Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pray for Wellness!

Is Wellness a word?  Not sure.  I just wanted you to pray that our family and neighbors become well.  We have a lot of illness on our little street.  Some things I know about and some things I don't (breast cancer treatment, mono, knee surgery/blod clots, birthing of children...just to name a few) .  My heart is burdened for my neighbors...especially this week.  Pray for them!  It is amazing that so much illness is happening on this street...all at the same time!
Our house has its own "little" illnesses too (can you hear the breathing treatment machines in the background or the sniffling of my nose?).  We're hoping to be well by this weekend.  Our house is supposed to be a host home for the youth group this weekend.  So, be praying for the youth at our house to find "Wellness" (or wholeness or completeness...are those words?), too!

"HE gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak." Isaiah 40:29
"I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint." Jeremiah 31:25
"Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Here!!!

Everybody Say HEY!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

9 Food Not to Give Kids

Ok...I just read an article by Joe Wilkes (a writer for Beachbody/Million Dollar Body) titled "9 Foods Not to Give Kids"
Here is the list:
1.  Chicken Nuggets/Tenders
2.  Sugary  Cereal
3.  Lunch Meat & Hot Dogs
4.  Juice and Juice-Flavored Drinks
5.  French Fries
6.  Chips
7.  Fruit Leather
8.  Pizza
9.  Donuts

So, why are 6 of 9 a STAPLE of my children's diet?  Yikes!  I better get working!
Here are some alternatives:
1.  Chicken Nuggets/Tenders:  Grill chicken and cut it up, make fun shapes; can bread with cornflake crumbs dipped in egg whites
2.  Sugary Cereal:  low in sugar and high in fiber cereals; add raisins, fruit, etc. to make it more exciting
3.  Lunch Meats/Hot Dogs:  Watch Labels!  Don't do Lunchables...not good for kids
4.  Juice:  Water
5.  French Fries:  Bake them in oven with a little olive oil (or Pam) kids like this
6.  Chips:  make your own healthy trail mix...this is fun for my kids; baked chips are good alternatives, too!
7.  Fruit Leather:  REAL fruit, freeze grapes
8.  Donuts:  JUST don't do it!!!  (We have "donut day" every Saturday!...what are we going to do?)
9.  Pizza:  Make  your own at home w/whole wheat bread base (english muffin, whole wheat tortilla, etc.) and less cheese (the kids like making their own!)

Wow!  I  have some work to do in my house!  Jake's top food choices are all of the above (and not the healthy alternatives)!!!  I think for our family, we are going to have to stop eating out!  At home we do pretty well and use the alternatives.  It is when we eat out we don't do well!  Then, my kids get used to eating "junk" and they cry when I cook because their bodies crave the "junk" they've been eating.  The healthy alternative doesn't taste as good to them.  I better go to the grocery store!!!

I'd love some healthy, kid friendly meals!  Any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Thank you to all who have responded to my blog!  I feel so important.
For an update, I did carry my "fake" Coach bag today and felt much better.  It is a purchase my mom gave me two Mother's Days ago.  It isn't in great shape but it does the trick.  I have Pradas, Burberrys, and Kate Spades that were all purchased on Harwin Street (Houston) or Canal Street (NYC).  I don't care if they are in a drawer and haven't been used in a while.  They were CHEAP!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Material Girl

Ok...I have tried to be a "Material Girl" the past few weeks and it hasn't worked.  Here are two examples:
1.  COACH PURSE-  Yes, I want one.  My mom bought me a small one for Christmas but told me I could use the money they gave us to "upgrade".  So, I went to "upgrade" but the one I picked out was too small.  I had to take it back.  The bigger one wouldn't work either so I had to choose a new style.  The new style was $350!  Yikes!  I made Jeffrey go to 7 stores (yes, 7) to look at all my options just to come home EMPTY HANDED!  I couldn't spend $350 on a purse even though I had the money.  What is wrong with me?  We've thought about going to the outlet, waiting for sales, and etc but I still can't spend the money.
2.  XC90- I almost bought a Volvo XC90 last week.  I even drove one home from the dealership.  Oh, I looked so cute in it!  It was light green (which matches my eyes) and beautiful.  Jeffrey said I could buy it but I couldn't do it!  It was an expensive car (even though he came down $10K off the sticker) and wasn't the "smartest" financial decision but the main problem was it was too small for all of us!  It was like making a square peg fit in a round hole.  Darn it!  I wanted that car!  So, I had to drive it back to the dealership.  I prayed that it would be easy and the sales guy was super nice (if you need a Volvo, you have to go to this guy!).  I told him it was too small and he said, "It is not the car for you."  What?  I want the car!  I want to be the cute girl in the expensive car!  Why wasn't he trying to pressure me into buying it!  Ugh!

The lesson God is trying to teach me is clear.  He has changed me from the girl I used to be (the name-brand-wearing, fancy-car-driving diva).  I'm not saying those things are bad that I wanted but it was clear to me that they are things I don't need to least right now.  He also revealed to me the REASON I wanted those things...because "everyone else" has one.  Yikes!  So, I'll be content in my $14.99-from-TJ Maxx-purse and my Honda-Pilot/Mom-Mobile for now.

