Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Confessions of a "Soccer Mom"

(Am I actually confessing this?)
"I love being a soccer mom!"
Yes, it is true!

(Although I have not purchased a mini-van, nor have any soccer stickers on my car, nor have soccer balls hanging from my rear view mirror...)
I love to watch my little boos (as Amy calls them) play soccer. It is so much fun...more fun than I ever thought.
  • I love to watch the excitement in the faces when they score a goal.
  • I love to watch the determination in their eyes as they focus.
  • I love to watch as they finally "get" the game.
  • I love to watch as they master a new skill.
  • I love to watch them beam as they run through the "parent bridge" as they finish a game.
  • I love to watch my husband get so intense about the game (especially since he is the LEAST competitive person I makes me laugh).

I am soaking life up right now!

Monday, September 25, 2006

More Clues

Jeffrey's 40th Birthday Trip

Can you guess where we went? It was where he said he wanted to go the first night I met him.....

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yeah!! He lost his tooth tonight!!

Oh!! We are so excited over here. Will just lost his first "real" tooth (the other 2 were pulled that he lost before). He's been working on that loose tooth for over a month and finally wiggled it out! I was so glad it happened before we left town. Ty, Will's cousin, lost his today at lunch when we were together. The tooth fairy will be busy tonight!!!

My heart aches!

Tomorrow morning, Jeffrey and I leave for his "40th Birthday Trip" (6 weeks early...I think we are going to have a Marathon 40th Birthday). Although I am thrilled to get away and be with my sweet husband, my heart is aching for I have to leave my two monkeys behind. I've just been sad all day. When I think of leaving them, I tear up. What? I know that is crazy and totally unlike me! I love to get away but for some reason my heart is sad to leave them. They are in GREAT care but I feel like I need to be there for them. Will is probably going to lose his tooth this week. Jake is probably going to need me to kiss a "boo boo". I won't be there for either. "Please, Lord, help me release control to you and put them in your hands. Comfort them! Love on them while I am away!"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mega Play date!!!

So, I am now recuperating from having 43 women and over 50 children at our house this morning!! Yes, the Play Group kick off party was at our house today. It was very fun...not to mention, VERY crazy! Thankfully, are carpets are already kid proof (a.k.a. stained beyond repair) so it was stresses here! I am less Martha Stewart these days and loving it! I'm comfortable with the fact my house won't be spotless and I can't do everything (well, it is still a battle but I'm getting better?). There is a lot of freedom in not being perfect (the Lord is constantly teaching me that...especially through the "carpet episodes"...Did you know the professional painter even spilled some paint in the living room?)
There were people every where. Jake had so much fun. There are 6+ boys his age and he thought he was in heaven. It was fun to see new mommies (there were babies who were 6 weeks old here!!!) and veteran mommies (am I a veteran...I guess I am?) having a great time. Stay at home mommies desperately need fellowship (not to use a somewhat "churchy" term) with other helps us keep sane!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Crazy Weekend!

(I apologize for the long blog...feel free to just look at pictures)
Friday Night- The boys and I went to the Family Worship Night at our church. We arrived early so I could help with registration. I sent the boys out to play on the playground. As I rounded the corner to get them, I could hear Jake crying and Will consoling him (I immediately thought...Will's trying to make Jake laugh so we won't tattle tale on him!). I found Jake crying with blood gushing from his mouth (then I thought, here we go to our first emergency room visit). I calmly walked over to him and looked in his mouth. He had bitten his tongue very badly that was where all the blood was coming from. No broken teeth, no head injuries...just a few scratches and lots of blood. Through his tears, he explained to me he fell off the "outside" of the slide (which he wasn't supposed to be climbing on). He threw up and then I took his shirt off (sorry to be so with boys!). I cleaned him up and his tongue stopped bleeding. We left the church and took care of his tongue. He was fine when we got home. Will kept saying, "I'm so sorry, Jake, that happened to you." I told Will how thankful I was that he was showing compassion to his brother. He told me, "I love my brother, mom. I just feel so bad for him." It made me tear up. They're getting it!!!
Double Header! Will had his first game at 10:30am vs. the Pirhanas. He did fantastic! 3 goals! He really is understanding the game and also gaining skill (but did wiggle his loose tooth during the whole game). However, he complains and I think this will be his last season. Chaney, Amy, Bob, & Jo were there to cheer him on.
Jake had his first game at 4pm. Amy's whole family was there to cheer for him and so was Bob & Jo. He did great!!! 2 goals! Have you ever seen 4 year olds play soccer? It is hilarious!! I really wish we had brought our video camera.
After the game, we all went to eat dinner and then went to Graham's game. Graham scored a touchdown while we were there but it was revoked b/c of holding. We left after half time...then he scored again...we missed it!!! We were so tired last night! We only have 2 more months of soccer to go!
Jeffrey and I just returned from watching the Cowboys game at a co-worker's house, Shah. They are from Iran and are so nice. We had pistachios from Iran, tea from Iran, bakery goodies from Iran, and then dinner from Iran. It was my first "Persian" experience. I feel very cultured! Did you know Iran has 4 seasons? Did you know Persian rugs are made from hand and take 9 months to create? Did you know Persians put a cube of sugar in their mouths while drinking hot tea? Did you know people from Iran speak Farcie (spelling?)? Did you know you call things from Iran "Persian"?....Now YOU have some culture!
Now, I'm sure I have bored you to tears...sorry! There was just a lot to cover!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jake's First Day of School

Cute smile...wet shirt (typical boy! You can't keep them clean for a SECOND!)

Jake w/Bob the Turtle...his new friend
Today, Jake started his first day at his new preschool (CCDC). His teacher is Mrs. Geisel and she has a funny turtle named Bob. Jake was super hyper after school...I think he had an awesome day!

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend, we went down to Houston to visit my parents. The boys had so much fun and didn't want to come home. Here are a few pictures from the boys' first Astros game. We had GREAT seats!

When my dad was sick last January, I pleaded to the Lord for his life. I told the Lord, "He hasn't gotten to take them to an Astros game yet!" Thank you, Lord for answering my prayer!