Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dwain Hoover

My parents are returning from Phoenix, Arizona after attending the funeral of one of their dearest friends, Dwain Hoover.
We met Dwain 26 years ago when we moved to Phoenix. He and his wife's southern draw helped us feel at home as God moved us from Houston, TX to Phoenix, AZ (yes, the desert). Dwain was a godly man. (I hate to use that term because sometimes it is overused). He was a man of integrity and a giver of what God had blessed him with. He knew the importance of stewardship (which was the name of his boat)and the importance of the Great Commission.
Since moving from Phoenix, mom and dad remained close to the Hoovers. For the past 10+ years, they have spent almost every summer in San Diego for two weeks on the boat with Dwain & Beva. It was a refuge for my parents. A time when my they could unwind...a retreat...a time to be recharged.
4 1/2 years ago Dwain was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors gave him 6 months to live. To the doctors surprise (but not to ours), he lived 4 years longer than they had expected. He was loved by his 3 children and their children. They had great memories together during the past 4 1/2 years as they cherished each day together.
Although he will be missed dearly by all of us, I can't stop smiling as I can just hear God saying to him, "WELL, DONE...MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!"

Family Worship Night

Last night started our neighborhood "Family Worship Night" at the Rochelle's. They graciously asked us to join them. Once a month, a few families from our neighborhood will join together for dinner, singing, and worshiping...with our kids. Since we don't get to be with our kids at church, it is a great way to teach them about our faith and have friends to share with. It is also great for the adults.
Last night we watched the Nooma video about "Rain". It was so good and I really think the kids got some of what it was about (in between the giggling, wrestling, silence when asked a question, etc.). I think they felt a little awkward last did the adults. Why is it so hard to share about how we feel about God and we can talk about ANYTHING under the sun with great ease?

(Picture from Halloween of most of the kids)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


People warned me.
I didn't listen.
I thought:
"It won't happen to me."
"I can handle it."
"It'll be Jeffrey's dog so I won't have to do anything."
"The kids are old enough."
"My carpet is already ruined."
...and on and on.

Those are the things I said to myself before we got a puppy. Then we got Eli.

Never did I think...PUPPY = NEWBORN BABY. For those of you who knew me during the "newborn stage" of my children, know I do not like that stage and it makes me very grumpy (just ask Jeffrey...that is why we don't have a 3rd child).

1. My puppy poops in his cage. Yes, I KNOW!!! Dogs don't poop in their cage. Mine does!!
2. He also likes to attack my children with his puppy teeth. There are holes in their pajamas & body parts.
3. He likes to escape my backyard. Today I thought I was smarter than he is. I went to Lowe's and bought 8 bags of Pine Bark. We need them for mulch soon anyway so I thought I'd line them along the fence. Let's just say...I need 6 more. Not more than 2 seconds was that puppy across the street visiting his friend Pebbles (he's very social...just like me).

So, we have Eli in puppy school which has helped (this week we'll start with the escaping part and see what we can learn) and yes...he WAS the cutest one in his class.
He has only pooped in his cage 1 time since Thursday (although I feel stranded in my own house and can't leave for more than 3 hours!) after visiting with the "Head Trainer" at Petsmart (when you have a special dog you get special treatment...well, actually no one else knew what to do with him!). He is also on new food. Blue is the brand and it is healthier than we eat (ingredients include: flax seed oil, green tea extract, whole brown rice, organic sweet potatoes, etc.). His pooping has lessened since we switched from Science Diet.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop the biting, pooping, & escaping? I'd love some hints. Thank you for letting me vent. I needed an outlet....

Friday, January 19, 2007

What those pictures mean to me... we go...
Holly Hobby...had cake for my birthday (I think 6th) made by my mom...amazing!
Dukes of Hazard...totally watched it
Love Boat...favorite on Saturday night
Pleasure Island...had to go to bed b/c church the next morning so I didn't get to watch it
Grease...had the 45s and knew EVERY word to first drive in movie Physical...danced to that song so many you remember the video???
Shoe laces...had one purple and one pink on my pink converse high tops...sylin'!
Star Wars figures...JM had some & I wanted to be Princess Leah (sp?)
Simon...LOVED that game
Sandals...totally had those and loved them (those and my Jellies)!
Swing set...had that when we lived in Houston on Knickerbocker Lane
Donnie & Marie...I TOTALLY had those dolls and I watched that show all the time; I so wanted to be Marie!!! I even had the stage!!
Cassette player...that is the one John Mark got for Christmas in 1980 with his Kenny Rodgers tape (I got a tape player too with Anne Murray...jealous?)
Strawberry Shortcake...can still smell that smell in my mind (didn't watch the show too much...John Mark made me watch He-Man; She-Ra; Transformers, etc.)
Fun times~

Blast from my childhood....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snowed In...Bare Refrigerator!

