Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Birthday Week

Ok, I have been dreading my birthday for a week now. Every time I thought of it...tears came to my eyes. I know...I'm only 33 but for some reason I wasn't excited. I usually love my birthday and want to celebrate for a whole week (if not the whole MONTH). It was just an "off" year. Next year, I'll want to "Party like it's 1999".
Anyway, last weekend I got to hang out with my friend Amy who was in from Houston. We went to a "girly" lunch in grapevine with her friend Christine (from L.A. who was in town b/c she sings with John Tesh...pretty cool story), Star, Amanda, Amy and me. It was so fun! We sat and talked forever. Then, I took Amy and Christine to Southlake to SHOP. That night, we went to FBC Irving to see all the old FBC Houston people. It was great!
On Sunday, we had small group (which was amazing...our house was jam packed) and then I got to have another "girly" lunch w/Amy, Christy (who was in town from Nashville), and Lauren. "Tacos de Brisket" Rock!!! We had a great time! Thanks, Amy, for paying!!
Monday came around and I read 200 pages from a book my mother-in-law had given me "Remember" (a Christian fiction book I can not put down...and I NEVER read) and yes, my house is a mess. That night, I went to a "LATIN FUSION" class at the gym. It was so fun!!! If I had any rhythm when I was younger, it has completely left my body! When I got home, the house was pitch black. I walked into the kitchen and there was a lit candle. "Birthday Rap" was playing in the background. I turned on the light and there were posters all over the walls and bar with Happy Birthday wishes, a huge arrangement of flowers, and gifts! So fun! They were playing "Hide and Seek" so I had to find them (they didn't get the whole run out and yell surprise thing). I was so surprised and teared up. How thoughtful! Jeffrey wrote sweet things in his card and the boys picked out my present (a scarf, hat, and gloves). So sweet!
Yesterday was a pretty normal day but I had tons of calls from friends and family wishing me a great birthday. I read more of my book (I only have 2 chapters left), had lunch w/Jo and Michele, and took Will to soccer practice. It was a VERY relaxing day.


Kris said...

I didnt know!!!!! Happy bday, my friend! I'm glad it turned out to be so awesome...prob wont be at bible study bc of kiddo w/strep. Bummed. I want to read that book when you're done! And, I got that one back from my sis to give to you. I'll give it to Sharon to pass on to you. Glad you're my friend...

Jackson said...

I love your blog! Here are some random thoughts that went through my mind while reading:
-Happy belated birthday!
-Love that you celebrate half birthdays with your kids.
-Where was Jeffrey's birthday trip to?
-You are my hero for being able to bake and decorate cakes. I'm a cake freak like your dad.
-Your house is gorgeous!
-Curtis and I would have gone to couples therapy if he had spilled that much paint on my carpet.
-You had to have set a record for the world's biggest playgroup.
Love ya!

Trendz Girl said...


I am so glad you had a fun birthday. I know what you mean by being sad for 33. I just don't know what I am going to do next year at 35...YIKES. I love the pics. I really wish I could have had a birthday lunch with you. We have had so many in the past. I am now sad. We were going through town tonight and saw an expidition with Texas lisence plates and purchased from 5 Star Ford there in Dallas and robert wanted to find the person and catch up on Dallas. It even had a Mav's sticker, a team he loves. Never say never, we may just come back one day. I need to update my blog. I hope to do that on Monday so check it out. I miss you bunches. Hug the boys for me.