Friday, August 31, 2007

What Color? roots were 3 inches long and my color had faded/changed colors. I was in desperate need to get my hair colored. My sweet neighbor has done my hair for the past 2 years...but she is really busy these I decided to venture out. First off, ouch to the pocketbook (but I have my own money now so that was much nicer). Secondly, you can't book someone within the week if they are REALLY good. Thirdly, what color would you say it turned out?
I call it ORANGE. Others have called it GOLD.
Whatever color it is hideous! I am trying to go "blond" but she said it was too hard and I needed to do it gradually. So, I was will be light brown, right????
Apparently, ORANGE is in between brown & blond.
So sad for me!!!!
The saddest part is it is reminiscent of Will & Jeffrey's hair this summer in Colorado (which was my least favorite color). Serves me right for being so ugly about there hair. I guess the joke is now on me!!
I'm praying she can fix it tomorrow and I'm praying Becky won't be so busy so she can fit me in next time!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of School...

I made it! Thank you to all who called to check up on me! I was not curled in a ball, crying on the floor as I had thought I would be. My sweet friend, Joy, invited me to breakfast. After breakfast we went to Lifetime for a massage and then to hang out at the pool. It was a great day! The boys were so happy and we're going to have a super year. It is very quiet in the house when they are gone...and very clean. I've kept myself pretty busy so far...the crazy schedule starts tonight with soccer, etc. The boys rode the bus home today which was so cute. You would have thought Jake had done it all his life.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Last Summer Weekday

On Friday, we had to take Jake to the doctor (a specialist) to look at his finger. We had a pretty good report. He didn't think it was broken...but, he still wants it taped up for 2 weeks. He also said, he didn't want him running, jumping, climbing, holding on to anything (like a tennis racket/baseball bat), or riding his bike for 2 weeks. Did he not notice the gender of my child? At the end of 2 weeks, we'll take him back to the doctor to have another x-ray to make sure it wasn't broken. Good luck keeping him from doing those things! He did, however, say he was able to swim. Go figure!
After the doctor, we went to Steak N Shake for lunch. We started reminiscing of our favorite things of the summer. Here they are-
Will's Top 3:
1. VBS in Houston (how precious is that?)
2. Going to the Hyatt Lost Pines w/Nana & Papa
3. Going to Colorado

Jake's Top 3:
1. VBS in Houston (probably because his brother said that)
2. Cousin Sleepover at Mimi's watching High School Musical 2
3. Eating at Steak N Shake

We headed to the mall after lunch to try to find them a new shirt for school and Will a new backpack. They wanted we left the mall (I will not miss shopping with my children...they HATE to shop). Then, we went to the school to help Will's new teacher (Ms. Peterson) finish her room. What a great way to spend the last day of summer...helping someone else. We had a blast doing it, too! The boys were so great and amazingly helpful!
So, now summer is over. It has flown by even though it was 3 months long. Tomorrow starts a new adventure for our family! I'm sure I'll have lots to post....
For is a recap of summer...


Here are a few of the pictures we took of our family and Jeffrey's whole family....
Yes, Jeffrey has a big family!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm Spoiled Rotten!

So, on Monday I went to take my application to LISD for becoming a substitute teacher. As I drove, I prayed...Lord, I am being obedient...because everything in me did not want to go. I'm having a hard time with this new life change and so I just want to get adjusted to the new life. When I got there (at 9:15...15 minutes after it opened) the sign up sheet was already full (there were only 80 slots available for the workshop). I have to wait until September 11th to take my application now. Wasn't that sweet? He knew I needed a little more time. I was relieved.

Then, that afternoon...we found out who the boys teachers are. Let me just tell you that I was humbled and overwhelmed by what God had done. He gave both of my boys teachers who love Jesus & are amazing teachers. It was like God was just saying...I just want to comfort you because I know your heart is sad so here you go! I am so spoiled. He just wanted to love on me and spoil me...and I loved it!(Will with Ms. Peterson...his new teacher)

(Jake with his new teacher...Mrs. Williams)

Jeffrey and I have been praying about whether or not to move to South Irving. Where we live (the "bubble") is amazing and beautiful. We are so happy! However, we see the influence of materialism that surrounds us and our children. They think it is "normal" to have a house over 3500 sq. ft. with a playroom! We want them to realize where we are is not "normal" and to have an appreciation and humble attitude for what we have been given. is practically all people EXACTLY like us. International community is not a term that would describe where we live!

