my boys ages. She had brie w/a brown sugar/pecan glaze (oh, I LOVE brie) for an appetizer. We had roasted finger potatoes, steak, an amazing salad, sauteed snap peas & asparagus, and bread. Wow! We laughed at how I am not the gourmet chef!
I brought my cupcakes for dessert. Obviously, nothing fancy on my part.
If you come over to my house, you get basic home cooking with not too much flavor or presentation. Poor Jeffrey...having to eat my cooking for these 8 years. So, I am excited about taking cooking lessons from these girls! They both love to cook and I love to that is perfect! I do need to get a garlic press. I'm embarrassed to say I don't have one. William I come!

Morning Commute

(This sight made me giggle this morning...)

Today marks the 2 month mark of having Eli Jackson. It feels like it has been a year! Just like with the newborn stage of my children, the two month mark is HUGE...a milestone. I didn't think I'd last this long. Hasn't he gotten big? (Jake doesn't look quite happy b/c Eli had just taken a chunk of skin out of his hand...the joys of having a puppy!)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Old Friends

Well, they aren't "old" but I've had these friends since my freshman year at Baylor. They are GREAT friends and we had a super time last night at Snuffer's (oh, how I love those cheese fries...happily, the scale was kind to me this morning). We laughed, cried, and had a deep time together. Don't you love those times? They are so excited to be on my blog today (just kidding). Here's to you, girls!! Thank you for being my friends!

Crazy Hair Day

Friday was "Crazy Hair Day". I forgot! When I brought him lunch (Sonic like I do every week), I remembered (probably b/c of all the mohawk's, painted hair, etc.). So, we left school and came home so I could "fix his hair" (something I've been dying to do since I don't get to having boys). So we put all kinds of product in it and blew it dry in place. It looked great!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Proud to report...

The bathrooms are now clean and I survived.


For those of you who know me well, 5:45am is not my shining time of the day. In fact, it is probably my grumpiest time of the day. At 5:45am this morning, Will woke up just because he wanted to be up early (What? Wanted to be up early?). We made him crawl into bed with us. Jeffrey's alarm went off about 15 minutes later. He went to take a shower and Will and I began to talk (which hardly happens with boys...they're not big talkers so I took advantage of the moment):
"What does heaven look like?", he said.
"It has streets of gold and the houses are built with 12 foundations of different precious stones. There is no more pain, suffering, or tears", I replied.
We talked some more about heaven.
"Was Abraham born before or after Jesus?", he asked.
"Before", I replied. Then I told Will all about Abraham and how his name used to be Abram but God changed it to Abraham. He laughed. Then we talked about how he changed Jacob's name into Israel. He said, "That doesn't even sound the same."
Then, he asked me, "What was guy's name that freed the slaves but didn't know what to do with them all". "Moses", I replied.
So, I asked him to tell me the story of Moses and he did. It was so precious. We talked about what it would be like to cross that river. We talked about how we would feel if we had to cross the river. Then I started talking to him about how the people, once they crossed the river, wanted to be slaves again. He giggled and said, "Why?" "Because they were hungry and didn't believe God would take care of them. So, he gave them manna (which I explained what it was) in the morning and quail (which he knew was a bird) at night but they were only allowed to take what they needed for THAT DAY or it would get moldy & bugs in it", I replied (boys love GROSS details). "God wanted them to have to rely on him EVERY DAY. He provided what they needed for THAT DAY, just like he does for us. He wants us to rely on him EVERY DAY."
The funny thing is, I was complaining about doing this bible study that I started. "It is too hard and too time consuming. I'm trying to read the bible in a year too and it is too much". Had I not been doing both, I would not have been able to go into such great detail with my son about the stories in the Old Testament. Thank you , God, for that nudge to press on.
I will never forget this morning! I will hide it in my heart.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Amazing Story...

Check out Kris' blog...
It only takes 7 minutes to watch it!

(and Yes...I am procrastinating to go clean the bathrooms)

Here I go...

I'm about to venture upstairs to clean the bathrooms. Say a prayer for me...I think I'm going to need it!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Through the eyes of Jake...

These are pictures taken by Jake with my old digital camera. I thought it was funny to see Jake's world through his eyes. Obviously, Pokemon and Star Wars are big hits.

