Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Then and Now

Jake's First Day of School

Jake's Last Day of School

Will's First Day of school

Will's Last Day of School.
Can you believe how much they have grown?
(By the way, he is trying to grow his hair out...which is driving me crazy but oh, well!...Jake is getting a buzz cut tomorrow!)

Last Days of School

As I mentioned earlier, I was very busy and distracted on Jake's last day of school. We'd just gotten back in town from Disney World and I hadn't quite gotten in the groove...so much so that I missed the announcement that on the last day of preschool, Jake would have a graduation. Oops! Yes, I missed it! I really do, however, feel like it was a blessing. I really do think I wouldn't have been able to recuperate from that day...I am so sad about my baby going to school. Who am I going to play with?

May 18th was Field Day/Play Date for the 1st grade class. Because I was room mom this year, I was in charge of a game. We did an Obstacle Course (from items purchased at the Dollar Store). It turned out quite cute but Jean and I were exhausted by the end...and so were the children. After their time at the park, we brought them home (around 12:30pm...yes, I am a cool mom and get my kids out of school early sometimes...hey...it is the end of the year and they were just going to go back to the room and watch a movie) and they went swimming at the Maddie & Emma's house for 4 hours! Can you say tired??

Last Tuesday, Will was surprised by receiving a specials award for Computer. He was chosen from all the first graders at his school! Isn't that super? I guess his dad (Director of IT) might have had something to do with his skills. Will also received a Reading Counts award for his reading this year. The students had to read books and take tests on those books in order to achieve this award. He loves to read...we were very proud and hope he continues to be such an avid reader. We enjoyed getting to see him receive his awards...he was precious!

Thankfully, I was very busy on Will's last day to really feel the affects of having my oldest "baby" graduate from 1st grade! I was hurrying off to Houston to take care of my mom. I tried to fly out but ended up spending 5 hours stranded at the airport. I took a flight out the next morning. I really do think it was a blessing, however. I was too busy to get sentimental. In a house full of boys...that is much appreciated...they don't like sappy things!

So, now our summer has begun and we are very excited. I'm not going to lament on what August 27th has in store for me. I'm just going to enjoy the next 3 months with my boys...savoring every moment!

Purple Day

After Will's last baseball game, I took the boys to Ft. Worth to a TCU Baseball game with my friend Kami and her children. The kids had a BLAST! Although our children do not see each other very often, they just click...picking up like it was yesterday they saw each other.
I took the boys to the Purple Cow for some dinner and some purple dessert!
The boys are so into baseball right now. They really are catching on. Everyday they want to play...which is super! Who knows...maybe one day I'll be at a college game watching THEM play...you never know.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm Still Here...

Just wanted you to know where I've been the past two weeks. Jake finished preschool two Thursdays ago. I was busy and distracted that day which was a HUGE blessing...otherwise I would have cried all day! I can't believe my baby is not longer in preschool...my life has now changed forever...will post on that later.

Last week was the last week of school for Will. I have pictures to post and exciting things from last week...which I will post on later.

I am now in Houston taking care of my mom who had a hysterectomy on Wednesday. Jeffrey and the boys come down tomorrow. I believe I will stay here all week to help her or may come back in a few weeks (I'm not sure how much help I will be with 2 little boys running around the house...but we'll make it work). Can I tell you how much easier it is to care for my mom than my two boys? A BREEZE! She is healing much better than we all expected. She is a GREAT patient.

My dad ran into one of my pledge sisters, Amy, at the hospital. Click on her name to hear her amazing story. After you read her story...pray for her and her family!! They really could use our prayers...although God has already done some "only-He-can-do" things so far.

I'll update more later..I'm off to the grocery store to buy things for dinner...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day

Ok...I know everyone THINKS their mom is the best mom but I've got you beat! My mom really is the BEST mom. I wish I could find fault in her but I really can't...she is amazing. I drove down to Waco to surprise her on Sunday. We had a great time with John Mark & Laura. Happy Mother's Day, mom!

Mange-y Mane?

The saga with Eli would fill up a large text book. I guess I need to start writing it...however, for now I will give a brief synopsis of the past few weeks with Eli.
A few weeks back, we decided to go with the "Puppy Plan" at Petsmart's Vet. The only problem was...he was 2 weeks too late to be a "puppy" and would only qualify for the older dog plan (which does not include being neutered but still included all shots, doctor visits and discount on medicine). Ugh! So, we took Eli in and he had a DOUBLE ear infection, skin infection, and needed to be put on Sensitive Stomach dog food. Can you say "High Maintenance"? I could already see the money we would save on this new dog plan!
Don't think we are a bad parents but...we put Eli in a kennel. I know...this is a cardinal sin for all dog lovers but who in their right mind would take care of Eli?
Will, Jake, and I toured several different kennels to find the perfect one for Eli. The one we chose had a great indoor/outdoor run for Eli and they were allowed to play in the grassy area 5+ times a day!
I picked up Eli on Sunday. The man at the kennel said he had just bathed Eli but he got dirty again...but didn't bathe him again...but charged me $20 to bathe him...it gets better...He was TOTALLY matted! I was fire hot mad!!! Jeffrey said he'd call them when we weren't so mad. On Monday, I called the groomer who was recommended from someone. I told him my situation and he told me to bring him in on Tuesday. Tuesday morning I dropped him off. The groomer told me that he would probably have to SHAVE him because he was so matted. What?
This is what he looked like when we got him home last night...
The kids FREAKED out and accused Jeffrey of bringing home the wrong dog!!!
Then...he had sores all over his stomach. I took him to the vet today and the Vet Nurse said she thought it was either...Mange OR Ringworm! Oh, my goodness!!! The Vet ended up thinking it was probably just a virus but took a sample to see if it was ringworm. $70 later (meds and lab work...thank goodness office visits are free with the "plan"), we now have to give Eli a pill 3 TIMES A DAY! Help me!!!
The funny thing is, yesterday I wrote in my journal that I really needed help with the dog. I really want to get rid of him! Eli's only saving grace was that he was cute...not so much as of yesterday afternoon. What is God trying to teach me?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Only 2 More Days!!

