Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prayers for Silent Followers...

I visited my friend Kristen today at Parkland. Her dad, Reece, was in a terrible accident yesterday involving some sort of machinery. I've been friends with KBR since we were Freshmen at Baylor. We were roommates our Junior year and her family has always been so great to me.
Parkland in itself is an experience. So, I walked in dressed up from a meeting I came from...Pink coat and all. Let's just say...I was a little too dressed up! When Kristen's mom greeted me, she told me she'd been reading my blog for years! She knew all about my family. My blog? My boring blog? She knew all about me...she's a Silent Follower.
So, let's lift up my sweet "Silent Follower" and her family today as they wait in the cramped waiting room of Parkland. Pray for a speedy recovery, restful nights, and peace for all.

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Tricia Hoffmann said...

When someone tells me they read my blog, I get nervous and it makes me update my site! Hope your friend's dad is on the road to recovery.