BTW (By The Way)

I did go to the doctor yesterday. She told me I have (drum roll please....).....


She gave me some decongestant (which makes you drowsy...moms can't take meds that make them drowsy!) and a prescription for antibiotics but wants me to wait 2-4 days before I fill it to ensure I REALLY AM sick.

My beef w/Sam's

Ok...I've posted earlier that Sam's isn't my favorite place. Although it did come in handy feeding 20 this weekend, I still am not a big fan. Here is another reason:
I decided to buy in bulk for my laundry detergent. "96 loads", it boasts. "This will last me forever", I think to myself (which helps me justify spending $15...I'm trying to be cost conscious b/c I want to go do Disney World) .
So, before I left to take Jake to preschool today I walked into the laundry room. What did i find? The GIANT laundry jug on the floor...broken with detergent flowing onto the ground. I picked up the jug and turned it to it's unbroken side, looked inside, and found only 1/2 of the detergent left. Yes...48 loads of detergent on my floor. How do you clean up laundry detergent off the floor??????
Help! Any suggestions?
For now, I am wiping it up with the loads of laundry that need to be washed (I have at least 8 after this weekend). Do you think it will work?
Ugh!!! Darn you Sam's and your bulk items!!!
(We will be eating the frozen pizza & Edamame for dinner. Jake & I had the GIANT pretzels for a snack. Enjoy it while it more Sam's for us!)

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Widow

It was around New Year's. They were laughing, planning, and dreaming about what their future home would be. They had found the perfect lot. After visiting, she went on to her bathroom and he went up to fix the satellite that had been broken for 2 days. She heard the crash of him falling through the roof and she found him on the floor. Her life changed forever that day. Her love of 5 years was no longer with her.
That is the story of the builder who was building the house next door. I didn't know him very well...we only exchanged waves and visited occasionally. He was very smiley and told me of his big plans with his wife to build their dream home. A few days after New Year's there was a knock on the door. It was a contractor next door telling me what had happened to the builder. I was immediately devastated...especially for his wife (who he had spoken so highly of).
I remembered what Kris Murphy had said in her etiquette of what to do when someone you know has a loss. So, I called the widow and left her a message. I then tried another number the contractor had given me and she answered the phone. We stumbled through the conversation with tears. I told her I was so sorry for her loss. I sent her a card and have been praying for her ever since.
Yesterday was the builder's birthday. I met his wife for the first time. She had been to the cemetery that day and was now coming to see his pride...the house he was building. The conversation started awkward but then the list of things Kris had mention rang in my ears. I asked all sorts of questions about him and their life together. Although I wanted in my own skin to run the other direction and not talk about the uncomfortable, I pressed on. It was a precious conversation...a celebration of her husband.
I was reminded of the widows Jesus talked about in the bible and how we are to care for them. That must be what He meant. Talk to them...even when you want to run away from the awkwardness. It might be more natural than you expect.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Disciple Now Weekend

Yes...this is a picture of 16 boys (well, 13 high schoolers & 3 leaders) who stayed at our house from Friday night until 9:30am this morning. Wow! Can you say "TESTOSTERONE"?
Disciple Now/Spin is a retreat for the youth at our church. The kids stay in different homes during the weekend. They are not allowed to drive and it is a time to "escape". Jeffrey was the chauffeur & I was the cook...and those boys can EAT! They were so sweet to us and were up into the wee hours of the morning (foreshadowing my future...Can I freeze time?...Please!).
The Youth Minister, Blake Chilton, surprised the students and had LeCrae rap on Friday night. They freaked!!! On Saturday, after their morning session, they did a service project at an apartment complex in Lewisville. After that, they headed to Texas Stadium (yes...that is where the Cowboys play) to hang out! They played football, soccer, and the girls just sat there and chatted on the green turf. My BOYS had a blast!

We dashed home to cook dinner for everyone. Did you know that those Stouffer's Lasagnas take 1 hour and 45 minutes to bake? Well, we had to go to plan B...Pasta! I stuck some mozzarella sticks in the oven and they devoured them. For dinner we had pasta w/different kinds of sauces & garlic bread. (They had lasagna when they returned at 9:30pm last night w/Taquitos, queso, etc....Did I tell you they could EAT?) They were found, after dinner, in the dining room putting on fake tattoos with Jeffrey's tattoo maker he got for Christmas.