But, God reaffirmed to me this week that this is where he wants us. He gave my boys teachers who will love on them and show them God's love. He reaffirmed that he wants them in THIS SCHOOL and not home schooled. He also showed me that he is going to use our family. Will's class has some of the "rougher" kids in it but God has given Will leadership qualities and a gentle heart that is going to shine this year...maybe even influence those around him. I am so excited to see what God is going to do!

I am spoiled rotten and I'm not quite sure why. I'm just going to be grateful...because I definitely do not deserve God's kindness.....

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Shout Out To Baylor Grads!

Hey! Did you know that the accountant on The Office (funniest show ever) went to Baylor? Her name is Angela Kinsey and she graduated in 1994. I bet I even met her during rush (Chi Omega was my 2nd preference). I knew someone who would one day be famous. Isn't that cool!?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pictures and Pinkies

It has been a few days since my last, here is the latest:
On Wednesday, I met Tarrah to pick up our new painting (which was our anniversary present to ourselves). It is amazing! Adam is so talented (Tarrah's husband who did the painting)! We love it! Here is a picture of it:
Adam is the graphics design guy at our church. He does amazing work! We've been wanting him to do a painting for us for a while. We are love what it says, too...

Wednesday night, we went to a CD release party for Jeff Johnson. Little did we know, Adam did the graphic design work for Jeff's new CD. Isn't that cool?

Friday night was High School Musical 2 Cousin Sleepover at Mimi's house! Huge deal! Anticipated by all in attendance!! All the cousins spent the night and had a blast...they were worn out when we picked them up. Jeffrey and I had a date night so we went to see Stardust. It was a really good movie...kind of like a new Princess Bride...but not quite as funny. On Saturday, we went to breakfast and did a little shopping (yes, we are still looking for a couch) before picking up the kids.

Side story: On our way to pick up the kids, Jeffrey mentioned something about Jake going to school. I burst into tears and cried for 15 minutes! I can't stand the thought of my kids going to school in 1 week. I hope I'll be able to pull it together by then.

Last night, after singing in Kid's Village, I met Jeffrey & the Mason family at Taco Cabana. The kids were playing on the porch area while we visited on the other side of the window. Jake tried to come in the restaurant and his hand stuck in the door! I thought, "He's ok". But, he kept crying...hysterically! This is the child who cried for maybe 5 minutes when he split his nostril...something was definitely wrong. So, we all ran to the car and took off to our new favorite place...Rapid Med (an emergency room type place by our house)...where Jake had his stitches. We called to warn them we were on our way. Jake was hysterical the whole way there and even when we got there. I kept apologizing for him saying, "he never cries like this...he is very brave." They gave him some medicine to help with the pain and he calmed down. After x-rays they found that he had a broken pinkie. Isn't that sad? They had to drain the blood from his thumb and then wrapped up his hand in a splint. We have to go back on Tuesday to see if it is for sure broken. If it is...he will have to get a cast! It is his RIGHT HAND! He starts kindergarten in a week...and that is where they learn to write! Yikes! We're praying he doesn't have to get a cast.
Mimi & Pops came to pick Will up at the emergency room and took him home. He thought he was so cool getting to stay at their house by himself.
Jake isn't in pain today and we are grateful. The joys of having boys!!!
(Ice Cream was needed after being at the emergency room...poor thing!!!
The flavor was Anniversary Cake Ice Cream by Blue must try it!!)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Randomness (is that a word?)

I was tagged by my friends Lauren and Kim to give 8 random facts/habits about myself. It took me while to think of things...and these aren't really that good. Sorry! Is it pride that I don't think I have weird habits? Probably so. I need to work on that!

