Sunday, September 28, 2008

90 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow....

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Alright, you have less than 24 hours to make a PLAN for the next 90 day of your life!
Let me tell you about my week...
This week, my "crackberry" was either lost or stolen (the verdict is still out). My "life" was in that little thing! Calendar, contacts, etc. I have been completely LOST without it (I know...I have issues...I am working on them). I didn't have a PLAN. My eating was worse, my workouts weren't as consistent, I felt gloomy, my times in the bible were less, etc. Why was that? It was because I didn't have a PLAN. Without a PLAN, I tend to "fall off the wagon". I need that organization to keep me on track.
I am NOT an organized person...I am very disorganized in fact (look in my closets). But, I have felt so much better since I have gotten a calendar and planned my life (workouts included).
So, what is your PLAN going to be for the next 90 Days?
Here is mine:
I was thinking of starting P90X again. However, it is very time intensive. With the holidays coming up, I didn't want to set myself up for failure. That is why I decided to do the 10 Minute Trainer Accelerated Results for the next 4 weeks. At that point, I will re-evaluate my schedule. I may add in some P90X routines in with my 10 Minute Trainer as I see fit.

Here is where you can find others who are doing the same:
Hot For The Holidays
Maybe 90 Days is too overwhelming for you...start smaller! Start with 30 days. For me, that is much easier to grasp. At the end of the 30 days, I will then start my next challenge or PLAN.
What is YOUR PLAN?

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Amanda said...

Girl, I wish I could be hot for the holidays. Instead I am going to be great with child!