Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To Copy Corrie...

"This was the opening video for our Student Fall Retreat called "You've Got Talent." Everyone is asking what inspired this. Here is goes... 1) We needed a great opening video that caught everyone off guard, and set the the tone for the weekend. 2) With this idea in mind, we thought we could use this video as a great object lesson about media choices (kinda creepy hearing your grandparents sing some of this), and 3) this has been a GREAT transgenerational culture experiment. It has totally bridged a gap with our Senior adults and our students. Hope you enjoy!"
Not sure what church but OH MY!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meet Frosty

Well, as you may remember, Eli is no longer with us. After 8 months of not having a dog, we finally decided to take the plunge into dog ownership 1 more time. This time, we decided to go the "Rescue" route.
Because of our allergies, we had to get a hypoallergenic dog. That made the choices slimmer. So, after looking on Petfinder, we found the "Perfect" dog...FROSTY!
We called the Rescue, filled out an Application, they called us with an "interview", and then we had a "Meet and Greet". Seriously! It is a DOG!

(Ummm...he doesn't like his picture taken. I'm not kidding! He gets real scared when I take out the camera and turns his head! I gave up trying to get a good picture.)
Frosty is a 2 years old, white Schnauzer. He is house trained, neutered, doesn't bark, and super sweet...almost too sweet. (Be prepared to be kissed, though...yuck!)
We have had a great transition! I had no clue that having a dog could be so nice! This is why people get dogs! I know...we are crazy!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Has It Been A Month Already?

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a month! Crazy!
We had Field Day/Jog-a-thon, Halloween, Jeffrey's Birthday, Melissa in town and hanging with Beachbody Coaches, Jake Dresses as a Teacher, We got a new DOG (Frosty), Thanksgiving Feast at school, Will's Thanksgiving performance, end of soccer and football...whew!
I'm going to post in pictures since there is so much I've missed...