The Rules:

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules. (**if you’re a non-blogger, you can email them!)
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My eight random facts and/or habits:
1. I hate a dirty kitchen. I am NOT a clean freak (and really hate to clean) but I hate my kitchen to be dirty. The whole house can be dirty but if my kitchen is clean, I'm OK. That includes wiped off sink...can't stand crumbs.
2. I sang a solo at Houston's First Baptist Church during the Something's Happening event during my senior year in high school (which I think the Newsboys played...someone big sang besides me). Song sang: "Hope Set High" which was originally sung by Amy Grant. I wished I was Amy Grant.
3. I never thought boys had cooties but I didn't have my first kiss until I was 16 1/2 (because I was scared). After my first kiss, I loved it so much that I made up for lost time during college (which is awkward when you live in Baylor North...aka Dallas...and run into various "friends" from college days while with your spouse and children).
4. I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A. It is borderline addiction. It is not uncommon for me to visit the establishment 3+ times a week! That is why I work out!
5. I gravitate toward party dresses when I shop. It's true...I love party dresses! I have no where to go in them so I don't buy them but I wish I needed them. I guess that is a side effect of living with all boys.
6. Iced Tea is my favorite beverage (even better than any adult beverage). I like it unsweetened with lemon. Yum!
7. I could lay by the pool/be in the pool all day long. It is my absolute favorite hobby. Can that be classified as a hobby? When we were kids, we had a pool in our backyard and all we did was swim from morning to night...only stopping to eat. It is so relaxing to me!
8. I was in drill team all four years of high school. I love to DANCE which is funny coming from a Baptist minister's daughter. No, I do not have red boots. is your turn Melissa, Kristen, Star, Tiffany,and Kris. Everyone else I know who blogs has already been tagged so 5 will have to do it!

To All My Homies Who Workout

Seriously, have you logged on your workouts to try to win money yet? Do you play the lottery? This has much better odds AND it is FREE!! I promise...there are no gimmicks and I receive nothing for you to log in. I just want you to win!
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Enter here and click on "PLAY THE GAME" to enter (please excuse my picture as you do so...I'm trying to win the monthly drawing of $1-10K for my transformation)!
My friend Melissa won $300 last week just by logging in her work out!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In the Attic

That is where my college transcript was. It has been over 9 years since I have needed that thing! In the box was: old resumes, apartment brochures from Nashville (yes KBR...isn't that funny?), A cover letter written from Eileen to a company, the business plan that won me the Entrepreneur Award in college, my wedding dress receipt, my diploma (still in the, I haven't had it framed yet), and other random things...
Since Jake is going to school, Jeffrey has informed me that I need to get a "j-o-b". (I had to spell it out...because it is a bad word!...just kidding!) He said it lovingly...he knows I will get depressed and call him a million times a day because I'll be bored (home-body I am not)! I am thinking of getting my real estate license and also substitute teaching (along with the Million Dollar Coaching I am currently loving doing). So, I had to find my transcript to take to the administration building along with my application.
Are you dying to know my grade point average? 3.158 (is that a 3.2? you round those up?) Studying wasn't my thing...if I didn't know it by 10pm, I wasn't going to learn it (I've always required a lot of sleep)...was my motto.
It is really weird applying for a job after 7 1/2 years of not working in the "real world". My life is totally changing...and I don't do well with change. So, if you see me on August 27th(first day of school)...just walk away...I will be the one with swollen, tear filled eyes...filling out her application for her J-O-B.

Keep Austin Weird!

( all friends who I did not see or call in Houston and Austin...I apologize...we were spending quality family time...please forgive me!...hope to see you soon!)
(At a Spray Park near my mom's house)
After spending a few days with my mom and the boys (riding bikes, playing gin, getting a mani/pedi, playing in various water sprinklers, and relaxing), I met Jeffrey in Austin (actually first in San Marcus at the outlets).(My mom and Me)

We walked around at the outlets for almost 3 hours in the miserable heat! We were disappointed because we didn't think the deals were that good. Pottery Barn wasn't that great (although we still managed to spend money there). We ended up buying the boys 2 different duvet is going back or on eBay.

We then headed to our hotel. We stayed at the Doubletree Club Hotel. Warm chocolate chip cookies awaited as we checked in...yummy! It wasn't anything fancy but it was cheap ($69 on priceline). After checking in, we went to SoCo (South Congress for those who do not know the Austin lingo) to eat lunch (do you call it lunch when it is 3:30pm) at Guero's and do some shopping. Let me just tell you...they are "Keeping Austin Weird" (a slogan by Austin people that is seen regularly). I saw the oddest people and things...and I loved it. I've done a lot of reflecting on my "bubble" this past week...that post to come.

