Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Busy with Boys

Yep! Being a MOB (Mother of Boys) is a busy task! When they were toddlers/preschool age you were busy chasing them and cleaning up after them. Now that they are in elementary school, you are busy driving them to various things, listening to their day (and wanting to punch the kid that was mean to them), teaching them life "things" (God, friends, etc.), and still cleaning up after them. :)
We've gotten ourselves into a new world of Modeling/Acting with Will. (Jake wants nothing to do with it...just give him a ball and he's happy). We had him take an Acting for Film Class at Cathryn's Sullivan's over the Christmas Break to gain some confidence and try something new. He had a great time! So, we sent in some pictures to some agencies and he was actually signed with one of them! He is now with The Campbell Agency. We've very excited about this new adventure. He had his "Headbook" Photo on Saturday and had a blast doing it! See...all my painful (to the boys) picture taking of those boys over the years has paid off! :)
Jake is enjoying playing basketball with Upward. That kid needs a ball in his hand at all times. He truly enjoys playing any sport! I love watching him just have fun!
Both boys will be seen every afternoon throwing the football. They both have their eyes set on the NFL. Will says he feels he will be picked up by Georgia Tech. Jake thinks he'll play for A & M, since they have a better team than Baylor. Will wants to be a Quarterback while Jake wants to be a Runningback.
They are both taking piano (which is painful to get them to practice) and will both be doing soccer this Spring (which actually starts February 13th).
This is such a teaching time in their lives and it sometimes overwhelms me. God has been faithful to calm my spirit and we've been blessed to spend some quality time together.
I'm excited to see what God has in store...

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keeprunnin said...

exciting! Keep us updated with his jobs:)