Thursday, October 23, 2008

October Is Birthday Month

Yes, I like to celebrate the whole month as my birthday...
Here is a pic of a fun lunch with my friends today at Patrizzio's. We had a blast and they gave me sweet gifts! I am blessed with great friends!

Big D and Insecurity

It happened to me again! I left my house thinking I looked so cute and stylish. I get to Houston's Restaurant to meet my friends (the one on Northwest Hwy and Preston in REAL Dallas), and immediately feel like a frumpy, suburban mom. I might have well had on "Mom Jeans"...seriously! This happened to me several years back when I met them at Highland Park Village. I felt like I was in LA and at any moment I would run into my favorite A List Star!
It is another world down there. Here is suburbia, I am always thinking how overly blessed we are and feel guilty for all we have. Yesterday, I felt POOR. What? I know! Can you say "SIN"? It brought back a lot of insecurities I had from my growing up.
My dad was a minister and my mom was a teacher. We weren't rich and we lived in a townhouse...a very nice one. My parents always provided over and beyond our needs and wants. However, my friends were daughters of doctors, lawyers, etc. So, there was no comparison. My parents always managed for me to have a new outfit for special occasions but I knew what a sacrifice it was for them. I always felt a little different.
Fast forward 20 years, those feelings came up again. Weird! Obviously, I have some sin in my life. Jealousy? Envy? What is it?
I really prayed for forgiveness yesterday. I want to be content in my surroundings and who I am in Christ.
I love it in Dallas...I love the shopping, the restaurants, and the fast paced life. But, for some reason, God has me in suburbia. I kind of was sad about it but realized that GOD knew what I needed. He knew I could not have handled "Dallas" and it would have been a distraction for me from Him...not that suburbia doesn't have enough distractions of it's own.
At 35, I thought I had dealt with this sin in my life. Ugh! Isn't it funny how it likes to rear it's ugly head again?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

H-Town B-day Extravaganza

Yes, I am now 35 years old. How is it that I am 35 but feel 25? Weird!
Anyway, my birthday started on Thursday night with a "surprise" birthday dinner with my boys. They were so stinkin' cute! They pretended that we were going to Pei Wei, changed clothes, and "tricked" me...they actually took me to Houston' all time favorite restaurant.
Here are some pictures of their Birthday Surprise Dinner:

On Friday, after breakfast with "my man" at Corner Bakery, I headed to H-town. Gosh...I HATE that drive! Anyway, I met my brother at Cafe Express and he surprised me with Cupcakes from CRAVE...oh, yum!
(Notice...this was NOT a TEAM BEACHBODY weekend)
After lunch, we walked around the mall until I met my mom at the Hotel Derek.

We checked in, visited and then headed to Lupe Tortillas. We met John Mark, Laura, and dad at Empire Cafe that night for coffee. I am sad they are moving! :(
On Saturday, we met Laura and her mom, Kay, at Nordstrom's Spa for Pedicures. Don't our toes look cute.

After our pedicures, we went to lunch at the Nordstom yummy...and then we shopped. That night, we went to see Dutchess and ate at Guadalajara.
On Sunday, I worked out (see...I at least did something productive) and then we went to an amazing spa called Fiori! I have absolutely never done something so nice in my life! Crazy! It was so relaxing...we had a blast. After that, we had lunch at Beck's Prime. Yes...I did fit in almost all of my favorite eating spots this weekend.
That night, we went to see a movie with dad (Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist...not that good) and then hung out at their house. I returned to Big D yesterday.
What a perfect birthday! Thank you for making it so special!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Listen to This...

Before you judge...make sure YOU know your facts. We could all look this dumb...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jake Might Have Hurt His Hand

The verdict is still out. The X-rays were negative but fractures sometimes don't show up for days later. Personally, I think Jake wanted to make his brother feel REALLY bad for tripping him. Will still claims he accidentally tripped him while he was tripping...Jeffrey disagrees.
Here are the pictures from today:

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weekend in Review...

We had a jam packed weekend this weekend (which seems to be the theme when the boys are in sports).
It started on Thursday, Papa came in town to see Will play soccer. Will did an amazing job...he had FIRE in his eyes and was out to win (this is a new thing).
On Friday morning, Papa and I had breakfast together...such a sweet time with him. One of the best ever!
After that, I went to bible study. It was one of those awesome times when everyone cries...I love those (it's a girl thing). After that, I went to the Apple Store to get my birthday present from my mom and dad...a new iPhone! Yippee! The electric shock from the $9.99 Go Phone was a little too much!
Following the apple store, I went to El Rancho (Hispanic Grocery Store) to get Fajita meat and a store that just sells Tortillas...oh, yum!
That night, our friends, The Wiselys came over. I had never met them but Jeffrey was college roommates with John. Sweet Family! They live overseas in China. I can't imagine living in China!

When they left, our neighbors came outside to hang out in the driveway (it was 10:00pm and the kids were asleep). We hung at until after 1pm. We have fun neighbors! We even "Forked" the neighbors invited who didn't come out...hee hee! I have pictures but promised not to post them. :)
Saturday was football (which Jake pulled 3 flags...go Jake), soccer (Will scored a goal!), and Kids' Village singing for me.
Today was more Kids' Village singing, a long nap, more Kids' Village singing, and football. The High School kids aren't over is REAL quiet.
It was a nice weekend...
Next weekend is BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Poor Vultures...and other critters...

Well, the time has finally come. They bulldozed the trees in the back of our house. We tried to fight but it didn't work. :(
We are so so sad...
Where are the vultures going to live?
Here are some pictures:


Assessing Damage-

Back of House-

Jeffrey Looking for His Lost Saw-

Tree Where Vultures Had A Nest-