Yep, it is snowing! As I took the dog out this morning at 6am (for the 5 time since I 9:30pm...a BAD night), I realized there was something on the ground that wasn't there earlier...SNOW! I checked all the TV stations for closings. After 30 minutes, Lewisville ISD was finally on the TV station website...and then the TV. So, I crawled back in bed. Will woke up at 7am and was worried because I hadn't gotten him up yet. I told him there was no school. He was kind of sad because he misses his friends (he was sick yesterday and Monday was a holiday). Jake woke up shortly thereafter and we all snuggled in my bed.
I didn't go to the grocery store last night because I was going to go this morning (we were supposed to have playgroup at our house). So...our refrigerator is bare! Looks like PB & Js will be fed today! Hope it gets better so I can go to the store. I'm craving Chick fil A!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

OCD Behaviors...I have them!

I guess I do have obsessive compulsive behaviors.
Here they are:
1. Food. If I find something I like, I want to eat it all the time. For example, we got fondue for this weekend and I've eaten it the past 3 days. I finally had to throw it out because my butt was growing!
2. Blogging. If I get on, I can NOT get off. You almost have to physically pry my body away from my computer.
3. Television. If I sit down, I can't get up. I hear NOTHING around me and have complete tunnel vision. Will has the same problem...poor kid.
4. Books. If I pick it up, I can't laid it down. That is why when I start the Karen Kingsbury books I finish them in a few days!
5. If I need to find out info on a place to go, I get addicted. I could blame it on my previous career but I really think I just like figuring out where we can go (on a budget, of course).
6. Email. If I need to e-mail one person, it turns into 10. I've sent 42 e-mails out since this morning. Do I have a problem? YES!
7. Parties. If I have one to plan, I can not think of anything else. I check my e-vite page multiple times a day (I'm not going to tell you how many times b/c I don't want to embarrass myself).
8. Bad smells. If I can smell something bad, I can not ignore it. I have to fix it! Potpourri on the stove has been the saving grace since we got Eli.
9. Ebay. If I list it, I must check to see how it is doing...constantly. Will someone buy it? For how much? Should I list more?
10. If bad weather is approaching, I must check the website to know what to wear! I don't think men do that. They don't check to see how cold it is in order to decide what to wear. They wear what they want. Jeffrey is in Kansas and didn't look at how cold it is. It is -1 degrees! He didn't bring a heavy coat and is freezing.

Obviously, the whole computer/internet thing is adding to my OCD behaviors. Maybe I should limit my time (but then I would just run to the TV or a good book)? I think I just need to pray for deliverance!

Friday, January 12, 2007

"9 Weird Things Meme"

meme n.
A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

I've been tagged twice to do this and I had a hard time figuring out my quirks...I'm sure I could have asked Jeffrey but I only needed 9.
So, here goes:
1. Chick fil A is a staple food. I eat there (for breakfast, lunch, or dinner) about 5 times PER WEEK on average (LOVE chicken biscuit, no butter & a Large Unsweet Iced Tea w/Lemon...$3.33).
2. I am good at getting organized but can't stay that way. My mom bought me a shoe organizer but my shoes are on the floor in front of it...ALWAYS.
3. 9 hours of sleep per night is a MINIMUM REQUIREMENT. I am nasty if I don't get that many hours of sleep...walking zombie & very grumpy.
4. I DO NOT like mayonnaise (or anything that has it in it; i.e. Ranch, Chicken Salad, etc.) or anything that swims.
5. I am ADDICTED to Karen Kingsbury books. I read 2 this week! Prior to September, I'd read maybe 10 books IN MY LIFE! I've read 9 of her books since our trip to Lima in September. They are totally addicting!!! The last of this 5 part series comes out in February. Can't wait!!!
6. Until 1 week ago, I'd only run 3 miles probably 3 times in my I am an official "runner". I'm hoping to do a 5K with my friends next Saturday.
7. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 16 1/2 (but made up for lost time after that).
8. Thing I like to do least...clean house (I blame it on my mom...we had a maid growing up so I got spoiled...but my mom also worked and I don't...)
9. My kitchen has to be messes up my whole day & I'm totally stressed if it is dirty (again, same quirk my mom has...we need clean kitchens even if the rest of the house is a mess!).

There I am in a nutshell.
Not too exciting. Not a lot of OCD behaviors but weird ones just the same!

I have a 7 year old!!!

Not that I am old enough to have a 7 year old (hee! hee!) but I do!! Will turned 7 on January 10th. This is a picture of him in the spotlight (which he totally enjoys...just like my side of the family).

On the 9th, we went to a family dinner at Pazzo's and then returned home with balloons and presents. Will got Heelys (tennis shoes with a roller on the bottom...they are really BIG with kids these days!) and a case for his Nintendo DS (which he is grounded from until today). He was so excited!!!

On Wednesday (his actual birthday), we had a big breakfast and drove him to school. For lunch, Jake and I brought him Chick-fil-A. He was precious in his birthday hat his teacher had given him. Later, Jake and I picked up his "Cupcake Cake" from Target and took it to school (parents aren't allowed at the school party & it has to be store bought...don't get me started on that subject!). The cake was precious!!!
...Well, let's backtrack...Will wanted a "Cars, Mario (Nintendo), Pokemon Party". I don't know if you know this but there is no such thing. I had to search high and low to find all three. Thankfully, Target had all three (although, I never found all three for party supplies). They put them on one cake (while I'm sure thinking I was a crazy person in the process).

