Saturday, July 29, 2006


Hello! Yesterday, the boys and I hung out all day long. We got a phone call around 5:45pm from Amy Peteet (Jeffrey's sister) that they were on the news. A car crashed through their back yard into their bedroom! Thankfully, they were not home and the lady that hit their home was not injured too bad. Isn't that insane?
You can check out the news and see my sister in law and family. Pretty crazy!

Last night, we had a few couples over for an ICE CREAM SOCIAL (doesn't that sound like something in the 50's?). It was totally fun and we decided we're going to have to have them at least once a month! The kids played until 10:30pm!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Gaylord Texan

Yesterday was a busy, fun day! Our friends, Clare & Chase came over to play yesterday while their mommy (Stephanie) went to the doctor. The kids had a blast and I couldn't get them back in the car to take them home. They were busy playing (all 4) and didn't want to be bothered.
After dropping Clare & Chase off, we went to meet Papa (and his work crew) at the Gaylord Texan for a swim and some ice cream. What a treat! Kara taught Will moves to some of the JUMP (children's worship team from SBC) moves. He was in heaven! The boys were pretty calm until the sugar worked it's magic! Wow!
Papa & his crew had to go to VBS at Fellowship church so the boys and I met Jeffrey at Grapevine Mills. Will cried most of the way leaving the Gaylord because, "It's going to be a long time until I get to come back here and I'm going to miss it!". I told him he could save his money and maybe we could spend the night there one night. He asked if we could spend the night there for his birthday.
Jeffrey & the boys ate at Grapevine Mills and then went home. I met some girls there for dinner and then a movie. We went to see "The Devil Wears Prada". Cute movie! Have you seen that reality show on Bravo called "Runway"? Jeffrey and I watched it the night before so the movie took on a whole new meaning!
Whew! I'm tired!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today is our 8th Anniversary! Yes, that is right. July 25, 1998 we married in Houston, TX at First Baptist Church. How fun!
This morning, I was surprised with a new pair of earrings from Banana Republic (the ones which I briefly told him about last week that I liked...he remembered!!!!) and a card. The boys and I had a fun filled day working out, going to the pool with our "Terrific Tuesdays" group, and doing last minute anniversary errands.
I had a label made for a bottle of wine to commemorate our anniversary and I also made a cake to resemble the top of a wedding cake.
We just got back from dinner at Salerno's (with the kids) and are about to put them to bed. I thought I would post some pictures before we turn down for the evening.
8 great years! 8 crazy years! I am so blessed to have such a loving wonderful husband who is also a PERFECT father for my boys. I'm so glad he let me catch him 8 years ago. I am VERY blessed!
Happy Anniversary, sweet husband!!

Richardson's Reserve

Cute Earrings

Sunday, July 23, 2006

More Pics...

Trip to the Lake with Cousins

We survived the road trip!!!
We got home last night from our week long vacation in Tennessee. We went to a lake house outside of Nashville (near Winchester) last week with Jeffrey's family. The kids had a blast. They LOVE their cousins and can't get enough of them.

