Friday, March 27, 2009


I post a lot on my Facebook status update that I'm going to "CB". Wonder what "CB" stands for and why I go there a lot? "CB" stands for Corner Bakery. And it is in our new shops by our house (Shops of Highland Village). It is a great place! Healthy food (there are some unhealthy choices but mostly healthy), great atmosphere, and community feel. Oh, and did I mention FREE wireless and amazing Black Current Iced Tea (oh, my!)?
Today was a prime example of why I go there. I went to meet my friend, Morgan, and ran into about 10 other people I knew. You see, this is kind of my "Cheers" (remember that show?). Everybody knows my name! LOL!
It is what Community is all about. I always feel good when I go there and, most of the time, I enjoy an awesome conversation that spurs me on...mostly in my faith.
So, if you see I am going to'll know I'll be happy, sipping my Black Current Iced Tea and enjoying some amazing conversations with great friends! Come meet me at "my office".


Colored With Memories said...

i seriously cannot go into that place w/o running into 3 or 4 villagers...can't believe i haven't seen you there... the dc chicken salad healthy or not? :)

DFW Team Beachbody Coaches said...

D.C. Chicken Salad
Serving Size:
Calories 240
Carbs 13
Net Carbs N/A
Protein 13
Fiber 2
Fat 16
Trans Fat 0
Sodium 620

Note: Trio Salad Portion. This product contains an oil and/or lecithin that may contain Soy.

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calories diet