Monday, September 07, 2009

Summer 2009

Summer 2009 started early this year. Jeffrey was offered a job in May and so we decided to take the kids out of school (a few weeks early) for a week to go to WaterColor, Florida. Wow! What an incredible treat! We felt like we were in a Pottery Barn catalog! The boys loved playing in the water and the sand. We enjoyed the time together and celebrated Jeffrey's new job that God had provided.
With the end of school, Will and I headed to Houston where he spent a few days with Nana and Papa while I got to play with my high school friends.
The first week of summer included Jeffrey starting his brand new job, the boys going to Vacation Bible School at Prestonwood, and Will & I starting rehearsal for Wizard of Oz at the community theatre. The boys loved Vacation Bible School and I enjoyed the time playing with my mom while she was here.
Wizard of Oz practices went on all summer: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Nights (7-10) and Saturdays (1-5). What was I thinking? Although, I was checking off something from my "bucket list", Will and I felt a little slighted on our summer!
In June, Will went to...wait for it...CAMP! Jeffrey and I were a wreck sending him (although we didn't show him). At least it was church camp and we knew most of the counselors. It was letting go time for Jeffrey and I. We anxiously awaited an updated blog entry each day hoping to spot a picture of Will on the uploaded pictures.
We enjoyed getting to spend a few days with the Parkers at Possum Kingdom lake and the boys experienced their first Sea Doo/Jet Ski ride...which they were terrified. It was a relaxing trip for us.
Because of rehearsals, we didn't get to go to Houston much but did manage a few days so we could catch the VBS of all VBSes at my dad's church. It was incredible! Jake was a big boy and stayed by himself in Houston the rest of the week.
For July 4th, we had a lawn party and watched a movie on our front lawn. It was nice to get together with the neighbors.
Mid-July, I went to the Breast Surgeon to check on a lump I had biopsied in April. We decided to have the lump removed the last week in July. Thankfully, my mother was here to help me recuperate. The lump was a benign papiloma and we were so grateful. The Lord gave me a glimpse into the world of Breast Cancer and it gave me a greater appreciation for the women Warriors of that horrible disease. Later that week we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and ramped up rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz.
The Wizard of Oz actually ended up being a lot of fun...although extremely time consuming. Our summer was over.
It was a summer of praises: Jeffrey's job and my benign tumor were huge blessings.
It was a summer of fun: lots of swimming and playing.
It was a summer of memories: doing things we've never done before.
Good bye Summer of '09!

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