Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wee...It's a Wii

Papa came in town on Friday. We hadn't seen him in a while so we were excited to see him. Papa always gives the boys (well...all of us, actually) outlandish gifts. One summer he gave the boys the bounce house water slide...a huge hit...until it got a hole in it at the end of the summer. This summer, he was on a mission to find them a Wii. We had looked everywhere and finally found one at a local blockbuster. Friday afternoon, we headed to blockbuster to pick it up. All weekend we had Wii tournaments. If you haven't played it yet, you have to! It is so fun...and can actually be a workout!
Last night, we had a family tournament. I lost (I'm not even athletic via a gaming system...ugh!). It's been great because it has been so rainy here. Thank you, Papa! You rock!!!

Wild Wednesday

Today, the boys and I had a Wild Wednesday (our weekly outing named as such). We went to the Fort Worth Science Museum for the Star Wars Exhibit. Of course, it was a huge hit with my crew. We were sad, however, that the Kidspace area is only for children under 6 and the other hands-on area was closed due to a teacher conference. We did spend some time in the Texas Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum (yes, there is really something called that...only in Texas). Next week, we're headed for the $1 movie (which will be much nicer to my checkbook!!!).

A Babe's Birthday

Yesterday was Pop's birthday. We celebrated at the Babe's Chicken House in Sanger. Sanger is about 15 minutes north of Denton. We ventured out in the downpour to meet them for dinner and that chicken fried steak was worth it!! Well, actually, these pictures were worth it (yes, he is wearing a chicken on his head and a cone cup for a beak!).
Happy Birthday, Pops!!!

Summer "Do"s and Don'ts

I'm not sure if my title is grammatically correct but you get my drift. The summer started off with Jake getting a buzz hair cut in my friend Christa's backyard (just as my brother and cousin did every summer). Will, however, did not want his hair cut. I wasn't going to force the issue. He was growing his hair out and really liked it. There are bigger things to get my panties in a wad about so I decided long isn't a big deal. In fact, lots of boys Will's age have long hair...I'm OK.
Will's hair continued to grow out. It didn't bother me that much until we started to have to use conditioner in it and comb it. He didn't like me combing it...I told him that is what you have to do when you have long hair.
This Saturday, we are having family pictures with Jeffrey's family. Jeffrey's mom mentioned at least getting Will's hair "trimmed" around his eyes. So, last Wednesday (after dinner at Village Grill) we walked 3 doors down to Cuts to get his hair cut. We talked to him at dinner about getting it trimmed and then talked about getting it cut.
When we walked in Cuts, Jeffrey & I thought we had agreed on getting his hair cut. The nice lady said, "You want a faux-hawk?". It sounded cool enough to Jeffrey and I. Away she went with the clippers...and Will's face became sunken. He was sad. We had no idea what a big deal to him his hair was. And she cut it all off!!! She put some cool gel in it and off we were. He was very upset.
The next morning, he cried for 30 minutes about how much he hated his hair. It wasn't worth the tears! So sad...especially when it wasn't a big deal to Jeffrey & I. We told him he could grow it out again. Will doesn't get upset about how he looks...never has. He has never complained about the clothes or shoes he wears. This was a first in the "image" department.
So, the Faux-Hawk hasn't been "gelled up" since that fateful day. He's gotten over the shock of it all and so have we. If it is that big of a deal to your kid...let them have long hair. I'm sure there will be bigger issues in the future to fuss over!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons were the past two weeks. Jake had his from 1:15-2pm. Will had his from 2:00-2:45pm. They had a great time! Here are some pictures from the fun! Their teacher is precious and they have taken from her for 4 years!

Picture Perfect

This picture was taken from a bluff near our house overlooking Lake Lewisville. Aren't they handsome?

Stephanie's Summer Concert Series

I'm not really a big concert attender but for some reason...the past two and a half weeks have been not the "norm". In the past 2 1/2 weeks, I have attended FIVE concerts. Which 5 concerts, you ask?
Here is the breakdown...
First, there was Fergie. I've already posted about that awesome concert.
Second, there was an acoustic set done for charity by my neighbor. It was a lot of fun and we definitely stood out. We looked like the couple from the funny.
Thirdly, we went to see Kenny Chesney (with Taylor Swift & Sugarland) two Saturdays ago at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. We got to sit in the box that Jeffrey's work has. Thankfully, we were in the box b/c it poured rain the WHOLE time. Those KC fans are crazy!!! They stayed in the downpour and had a great time! I really think there is no person I would stay in the rain to listen to.
Fourthly, we went to John Mayer this past Friday night with 3 other couples on our street. Can I say fun? We rented a limo and pretended to be "glamourous" (as Fergie would say). The concert was so-so (we didn't like the songs he selected) but the company was great!
Lastly, I went to my uncle's last concert last night at the Meyerson. He is the director of the Turtle Creek Chorale. After 20 years, he is "retiring" from being the director. They all have beautiful voices.
So, that is my Summer Concert Series in a nutshell. Crazy!
The only other concert I would like to see is Jackopierce in late July. They were my favorite band in high school and college. They are playing at the House of Blues (which is such a great venue) so I hope to get to go.
Can those concerts be any more diverse...and random? Hip Hop (is that what you would classify Fergie as?), Rock, Country, Alternative, and Classical. Fun times!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!!