Yes, only 2 more days and I will be in Orlando, Florida...or Mickey's House (as I like to say).
We are now packed (well, for the most part) and ready to go. We got the coins out of the Disney fund yesterday which totalled $27...yes, just coins. The boys saved lots of dollars as well (not sure exactly how much they actually saved because it was all mixed in with the other money we saved/made from cakes). We are so very proud of them! They haven't asked for toys or videos or games in so long...because they knew we were saving for the trip. Every bit of money they received (even from the tooth fairy) has gone in the Disney Jar! What a great lesson for all of us!
Can't wait to hang out with the family...my dream really is going to come true...I finally get to take my family to Disney World!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Meet Stephanie

Well, It isn't me...it is another Stephanie (a.k.a. Mama Web). Stephanie and I met through our friend Amy Houdek. Amy would talk of "Mama Web" all the time when I worked with her at Sports Travel. When Jeffrey decided to put money down on new home (while we were dating), Mama Web and her hubby were building a house on the other side of the road. I actually met Mama Web at a shower a few years later for Amy. Mama Web had twins (a boy and a girl) 3 months older than Will. I ran into Mama Web a few more times at the grocery store, soccer fields, etc. and we always exchanged "we should get together" but neither one of us ever did. Two summers ago, Mama Web called me to ask me about our church (Irving Bible Church). We had a wonderful conversation...you know...the kind that you laugh and cry and pray all in the same conversation. We finally got together and our kids had a blast. That summer we started a bible study called "Believing God" by Beth Moore. Little did we know how much we needed that study and what God would do through that time. Our group was so fun. It was husbands and wives studying together. We've been in several small groups since we've been married but none had as quick of a bonding as this group. We just all gelled. That September, I got a call that Mama Web was in the hospital. She had been throwing up and had a major headache so her husband, Dave, took her to the hospital. They did testing and found that she had a tumor in her brain the size of a golf ball. What? Yes, she had a brain tumor. So, I dropped off my kids at a drop off day care place and ran up to the hospital. Jeffrey followed. We all joined hands and prayed for their family as they had many decisions ahead. Mama Web was devastated, right? Absolutely not! Her faith did not waiver and she had a blanket of peace like I had never seen before. The peace that surrounded that situation was unreal! Sure...it wasn't her choice but she was along for the ride...anxious to see what the God had in store for her life. Surgery followed 2 days later and two weeks after that started the treatment. Our family moved to Highland Village but we've remained close friends...but from 25 minutes away. At the end of January, the doctors found another "flare" in her brain. They had her stop her treatments for a while and let her body rest. We have been and are continuing to pray for complete healing. Here is an excerpt from her e-mail from the scan yesterday:

I had anticipated and perhaps jumped the gun on God's timing...I was expectant and hopeful for a clear MRI scan yesterday. As we read the results, we saw a new flare/area that has taken me by surprise. Although and once again, I didn't write this part of my story, I must rest in the Lord's plan for me as He promises to rescue me and protect me. And He is - I am not in pain, I just have some more chemo in my future. I am weak and He will give me strength. I shall live to declare the works of the Lord

No yelling, no screaming, no "why me?".... In the study, "Believing God", we were challenged to pray that God would help our unbelief. Yes, we believe that He is faithful. Yes, we believe that He has what is best for us. Yes, we believe that He will do what He says He will do...but sometimes our head knows it and our hearts arn't there yet. God knows it! That is why I pray..."Lord, Help My Unbelief! Right now I can not see the good in this!" Please pray for my sweet friend...Mama Web.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Our Days Are Numbered

That is right...Jake & my time together is coming to an end. Two peas in a pod we've been over the past 2 school years. Errands, play group, Mario Baseball, Chick fil A, playing at the parks, and more have been "our things". On May 24th, it will be over and next school year...he will be in kindergarten. Get out the "Sam's Size" Kleenex box...I need it! (Thank goodness I'll have both boys this summer!!...and I don't say that sarcastically...I LIVE for the summer to be with my boys...we always have a blast!)
I asked Jake today what I was going to do without him next year...he said, "You can play with your friends."