After school, my friend Jean and I drove all 7 kids (plus Emma & Jake) to my house, got them a snack, and then drove them to Interskate Roller Rink. Will's cousins met him there (which makes up 1/2 a party in sheer number alone). They had so much fun (mostly falling). broken body parts!!

Mimi (Jeffrey's mom) made the cake for the birthday party. As you know, I make yummy cakes and have ALWAYS made their birthday cakes. This year Will wanted Mimi's ice cream cake. What? He didn't want me to make a Cars, Mario, Pokemon Cake???? I was heartbroken (even though I LOVE Mimi's cake, too). I must sure was a lot less stressful for me!!
After driving the kids home, we came home and Will opened his presents. He was so grateful and said he had the best birthday ever!!!

Jake didn't last long...

Birthday Friends...

Jeffrey Covering Berkley's (Will's youngest cousin) mouth so she won't blow out the candles.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my dad's illness. For those of you who don't know, we almost lost my dad a year ago to a strep infection he had in his blood stream. He is a miracle. There was an 80% mortality rate for what he had. We pleaded for his life and God heard our prayers. We've learned to cherish every day we have with each other this year!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Birthday Cousin Sleepover

Yesterday started Will's "Birthday Week" (that's how we like it a the Richardson house). He had a cousins sleepover last night with all of his cousins (minus Berkley...she's too young at age 2). They made their own pizzas and sundaes last night, played LOTS of Nintendo, ran around, and watched Barnyard. They all slept in the game room on a giant pallet. Jeffrey and I went to bed at 10:30pm (3 were still awake).

This morning, they were treated to Krispy Kreme & kolaches. Nothing like a "healthy" weekend!!

Will LOVES the attention and being the leader! He is having a blast!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas!!!

(This year is "Jeffrey's Year". On his year, we don't send out Christmas cards. This would have been the picture I would have sent. Next year is my year so be looking for a PRECIOUS card in the mail wishing you Glad Tidings & Great Joy!)

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Goals

I don't want to call them "Resolutions" but rather "Goals" so here it goes (not in order of importance):

  1. Weigh 125 (I guess Weight Watchers needs me again!)
  2. Write/Research about Etiquette (don't know what that will lead to but am excited about it!)
  3. Have a part time job in the fall (yes, Jake goes to Kindergarten then so I have to do something while he is at school...maybe my eBay business will grow!)
  4. Teach Jake to read & write letters (Kindergarten is calling!!!)
  5. Teach Will to tie his shoes (we've been trying for a LONG time)
  6. Read the WHOLE bible (I'm doing it in Chronological Order...let me know if you want the schedule)
  7. Go to Disney World (this could take a small miracle but I'm still praying!)
  8. Be more organized so I can spend better quality time with my family (i.e. getting my "chores" done in a timely manner!)
  9. Learn to play the guitar (I bought Jeffrey a guitar when we were first married so I decided I'd start using it!)
  10. Be a better wife (that goes without need for explanation)
What are YOUR goals this year? My pastor, Matt Chandler (see link at left or go to iTunes), had a GREAT sermon yesterday about this very thing. It was quite inspirational and a bit of relief. I think I need to listen to it again and again! It helped my weary self know that it is a process (this life of ours) and to keep striving toward the goal (in a non-cheesy, heard it a million times, Chariots of Fire kind of way). Listen to the sermon. It might help you too!

Emerging from the Rubble Called Christmas

Yes, I am bah humbug through Christmas. It is a constant struggle the whole month! I feel beat down 99% of the time. An inner battle goes on within me to keep "Christ" in Christmas while being trampled on by all the craziness. I always lose but I am up again. ("...I get knocked down, but I get up again. Your never going to keep me down" Chumbawamba...remember that song).
So, I'm back. Have you missed me?

Not only Christmas madness but "Puppydom" about put me into a mental institution. I became "Yelling Mom". You know the one who yells at her kids at the slightest thing? No, I am not proud but I am praying THAT mom leaves and the real me (the rested, relaxed, redeemed me) returns. I shopped with my kids today and I do believe I am back. No yelling took place.

The boys and I went to Houston on the Thursday before Christmas to see the "Crazy Christmas Show" at Second Baptist Church. The boys loved it and Will has definitely decided he wants to be a Famous Dancer when he grows up (Jeffrey is a little nervous about that). My parents drove us back and we celebrated Christmas with Jeffrey's dad and 1/2 sister Lacey with the rest of the clan. We spent Christmas Eve with my parents by going to church, a movie, and dining that night on yummy tamales.

Santa brought Will a Nintento DS and Jake a CARS race track (which broke and we had to return...good job Santa!). After breakfast we went over to Jeffrey's parents house and
spent the day there (I think there were at least 25 of us over there!!!). This Saturday was our last "Christmas" as we celebrated with Jeffrey's immediate family. So, Christmas is FINALLY over and I have emerged from the rubble. It is good to be back!