So, here is a break down of our week (since you've missed our blog this week):
We left Highland Village at 4am on Saturday morning and drove to Nashville. I was feeling kind of crazy and ordered our hotel through Hotwire (the website where you pick out a hotel not knowing which one, but the price...I'm a gambler!). It ended up being a Holiday Inn in Brentwood. Not too had a pool and the kids had fun. We ate Panera Bread in our room for dinner and ordered "The Wild" on pay per view. I think we all crashed at 8:30pm.
We met our friend Christy and her kids at Cracker barrel in Franklin. After breakfast, we went on a tour with Christy being our guide. We all piled in the mini-van w/trusty Judy (the GPS system...that is the name Christy calls her...they are tight!) and drove around trying to find famous people. We did see the Starbucks that Keith & Nicole are always at and the Sonic that Tim & Faith are always at. I soon discovered if you live in Franklin, you can call famous people by their first name. So, off to Alan's house (Jackson for those of us who don't know him on a first name's basis). Wow! We also saw where Michael (w. Smith) lives and where Amy & Gary used to live. The coolest part of the tour, however was seeing the slave walls which Christy pointed out were made by slaves and it is against the law to remove them. We were driving around where the Civil War took place. Pretty freaky!
After the tour, we went on the tour of Christy's house in Franklin. So cool! The kids played and Will played the drums for the first time. I think they are all going to be in a band together when they are older!!!
Then, it was off to the lake. We had to wait a while to get there because the people who stayed there before us hadn't left yet. Once they left, we went in. The place was great! Potterybarn furniture (my dream) and complete with pool and boat. What else could you ask for? The rest of the families showed up shortly after we got there and the kids swam. Then, they took the boat out for a run. That night, we cooked hamburgers on the grill and ate smores.
We got out on the boat and the boys got on the tube. I was so proud of them. Jeffrey had to leave so he didn't get to see them. He flew back to Dallas that day.
Boat & Pool (plus, lots of Nintendo playing by boys)
Boat & Pool (plus, lots more of Nintendo playing by boys)
Boat & Pool plus, I caught 3 fish while sitting on the dock with Michele (one of which was a catfish). Jeffrey got back to the Lake House and we were so happy to see him.
Went to McDonald's for breakfast with the boys (the boys cried b/c they didn't want to leave their cousins). Then, went back into town a few hours later to get Jeffrey a Diet Coke. Jeffrey and I went out on the boat (b/c the boys wanted to stay inside and play). I knee boarded and almost did a 180. I also crossed the wake. I was so proud of myself! That was the first time in my life I could do anything on the back of a boat (and I've tried since I was 7!!). Knee boarding may be my thing! (Just kidding!) Jeffrey & I rode the inner tube together and he about killed me. We had a bad crash but I am still alive. I will re-think if I get on again with him!!! The boys all caught fish that afternoon. That was Jake's first fish to catch...then he caught 2 more! No pictures of it...sorry!
That night, we went into town with everyone. It was so stressful...much easier to cook at the house for 16 people than go out with 16 people!!!
Toby woke us all up at 2:30am to tell us the power was out...not sure why he needed to inform us! So, we were all awake until it came back on (3:30am). We all left when it came back on. We were exhausted on the ride home! Jeffrey & I took turns sleeping/driving. We're glad to be home.

That is the end of my blog I watch the vulture outside my window. Do you think he missed me?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Girls Night Out

Last night, I went with some girls to Anamia's and then a Wine Tasting in Grapevine. I know NOTHING about wine. Here is a picture of our table. We were the "trouble maker" table (Jean, Kris, Krystal, & me)...mostly because we kept holding our glasses from the top and not the stem. White trash...we were! Oh, well. I still don't know much about wine but it was fun laughing with my friends. These are some of my Daniel bible study friends. I love hanging out with them...they are real and fun to be around!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Chuckwagon Pictures (where I worked for VBS)

So, VBS is over (it was only 3 days long). The kids LOVED it. Today they had a splash party after VBS. The kids had fun and I am so glad they are feeling connected at church. Huge blessing! I met several other people at the church and it was nice for me to feel connected.

We're planning on going to the lake near Nashville (wish I knew what it was called) on Saturday. I think we're going to get to see our friend Christy and her kids on Sunday. That will be fun! We wished they lived here!

At the lake, we will be joined by ALL of Jeffrey's family. Yes, 8 cousins will rule the house! It should be fun for the kids! Cousins rule!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So, I'm going to start making cakes as a little "side" business.
I told people I would put my cakes on the website. Feel free to tell your friends.

New Favorites & Fun Times

(what is up with that?)

Black Team

Red Team (don't tell him but he looks like Aunt Jamima)
So, my new favorite snack are green peas (roasted & salted). Please do not tell me they are bad for me! I really feel like I found a healthy snack!!! I got them at Sprouts (our grocery store that is like Whole Foods) today. L-O-V-E them!

