Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To make you smile...

Update on Mama Web

May 21, 2008
Stephanie and I just got back from MD Anderson last night and as usual we were running from the time we got home, Chase had baseball practice and Clare had a playoff softball game. Typical Weber house as many of you know run, run, run!! We had our meeting with Dr. Yung, Steph's latest MRI shows the tumor to be getting bigger. Dr. Yung recommednded changing to anothor chemotherapy regimen to include three oral medications as well as increasing the steriod. The steriod helps with swelling in the brain around the tumor site. Although this was discouraging and scary news, one positive thing is that Steph will no longer have to be on the Avastin (IV treatment). As it is his job to share the "straight medical stuff" with us, he was not optimistic that the new chemo regimen will result in shrinking of the tumor-but hopefully it may stop or slow some of the growth. Steph will start the new chemo regimen next week. Her next visit to MD Anderson will be in early July.
I wanted to say thank you to so many folks that are thinking, calling and praying for Stephanie. I promise you that she is feeling those prayers and even listening to messages but she is not able to respond to everyone right now, please understand and continue to pray.
P.S. This message is from our close friend Mary Nell Suell, (sorry Mary Nell for losing the Dr. title "Bevill will get on me later about that").
One thing I have learned through this journey with Steph is that the best gift I can give her is the gift of freedom in my friendship with her-the freedom to receive (a phone call, card in the mail, email...) with a clear message that no reply is needed. Steph loves people so deeply-and it burdens her to feel like she can't keep up with calling people back, replies to emails, and individually loving on the many, many dear friends who are reaching out to her. She is very limited on physical energy and has limited mobility and needs to spend her energy doing her part to work towards healing her body and spending quality time with her family. Here is what I am proposing: When you send a email or text, please do no expect a reply or start with No reply needed, lets do the same with a voicemail, don't worry about a call back. (If there is a need of anything urgent please call David (214-912-2165), he is very good at screening calls thou (just joking, its David typing).
Finally, this scripture keeps coming to my mind: Matt 6:33-34
Seek first His kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
I told Steph today that I would continue to ask God for his complete healing for her. I believe though my faith in Christ that he will heal her completely and restore her, but I confessed that I wanted it on my terms, Steph responded "only on his terms" Steph, thank you for letting your light shine so bright. Love Mary Nell!


Once again, I ask for your prayers. Jeffrey's Uncle Marty fell off a ladder onto a fence on Monday somewhere around 1pm. He was found unconscious but breathing. They "care flew" him to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. He has remained unconscious and is currently unresponsive. He has broken 5 vertibrae, has a collapsed lung, and a bruise on his brain. His condition goes up and down. This reminds me of when my dad was sick. Every day was an up and down experience. The Lord was gracious to keep us even emotionally. I pray or the same for Jeffrey's family. I pray that they will have the "peace that passes all understanding". For updates, you can visit here. Marty is the head coach of Bay Area Christian School. Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I am becoming aware of some things by being a parent in suburbia. The parents (and I MEAN A TON OF THEM) think their children are "angels", unable to possibly be broken. Lie? Not my child! Steal? Not my child! Bully? Not my child! Struggle? Not my child!
It starts at an early age. From preschool, these parents look with a blind eye. Why? I believe it is because that shows as a "failure" on their part. Most of these parents are successful (or previously were before staying home). They could not possibly have a child that is broken. Or, maybe it is because they don't want to be the "bad guy" by disciplining them so it is easier to pretend (or go to their "happy place"...hee hee). As the children grow up, the parents still do not see what is in front of their eyes. The problems get bigger however the parents transpose blame on someone else (always someone else's fault).
Wow! From early on, I realized that my children, like myself, are broken. They are not puppets and how ever hard I tried (and BELIEVE ME...I TRIED), they would show me that I was NOT a ventriloquist. That was the biggest blessing. He taught me humility very early on in my motherhood.
My prayer is that I will not have a "blind eye" when it comes to my children, but God will reveal to me how to guide them, nurture them, and (yes) discipline them. I also pray that I will be transparent when it comes to dealing with my children. I pray that I will share the bad (struggles) along with the good (we so easily want to "brag" about), giving God the glory through it all. Because, if we were honest, we all know we can't parent on our own.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Baby Blue Salad

Yesterday, I picked up 3 Baby Blue Salads from Magnolia Cafe. That was the request of my sweet friend, Stephanie. I said a prayer that the Lord would give me strength. Actually, that He would take over my body. In my own strength, I am weak. I would fall on the floor in tears upon seeing my sweet friend. I needed God to take over me so that I could be an encouragement to my friend.
So, my sweet friend got out of her car from rehab. Our last meeting, she had driven to meet me for lunch only complaining that her peripheral vision was gone...and that was just 3 months ago. Today, she no longer can drive and her left side has gone weak...that is why she was at rehab. She had a smile on her face to see me and I hugged her. She walked with her cane to the door, slowly...having to concentrate on every step.
She was excited about her Baby Blue Salad so we sat at the table and ate together. I have to say, this was one of the most tender, most humbling lunches I have ever experienced. You know those times when you can feel the presence of God? Those times when He is loving you even though your heart is hurting? Those times when He is teaching you?
We sat and talked. We shared our struggles and our praises. We recounted all that God had done through this brain tumor. The lives touched, the relationships restored, and the precious teaching moments for our children. We also talked about how we have learned to love others when they are sick by not requiring anything of them but just being available when they need it. It wasn't a sappy, "pie in the sky" conversation but a REAL one.
We are praying that God will get ALL the glory and heal my sweet friend. We also know that the ultimate healing is in heaven...where there is no more pain and suffering. Selfishly, we want her here with us, though. We're not finished with her here. I know there will be a time when it is me in Stephanie's shoes (and it is coming). How will choose I live my life while suffering? I pray that I will look like my sweet friend...

I'm Surviving!!!

P90X has been a blast! has been fun but challenging! I am surprised I can keep up as much as I can but I also know I will get better as the weeks and months move on. Every day there is a different workout. Cardio, Core, Weight Training, Yoga, and Kenpo (kick boxing) are all part of the program. I like the variety for sure!
Our group that meets every Tuesday is helping me motivated!
So, for the important part (hee hee): I've lost 2 pound in 2 weeks and 1 inch all around my body! That's pretty impressive. I can already see my body changing. I'm excited to see what I look like at the end of the 90 days! Watch this video to find out what it is like...