Since I am not allowed to write about my husband (his rule), I will write about my father today on this Father's Day....

He loves people.
He is my dad.
He loves his family.
He is my dad.
He loves his grandchildren (and spoils them rotten).
He is my dad.
He loves good food and the Food Channel (especially the Food-agraphies).
He is my dad.
He loves music (He is the greatest worship leader I know).
He is my dad.
He loves to cry (especially at McDonald's commercials).
He is my dad.

He is creative (He has more creativity in his pinkie than most have in their whole body).
He is my dad.
He is funny.
He is my dad.
He is giving.
He is my dad.
He is a loving.
He is my dad.

But of all the things I admire most about him is...He is MY dad.

Happy Father's Day, dad! You are amazing!

Primitive Tent Site

Does anyone know what that means? I did not but after this weekend...I was enlightened...even initiated. A "Primitive Tent Site" is a remote camp site, only found by foot. There is no running water, no toilets, no electricity...hence the word "Primitive".
A few days ago, I reserved a primitive tent site ...not knowing really what I was requesting and having never been to Lake Ray Roberts. After the 10 minute hike to our site, I understood what I had requested. Yikes~ The good part was it was right on the lake.
We went camping with the Masons and the Lancasters on Friday (6 adults and 6 children under the age of 7...yes, we are insane). The kids had a blast swimming in the water and we enjoyed our time hanging out, cooking out, and just enjoying the time away.
Jeffrey brought the 2-3 man tent (although we own a 10 man one...go figure!) and we all slept in it. The bugs were so noisy that my ear drum actually throbbed when I turned on my left side. Will and I shared the blow up twin mattress (yes, I am a princess) and slept as good as we could have. It didn't rain until we all climbed in our tents, which was a blessing.
Did I mention the only toilet was 10 minutes away?
Anyway, we woke the next morning, had some breakfast, and left before the downpour of rain. We were gone by 9am (mornings come early when you are camping out). We all had a great time and are excited about doing it again...although I could not wait to shower when we returned home. My brother and sister-in-law are in an Airstream as I write this and will be until the first of August. Bless them! There is no way on earth I could do that! I have so much more respect for them after this trip. Their Airstream is posh but seriously? I am not that girl!
Christa took some pictures so I'll post them when she sends them to me. Can you believe I forgot my camera? So not like me!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This is a word that comes to mind today. I am unable to make it to playgroup on time. I am unable to meet every one of my children's requests (when one wants Whataburger and the other Sonic). I am unable to keep a clean house. I am unable to be the friend I need to be to each and every one of my friends. I am unable to meet all of my family's expectations (parents, in-laws, siblings, grandparents). I am unable to stay on a budget for my husband. I am unable to be patient with my crazy dog. I am unable to eat "clean" (or healthy) all the time.
I am unable to be...PERFECT.
Oh, believe me...I have tried...ALL MY LIFE. I have learned, however, is that I must surrender that thought. I can not and will not ever be perfect...although I will try my hardest. So, today I cling to another word...GRACE. It is a "Sunday School" word that means "forgiveness when you don't deserve it"(or at least that is my definition). I need that today...GRACE...because the guilt of not being perfect is choking me. Guilt has popped its ugly head out today and wants to get me! I'm not going to let it win...I'm going to run to GRACE instead. Thank you, God, for giving me that today!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


This weekend was my first weekend to sing in Kids' Village (Children's worship service for 1st - 5th graders). The term for what I do is "BGVs", or Back Ground Vocals (I'm new to this so I'm still learning all the "lingo"). Can I tell you how much I have enjoyed it? What a perfect spot for God to use me! Acting like a complete dork (ok...I am normally a complete dork) up on stage...teaching kids songs about God! What a blessing! I am overwhelmed that God would allow me this opportunity!!!
The best part, however, was this morning when Will was in the 9am service. He ran to the front row and really got into the music. It was so fun to watch him worshiping God. After the service, he just couldn't stop hugging me. I don't know why but maybe God is prompting his heart. I sure hope so. I'm going to pray that God will take a hold of his life this summer (like my friend Star is doing for her daughter). I can see that God working in his life already...he has already learned so much.
I came to know God personally at age 7 (Will's exact age). I know that sounds weird but it was real. Age 7? Yes, age 7. I knew I needed God and without him I was completely lost...unable to be the person He made me to be. I pray that Will will come to the same realization.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