Now, on to more important things (I should be cleaning but my blog was calling my name). VBS started today!!! My boys were not excited about going this morning. Jake has been going through MAJOR separation anxiety for the past 3 months. On Sunday, he finally went into his class without crying (only because we threatened him with not being able to sleep with his cousins during the sleep over). We were so excited!!! So, today the same threat was given. NO TEARS! Yippee! He went with his group like a champ. He was upset, however, that he wasn't on the red team (b/c red is his favorite color...and his brother got to be on the red team). The boys loved VBS and I was so grateful. I'm praying that they make friends and love going to church from here on out. It is hard to change churches!

When we got home from VBS, Chick-fil-A (of course), and Sprouts, we were greeted by 4 friends in our backyard. Yes, you guessed it...the Vultures were back!!! What are they hanging around for? I've seen more wildlife living out here than I ever saw in my childhood (other than going to the zoo).
Animals I have seen:
1. Vultures
2. Rabbits (tons are in our yard...obviously not right now b/c of #1)
3. Roadrunners
4. Racoons (dead on the road)
5. Opossom (also dead on the road)
6. Snakes (first day we moved in...that was fun)
7. Woodpecker & many other types of birds
...that is all I remember right now.

Also, last night I went to Bunco. The ladies there wanted to know if I would make cakes for them so I said I would. I guess I'll start making cakes for people. That will be a good little side business for me!

That is all for my blog green peas serving is gone. Feel free to make comments!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon:
So, we had the "Pokemon" Sleepover with our cousins today. They are about to go to sleep. Not sure how long that will take.
These are a few pictures from the festivities. Pizza & Cake! What else could you ask for?


Sunday Morning:
This is what was on our fence this morning when we woke up!
We're not sure what they were looking for...

Will is very excited about his "Pokemon" 1/2 birthday party with his cousins. Pictures to follow the fun....

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Updates on House 7/8/06

Living Room


I mowed the lawn for the first time today! Doesn't it look beautiful?

Living Room and Kitchen


Updates on House:
Our house is finally starting to look like "ours". We said we wouldn't paint for the first year. That lasted only 2 months. We had to have color! We've done one room at a time and had a hard time picking out color. Jeffrey didn't want "Urban Putty" anymore (our faithful, tried and true khaki). He wanted Orange. Well, we couldn't paint the whole house orange so we compromised. The kitchen is orange and the walls are called "Bosc Pear" by Sherwin Williams.
Last month, we finally put in blinds. We now look "moved in" (after only 8 months).
Sweet Jeffrey worked on the paint while we were gone and stained the fence. He had an "oopsie" and spilled paint on the stairway. That's ok! I didn't like the white carpet anyway! We're going to have to price out different options (I want hardwoods...not sure that's going to happen).
Next room...the Master Bedroom...which I want blue!!!!

Saturday: Saturday

The Cake

The Hosts & Honoree

The table.

Shower today:
I just finished hosting Amy Cooke's baby shower.
The shower was a beautiful party with great food. Erica did a great job with the tea! I went from a sugar high, to a sugar low. I feel better now, that sugar rush was crazy! It was a "real" Brittish tea b/c Erica's husband is Brittish. Scones w/cream & jam, English shortbread, cucumber sandwiches, and many other fancy things.
Amy is due in 6 weeks and doesn't know what she is having. Jeffrey likes to give her ideas of names. He especially likes Leyla and Lola for a girl. There have been no takers so far!

This is the cake I made! Yes, I will make others one...for a fee! I need money for Jeffrey's 40th birthday present!


Today I came home and Jeffrey had started my blog. I guess I'm going to be a blogger now. I had just told my friend how I had read her blog site and felt like I had imposed. Wow! I'm sure people are really going to feel like they imposed on me with my 1/2 naked picture on it (my Body for Life picture in my bathing suit...which I have now removed...sorry about that family)!!!

So, I guess this is how my friends and family will be able to keep up with what is going on at the Richardson house. I love pictures and I love writing so I think it will be fun. I'm not promising it will be interesting...just fun!

This week

Stephanie just finished her Body for Life. Her boys are very proud of her.
****(BFL Before & After pictures removed from blog to save face from family & friends)****

Will and Jake just got back from the river with their Nana. They had a great time!

Will's Half Birthday Party is tomorrow. All his cousins are coming over to spend the night. He is 6 1/2.

Jake is going to play soccer this Fall. He will be a grat soccer player.