Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our Week In Review

It's summer, obviously, so I wanted you to see a glimpse into how we occupy our time...
*Breakfast at Chick fil a (don't judge...I need a CFA biscuit at least once a week)
*Grocery Store Shopping (not fun with the kids...I end up buying way too much junk)
*Christa came over to "workout" but we end up talking for 2 1/2 hours instead
*Go to doctor Appointment (which had to be rescheduled when I got there due to a baby delivery)
*Christa comes back over to workout
*Go to Christa's in-law's pool (our community pool was shut down due to poo in the lie!)
*Christa and Taylor join us for dinner
*Skip neighborhood workout to go get Weber kids
*Take all the kids to Coppell pool...but it isn't open for another hour so we play on playground until it opens
*I go down the slide about a million times, play sharks and minnows, etc.
*Lunch at Chick Fil A (I had a salad...seriously!)

(don't they look silly?)
*Dinner with "the girls" (much needed) at La Ha
*Jake makes this sign:

(You have to read this...he misses his friends and just wants to be social!)
*Go to the doctor again...

(Waiting patiently while playing DS in waiting room)
*I feel sorry for Jake so we invite friends to go see "Nim's Island" with us at the $1 movie
*Friends come over to play and swim
*Workout after dinner
*Both boys get friends to come over...who arrive at 8:30am! (yes, I had to wake up early on this day...hee hee!)
*Go to the pool...again!
*Kids still play with their friends while I do Yoga
*Kids spend the night with Mimi & Pops with cousins
*Jeffrey & I go on a DATE to see Hancock and to the new Blue Goose that just opened...heavenly date night!
*Non eventful 4th...don't even have pictures...sorry! I did wear a red and white shirt, though! And Jake did eat 4 hot dogs!
So, that is a week in review at the Richardson's house.

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Colored With Memories said...

When does school/MDO start again?!?

How was blue goose? We tried saturday, but the wait was 1.5 hours...yeah right!