One of the coolest shops we went to is called Ten Thousand Villages and it is an amazing concept. It is a fair trade store and run by volunteers. So cool! We bought a cool vase that has a story about who made it.

That night we ate at a South American restaurant (which was not as good as Americas in Houston) then ordered a movie in our room called Waitress. Have you seen that movie? So great! (Jeffrey fell asleep the first 5 minutes, though).

The next morning, we went for a long walk along Town Lake (is it a river or a lake). It was so pretty...but so hot! I took a dip in the pool (although it wasn't the cleanest) and then got dressed. We ate lunch across from campus at Moe's (which we used to eat at all the time before they closed by our house in Coppell). After lunch, we shopped along the strip (we bought some cool photos from a vendor at the art market).

That night, we went to see the boys and my parents at the Hyatt Lost Pines where they were staying. Can I say amazing? That place was fabulous! So great for kids and parents alike (although if I didn't have my kids with me...I wouldn't want to be there because there were too many kids). We had a wonderful buffet dinner and then walked around the property. hot...we were melting! We left the kids there and came back to our hotel (which was 1/5 the price, almost).(Precious family on the Colorado River...bad hair day for me)

Yesterday morning, we headed back to Lost Pines for breakfast and swimming in the lazy river (oh, I could have stayed there forever!) before returning back to Dallas (for the 3 1/2 hour trip that took almost 5 1/2 hours due to a wreck on I-35 that closed the freeway).
(My mom and the boys)
What a great week! Now back to reality...laundry and dirty bathrooms! Less than 2 weeks of summer left...oh, how time flew!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wild Hair! the boys and I had a wild hair yesterday and decided (at around 11am) to drive to Houston. We threw things in a bag (some dirty) and headed down to H-town (after stopping by Jeffrey's mom's house to see his sweet grandmother & her sister) around 1:30pm and got here around 6:15pm last night. My bro & his wife were here so we wanted to hang out with them (well, the boys really wanted to hang out with their Golden Retreiver named Titus).
We're going to hang out here until the weekend. My kids are probably going to stay here with my parents and Jeffrey and I are hoping to get away for a night or 2 maybe in Austin (you've got to love deals). It is the last time to hang out with my mom before she starts back to school. Oh, that reminds me...that time is coming too soon for my boys. My life is about to change forever! Ugh! Maybe we should homeschool so they could be with me always....

On a more serious note...thanks to all who have been praying for my friend!! PLEASE keep it up! She is recovering from her surgery. Pray that God will do something awesome!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Prayer for Steph

Tomorrow my friend, Mama Web, will have surgery on her brain tumor. Please pray for her! God has already been so faithful and will be "faithful to complete it". She is confident in her God and is a reflection of what "living in faith" looks like. If we all could be so bold in our battles!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm Reading!!!

I know this sounds silly but prior to this past September, I had probably completely only a handful or so of books on my own these past 10+ years. I just wasn't a reader! I would pick up a self-help book every now and again...never finishing it but getting the gist of it.
Last September, Jeffrey and I went on our trip for his 40th birthday. My mother-in-law handed me a book called Redemption by Karen Kingsbury (a Christian fiction book). I got so into it that I finished it before we even boarded the plane to return home. It was part of a series of 5 books...I couldn't get my hands on them fast enough. During the few months, I finished all 5 of that series and started the next series called the Firstborn Series. Now, I am on the 2nd book of the 3rd series called the Sunrise Series (which doesn't come out until the end of the month). Yes, that is 11 books since September...and I don't read!
I've just finished 2 more of her books that aren't part of the series (Like Dandelion Dust & Oceans Apart)! Isn't that crazy?? I think Like Dandelion Dust will be out in a movie soon (around Easter 2008)! Can't wait!!!
I've also read this summer 2 other books: Sacred Marriage and Love & Respect...which are amazing books...if you are married or about to be MUST read these.
So, now my total books read since September is: 15! And...I'm not a reader!
I'm now going to find a good book on raising boys (maybe re-read a few I never finished like Bringing up boys and Shepherding a Child's Heart). I'm about to enter a new stage in life so I want to be prepared. No more preschoolers at this house...I better get ready!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