Friday, January 11, 2008


My baby is 8 years old!  His birthday was on Thursday and I can not believe how quickly time has gone by!  Sure, there was a time when I thought he would never make it to this age and days felt to slowly creep along (as I cried holding his door shut so he would nap at age 2, wondering if they had military school for toddlers) but I couldn't imagine having an 8 year old.  I even remember knowing a girl who had kids in Kindergarten and 2nd grade thinking, "Her kids are SO old."  And...that is where I am!   
On his actual birthday, we had breakfast at Chick-fil-A and lunch was Taco Bell (brought to school).  After school, we picked out a cookie cake from Nestle's Tollhouse (and enjoyed some ice cream while deciding).  We spent over an hour at Target picking out his presents (thank you family for Target gift cards), and then returned home to unwrap the fun!  Dinner was with our neighbors at Pazzo's (because Kylie's birthday is on the same day) to eat yummy chocolate cake (oh, and pizza).  I didn't say it was a healthy day!
I think he had a good day.
Here is a little bit about Will age 8:
He is so mature.  He is so polite.  He is kind.  He likes to be on stage (like his mommy) and always raises his hands to answer a question (even if he doesn't know the answer).  He loves video games.  He likes Pokemon.  He likes football (this is a new one...we are very excited).  He likes to go on bike rides with the family.  He likes to read his bible (I'm not kidding...he really does...AND he GETS what he is reading...I'm blown away).  He loves friends and is a people magnet.  He loves his brother (he is his BEST friend and vice versa...I pray that is always the case!).  He likes school and is very smart (obviously doesn't get this gift from his mom!).  He likes soccer and baseball.  He likes Webkinz.  He doesn't like to sleep in but doesn't like to go to bed at night either (so sad for mom and dad).  He is very persistent.
That is Will in a nut shell.  I am amazed by him daily!  
I am blessed to call him my son.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Neon Signs

Ok...I've been praying for my friend and her husband who are making a big decision that God will give them a "Neon Sign" to point them in the direction He wants them to go (Oh...and it has been fun to watch those neon signs pop up). Have you ever prayed for that?
A couple years ago, I prayed for a "Neon Sign" about whether or not we should move to Highland Village from Coppell. It was a huge decision even though it was on 10 miles away! It was a new town with new school, church, and friends. God probably gave me many a "Neon Sign" but I kept wondering about the decision anyway! It turns out, this has been THE BEST place for our family. We love it.
So, today I had lunch with a friend of mine, Jenny, who is turning 21 tomorrow. We were talking about another couple friend of ours who might adopt. She asked me if we had thought about adopting. I told her we had but have basically been too lazy to really do anything about it. I told her how every time we were ready to make the next step, something got in the way. She went on and on about how I need a little girl (she is my babysitter so she knows how much I need a little girl).
When I left her, I began to pray. Then I called my friend Sarah who has adopted a son from an agency in Wichita Falls about more information. She didn't answer so I left a message. I hung up the phone and began praying. This is what my prayer sounded like, "Lord, do you want us to adopt? I don't have the gift of mercy...I just took that Spiritual Gifts test and it was last on my list. Am I that person who you want to adopt? Please show me if you want me to adopt! I need to know!" (or "I need a NEON SIGN").
As I started walking into Walmart (still praying), I turned to my right and there was Sarah! I am not kidding! I yelled, "Sarah!!! I just hung up from leaving you a message!" Tears filled my eyes! God, is that my "Neon Sign" or what? God is so good! We had a great conversation! She said she would e-mail me with the info on the Adoption Agency. Wow!
I was in awe! Why would God choose to love me enough to give me signs of what He wants in my life? Crazy!
When I got home, I went to check on the mail and right there was a Potterybarn BABY magazine. I am not kidding! I laughed!!!
As Sarah says, God will give us confirmation as we make each step. So pray that God will continue to guide us with each step. Whether we end up getting a baby girl or not...I am so amazed that God would love me enough to communicate with me today!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Will's Birthday At The Great Wolf!

We just returned from The Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine for Will's 8th Birthday "Sleepover" (which was his birthday "party" and "present" all rolled into one). We decided to celebrate Will's 8th birthday at the new hotel. His cousins got to stay, too! Each family rented a room for the night! What fun!
We got there around 4pm yesterday, checked in, and then went straight to the water park. We had dinner in one of the rooms including birthday cupcakes & presents for the birthday boy and two of his other cousins that celebrated birthdays in December (Kayli & Ty) We then headed back out to the water park. We went to bed around 9:30pm and were back in the water park about 9am this morning! The kids had a blast with their cousins (as always).
My favorite part was this morning going on the slides with all 3 of my boys. It was so much fun! I also loved sitting and reading my book (which I can't put down!).
Here are some pictures of the weekend...(I had cute music but you couldn't see the pictures)