Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Easter this year came by so fast (and so have the days since...so sorry for the delay in a post).  We went to church on Saturday night (after repainting kitchen and planting flowers).  There was "no room"!  We had to leave so we went to a new Mexican restaurant (Fernando's...tasted like Anamia's).  The next morning, we decided to go to church with Jeffrey's family in  Denton.  After church, we went to dinner and the boys got to do an Easter egg hunt with their cousins.  They had a blast!That night, our friends Alexy and Natasha from Russia came over.  They live in Penza, Russia and work with kids who are exiting the orphanage.  They have an amazing ministry.
It was a crazy weekend but a nice one.
I know this is going to sound pious but Christmas and Easter are not a big deal to me.  They frustrate me.  I celebrate Christ each weekend and don't understand why those two weekends are a big deal.  (I hope I don't get struck by lightening...hee hee!)  They a
re so muddled with secular things that I have a hard time celebrating their meaning.  I wish Christians celebrated on a different weekend from Santa and the Easter Bunny...it would be MUCH better.

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