4 boys

So, this morning I dropped Melissa and her boys off. We had a great time and as was miserable dropping her off. We so wish they lived here still but also know they are where they think they should be...maybe just for the time being?? (Wishful thinking)
We had 4, yes 4, boys in our house and it was pretty crazy. Goal of the day...wear them out!
On Tuesday, we met them at the Gleneagles Country Club pool. We swam and ate lunch (which was yummy). After that, we went by Melissa's parents' place and packed up. For dinner, we went to Life's A Beach (the new, ultra hip restaurant that is the place to be in Highland Village) for dinner. The kids played in the sand and had a blast.
Yesterday, we took the kids to Lifetime where they played for a while in the childcare area. After that, we had lunch poolside (which wasn't that good...I was bummed...the french fries were so amazing last summer...but that is I won't be tempted to eat them!!!) and let the kids swim. Ty was spent after an hour so we came home so he could rest (and Melissa & I could work out to Power 90 Sculpt...which was fun). Jean invited us to swim so we went over there for an hour before we got dressed to go to Fergie. Jenny babysat...poor girl. Can you imagine watching 4 boys by yourself? She should get a medal!!
Now the house is quiet...but is only 8:15am...


Imagine being 3 rows (plus a small barrier) from Fergie...that was us! I could see the sweat on her face! So fun!
Last night, we had a blast at the House of Blue (which is the coolest venue and has NO SMOKING...I love that). There were no cameras allowed inside so this is the best we could get from my camera phone (which was also not allowed...oops!)
She has a great voice...which I was very surprised. So many singers now are just all image and nothing to really back it up. She really does sing! It was a great show!
We ran into 2 of Jeffrey's family friends (and mine). It was so funny! Becky & Dina hung out with Melissa and I the whole time...which made it even more fun! What a small world that we would see someone we knew!!!It was one of the best concerts I have ever been too! was FREE! That was the best part!
So, the lyrics were not the "clean" ones but you really couldn't hear the f-bombs flying around too bad. It was actually pretty clean...which we were surprised! Fun times!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More info...

Ok, yes, that is Stacy Ferguson (aka Fergie) in the video below. She was in the original Kids Incorporated as the youngest girl. Crack me up! My friend, Christa, sent me this and I thought it was so funny. First off, the hair...yes, my hair looked EXACTLY like this. Secondly, the what I used to own. Thirdly, the song...I'm pretty sure my brother, cousins, and I sang this song at one of those singing studios they had in the mall. We thought we were so cool and were ready to go on tour. "Going to the Chapel" was another of our greatest hits. Lastly, the clown. Was that not the scariest clown? And, why was he in the video? It was so random, it made me laugh so hard...kind of like an episode of The Office.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Super Saturday Event & Fergie

Yesterday was the Million Dollar Body Super Saturday Event in Dallas. It was a the DFW Westin from 10am-2pm and it was really fun. I hate meetings but it was super informative and got me motivated...which I always need a little extra push!
Tonight, I am going to measure my body to find out where I am. Watch a few months you won't recognize me...well, maybe you will but I'll be a much more fit girl! Maybe I'll win the monthly $10,000 give a way with my amazing transformation never know!
It was great to see my friends Robert & Melissa. They look fantastic and I'm so glad they told me about Million Dollar Body. I am already a "coach" for over 200 people (in only 3 weeks)...which is super exciting. It is nice to have that accountability, ya know? Yikes!...the pressure is on...which I desperately need.
After the fun time at the Westin...I decided to do something a little crazy. Don't judge...I went to the Verizon store in Southlake to try to get some Fergie tickets. Yes, I gave them my most "Fergilicious" pose (well, not really...I just smiled) and scored 2 tickets to the concert on Wednesday at the new House of Blues in Dallas. Isn't that crazy? Melissa and her boys are going to be staying with us so we are going to go. I'm sure we'll be the only ones over 21 but it will be fun. Do you think she'll do the clean lyrics or the explicit? I hope the clean...I sometimes shudder (involuntarily and unknowingly) at certain words so I wouldn't want to embarrass myself.
I'm sure there will be lots of posts after the concert...stay tuned!