Monday, March 10, 2008


(Sorry about the played the whole time I was in California...even in my Turbo Jam workout...kind of my theme song for the weekend...)
If you've been to Southern California, you know they call it "SoCal". We just got back around midnight last night from our trip to SoCal. It was amazing!
Have you ever had that kind of out of body experience when you are just amazed that everything just "fell into place"? That is how I felt about my trip. It was like God was working out every detail...perfectly! Wow!
I arrived in Orange County on Thursday morning. I took the rental car van to the rental car place where I was given a black PT Cruiser Convertible! So fun! (I was actually given the wrong car but thought they were just being nice by upgrading me!) I went to the hotel and met all the other Beachbody (new name of Million Dollar Body) Coaches. It was so fun to see in person the faces that you see everyday on the Million Dollar Body website. Ginny (our friend who introduced Jeffrey & me) and her daughter Sarah met me for lunch at The Block at Orange (an outside shopping mall). We ate lunch (at Corner Bakery...ha ha!...haven't been there in a while...hee hee!) and had a great time. She left to pick up her other daughter. Melissa met me at the mall and we shopped for a few more hours. That night, we had our workout with Chalene Johnson (the maker of Turbo Jam). It was so much fun!!! We were on the second row, I think. We got to meet her, her assistant, and her husband. Too cool! She killed us...but it felt so good! I wish I could workout to her live every day! Ginny met me back at the hotel and we went to Downtown Disneyland for dinner. It was packed and we ate at a yummy mexican (the first of 3 Mexican Food meals during my stay). We walked around a little (although the stores were closed by the time we finished dinner) and then went back to the hotel. She stayed with me that night so we could catch up. We went to bed at 12:15am (2:15am Dallas time).
I had to be up at 6:40am to be ready for the morning workout with Tony Horton. Thankfully, he did Yoga (which was PERFECT for my body). Our meetings started at 9am and we were on the 3rd row...perfect seats! It was so amazing! The company REALLY DOES care about people and overcoming obesity...they aren't just saying it! I am SO proud to be a part of a company who really is about people and not making a quick buck! The conference was over at 3pm and I left to go pick up Jeffrey at the airport. Either Google Maps messed up or I missed my exit. I ended up in Industry and my 40 minute drive turned into 2 1/2 hours! Jeffrey ended up taking a taxi to the hotel and I met him there (along with meeting our friends Wes and Shelly). Our hotel was awesome! We stayed at Le Montrose near Sunset Blvd. Wow! We got to see the sunset from the roof (which had a pool and tennis courts). We all got dressed and went to dinner at The Spanish Kitchen. YUMMY! Then, there were paparzzi across the street at a restaurant called STK (which we couldn't get reservations at but went to its sister restaurant instead). We went to see who they were trying to get a picture of. Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckam (Jeffrey's favorite Star!!!). We asked the bouncer if we could go in to the bar...he said yes! We hung out in the bar to see if we found anyone famous. Andy Dick was sitting at the bar. Pretty funny! We didn't see Eva or Victoria because they were in a private room upstairs. We did meet the owners and a drummer for some band I'd never heard of! It was so fun!
Saturday, we woke up, got some Starbucks and drove the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade. We shopped, looked at the farmer's market, and then drove to Lula's for lunch. After lunch, we went to Ventura Beach and Muscle Beach. Interesting people! I think I'll take my boys there when they are in Junior High to show them what drugs can do to you! We relaxed that evening and went to dinner at a restaurant called One. Funny story...Wes called the restaurant to get a later seating. They said they only had 7:15pm and really acted like they were squeezing us in. We got there and there were only 3 tables that had people at them! So funny! The food was tapas and you share. The flavors! Wow! We had a great time! Il Sole was next door and the paparazzi was there, too. We missed the famous person who was there. We went to the Viper Room but it was only 9:30pm so we went back to our hotel to hang out on the roof. I was exhausted so we only stayed for about 30 minutes.
On Sunday, we drove around to see Hollywood, Studio City, Universal City, Glendale, and Pasadena. We ate lunch at In and Out Burger which was yummy. We then took Wes and Shelly to the airport. Jeffrey & I drove around until it was time to drop off the car and get to the airport.
What a cool city! We had such a great time! I can't wait until next year's Coach Summit!


Colored With Memories said...

I think if we ever get out there I'll use this post for a tour guide! Glad y'all are back safe! Kerry

jen crane said...

you are so FREAKIN COOL!!! i am so excited for you! (a little jealous, but still excited :)) maybe once i get my butt in shape (in the most literal sense) we can go be hot together in some exotic location :) love you, girl - glad you're doing well - miss ya!


jen crane said...

oh yeah - and i love the song :) it's on my workout playlist, too :) not so sure about the message but it's got a great beat :) HA!