The boys took a bath with Eli last night and that was funny! They kept singing "Better is One Day" because the youth taught it to them. That totally made it worth it!

Who knows what time the youth went to bed last night? All I remember was a chanting of "Shake & Bake" (quote from Ricky Bobby) at about 11:30pm last night. Supposedly they filmed some crazy stuff last night...I'm sure we'll see it soon. I haven't wanted to venture upstairs yet to see the "damage"...maybe tomorrow I'll be brave enough.

Our small group came over at 10:45am this morning and we had a great time. When they left, all I could do was lay on the couch. I still feel awful (yes, I tried Airborne...I think a little too late). The boys are in the other room watching Star Wars (they've watched 4,5, 1 & and are watching 2...we couldn't find 6 so we had to start from the beginning) and they are totally into it. I'll probably head to the doctor tomorrow.....

Friday, February 02, 2007

My mind is "a racin'"....

1. Songs on my iPod (for KBR):
From The "workout" playlist-
Boogie Wonderland by Brittney Murphy
Fegilicious by Fergie
Hit me Up by Gia Ferrell
London Bridge by Fergie (don't judge...I need to get pumped up to run)
Hate it or Leave it by The Game & 50 Cent
Temperature by Sean Paul
Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani
1985 by Bowling for Soup
SOS by Rihanna
Accidentley in love by Counting Crows
Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall
I Wish by Happy Feet Soundtrack
Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson
Black Horse & Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall
Takin' it to the Streets by Taylor Hicks (again...don't judge)
Rain by Barefoot (up and coming band...GREAT!!!)
Irreplaceable by Beyonce
I'm Not Who I was by Brandon Heath
How To Save A Life by The Fray
Waiting on the World To Change by John Mayer
(Is that random enough for you???)

2. Just went to Sam's...not convinced it is cheaper but since EVERYONE I KNOW goes there, it must be good, right. I don't like it! I'm sorry if everyone in the world loves to go to Sam's & Costco but I hate to BUY IN BULK!!!! Call me crazy but I just can't go there.

3. Things I bought at Sam's that I didn't need:
Microwaveable Edamame
20 GIANT pretzels
Box of Pigs N A Blanket (I'm not kidding...they have them!)
Bag of Biscuits
Wolfgang Puck Pesto Pizza (Amy...I had the hankerin')
Hugest Bag of Oranges

4. The "Steam Room" isn't working for me. I tried it again today and still feel ill!!!

5. Need to be cleaning for the 15 high school boys who are coming to my house tonight but just want to blog instead!

Snot, Steam Room, Swimming, &...Snow???

I have a snotty nose (sorry to be so graphic) so yesterday afternoon I went to the gym (after staying on the couch all day long) to run (have I told you I'm a runner...well a VERY slow one). I thought people were crazy who did cardio when they were sick but I felt so much better. From the treadmill to the Steam Room I went. Yummy Eucalyptus smell and it opened me right up. Next, I picked up the kids in the child care room and took them swimming (with their friends Hunter & Cooper). Yes, I said swimming! Our gym has an indoor pool so the kids wanted to go. I sat on the sidelines and watched them feeling so much better. 45 minutes later...not so much. The stuffy, humid, chlorine air made me feel worse than before. Oh, well...the things we do for our children's enjoyment!
The funny thing was SNOWING outside. There is something really strange about swimming in the winter and even more strange is it snowing in Dallas! Very Bizarre!
So, this is what we woke up to this morning. Will still had to go to school but he got to play in it before he left. Eli enjoyed it too (he posed for this picture...I'm not kidding...he is definitely part of the family)!
I couldn't help but bask in the beauty that was this morning. The snow on the trees was breathtaking...not to mention the pink sunrise. Wow! Just a little hug from God to say..."Good morning & I love you!".
Next on the agenda...Disciple Now. We are having the freshmen & sophomore boys at our house this weekend. Pray for us!!! I've GOT to get rid of this snot!

(Yes, that is the basketball goal on the ground, dad! Jeffrey finished it last week but it keeps falling down. We have to get some sand to weigh it down this weekend.)