Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I don't have time to blog, but....

Seriously, I have so much I need to be doing right now but I had to post two things real quick...(and of course I'm having technical difficulties...sorry for the pictures being in the wrong order)
First of all, on Monday night it SNOWED.  In March!  In Texas!  So weird!
Here are the boys playing in the snow that morning (it is 6:30am).  So fun!
It was beautiful as it fell Monday night.  I felt like it was a little gift from God.  It was so peaceful and amazing!  
Secondly, "THEYYYRREEE BACK!".  The vultures are back!  This time, they want IN the house!  I'm not kidding!  They have been perched on our second story window for two days now.  Scary!  They are pecking to come in.  I showered today and they were on that window perch!  Do I smell like death?  Is that what they are trying to tell me?  Freaky!  Here is a picture of that!  We're all a little nervous about it!  I called Animal Control.  They came out but didn't do anything.  I'm hoping they (yes, there are two) leave!  Oh, I type this, one of them is now perched on the fence outside the window of my office!  Can you say, "Scary?"????
I'm off to finish packing.  I leave in the morning to go to Anaheim!  Can't wait!  I'll post a lot when I get back!


Amanda said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Vultures? That is so bizarre! Call my dad. He will come over and shoot them. Surely you know someone redneck enough to do that for you. I hope the boys are doing okay after Eli's exile. I do miss Charley a little bit. Has her mom been calling you?

keeprunnin said...

I am so sorry I did not call you back. I seriously meant to. Call me when you get back. Have a great trip. We'll talk soon and go on that walk. (That sounded fun to me.)

Anonymous said...

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