1st Trip to the Emergency Room

(Brave Guy!!!)
(Jeffrey applying medicine to wound)

We have officially completed the inauguration of parenting boys by our first visit to the Emergency Room! Tonight, Jake fell off his bike and it (we think the handle bar) sliced his nostril. Poor guy!
We headed to the Urgent Care by our house (thanks to the referral by the Masons who have visited there several times).
Jake was a major trooper! He didn't cry one time while we were there (and neither did mom and dad...which was a major feat!)! We had to apply a medication every 5 minutes to numb the area...otherwise, he would have had to had major shots or be put under anesthesia (an option that made us a little nervous). The medicine worked and he was stitched up (we think 4 total) in about 5 minutes (after the hour to apply the medicine).
So, for 5 days he has to lay activity (I guess I will finish Lauren's tag since I'll be cooped up in the house). Did the doctor not notice he is a BOY? Thankfully, there are several movies out at the theater that we haven't seen...
(Will watching TV...he didn't want to see the blood.)

(Jake with the sucker after receiving the stitches. He has a scratch on his cheek, too. )


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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sleepovers, Swimming, Sofas, Starting Problems, Scorpions...and more!

We had a marathon of cousin sleepovers. Ty & Kayli spent the night on Sunday night. Their mom is still recovering from a hysterectomy. On Monday, we met our other cousins a "Open Gym". After that, they came over and we all went swimming. That night, they ALL spent the night (minus Berkley and Graham). Cousin sleepovers are a huge hit at our house! My kids LOVE them!
After riding our bikes, scooter, etc. to the park yesterday, we then went swimming (see picture). So cute!
Last night, all of the cousins spent the night at Sawyer, Chaney, & Berkley's house (poor Amy). So, basically my kids had 3 nights of cousin sleepovers. Needless to say...they are tired!
Jeffrey and I got to go on a date last night! Yippee!!! We went all over town trying to find a new sofa. If you know us...ours gets a lot of use...between the kids, small group, and other get togethers (and it is nasty dirty although we have had it cleaned)...we need something CHEAP & DURABLE (do those two go hand in hand?...don't think so). We didn't quite find the "perfect" one but are getting close. We had a great time and then got a quick bite to eat at Saltgrass before he had to head to bible study. I walked the dog and had a relaxing evening.
This morning, I took Kayli & Ty home (once Amy brought them all to my house). After dropping them off, my car wouldn't start! Ugh! We had the same problem in Colorado but Jeffrey had taken the battery in and they said it was fine...they were not right. Michele's sweet father jumped my car and I promptly took it to Sam's to get a new battery. Thankfully, there was no line.
After that, we went to Old Navy to return things and then got lunch at Cafe Express. I love that place. Don't you hate it when your kids say they are starving and they hardly eat?...that is what happened at lunch. I was quite annoyed but I still enjoyed my yummy salad and iced tea!
Our downstairs A/C has been out since Thursday or Friday. We finally had it fixed (after they had to order a part, etc.) today. Can I tell you how blessed I feel? It was under warranty! Another company told us it would be $1200 to fix it...I called the place that installed it and they fixed it for FREE!! I am overwhelmed...I call that a straight up blessing from God...there is no other way to express it! is the creepy part of the past couple of days...I found a scorpion on my tile near the living room this afternoon!!! I'm not kidding!!! I think it was 1/2 way dead but not sure. I had heard a yelp previous to my discovery from Eli. When I found the scorpion, I was afraid that it had bitten Eli. I took him to the vet for observation. Good signs of a bite! But...he does have ANOTHER ear infection. Ugh! More antibiotics (I think this is his 6th time for various antibiotics...thank goodness for the puppy insurance we saves us big time).
As a family, we are freaked out about the scorpion...they are known to travel in pairs. We're wearing our shoes inside the house. The pest control people can't be here until Friday morning.
Ok...this is all incredibly boring things but I had to write them down to remember the craziness of our day! I'm off to cook dinner....