Thursday, May 08, 2008

Baby Blue Salad

Yesterday, I picked up 3 Baby Blue Salads from Magnolia Cafe. That was the request of my sweet friend, Stephanie. I said a prayer that the Lord would give me strength. Actually, that He would take over my body. In my own strength, I am weak. I would fall on the floor in tears upon seeing my sweet friend. I needed God to take over me so that I could be an encouragement to my friend.
So, my sweet friend got out of her car from rehab. Our last meeting, she had driven to meet me for lunch only complaining that her peripheral vision was gone...and that was just 3 months ago. Today, she no longer can drive and her left side has gone weak...that is why she was at rehab. She had a smile on her face to see me and I hugged her. She walked with her cane to the door, slowly...having to concentrate on every step.
She was excited about her Baby Blue Salad so we sat at the table and ate together. I have to say, this was one of the most tender, most humbling lunches I have ever experienced. You know those times when you can feel the presence of God? Those times when He is loving you even though your heart is hurting? Those times when He is teaching you?
We sat and talked. We shared our struggles and our praises. We recounted all that God had done through this brain tumor. The lives touched, the relationships restored, and the precious teaching moments for our children. We also talked about how we have learned to love others when they are sick by not requiring anything of them but just being available when they need it. It wasn't a sappy, "pie in the sky" conversation but a REAL one.
We are praying that God will get ALL the glory and heal my sweet friend. We also know that the ultimate healing is in heaven...where there is no more pain and suffering. Selfishly, we want her here with us, though. We're not finished with her here. I know there will be a time when it is me in Stephanie's shoes (and it is coming). How will choose I live my life while suffering? I pray that I will look like my sweet friend...


kris said...

I'm so sorry your friend is struggling again...hold on to those times and ask Him to never let you start living outside of them. Thanks for sharing

thosetonnes said...

How is your friend doing? Any better? Praise God that He is working through her!

Matt said...

This post was so sweet and so encouraging to hear. It's so neat to see the power of prayer as we have prayed that you would continue to learn how to encourage your friend through this struggle. May you cherish this moment that you had with her always!