Friday, October 27, 2006

I'd rather have a flu shot, thank you!!

Yesterday was a huge "teaching moment". For those of you who know me...the REAL me (as if I pretend to be anything but a work in progress!) know that I HATE to clean. It is my least favorite thing in the world.
So, I finally got the energy gathered, fought the feeling of being overwhelmed by the piles of messes that laid before me, and started cleaning up the house.
I then told the boys it was time to pick up their toys. Oh, the drama! Oh, the tears! Jake was quickly diverted by telling him he would get a spanking if he kept throwing a fit. Will was not diverted by the fact that he was not allowed to play Nintendo for the next day so I knew there was a battle ahead. He said he was tired so I told him to go to his bedroom (it was 4pm). I could hear him crying upstairs so I went to him. I asked him why he was crying, "This is the worst day ever! First Alec hit me with his elbow and now I have to clean up!" Hmm...wonder where he gets the drama from???
Anyway, I thought, "Perfect opportunity to teach him what God is teaching me." I began to share with Will how much I hate to clean. I began to describe it like this...
"You know how bad shots hurt? Well, I'd rather have a shot than clean. I HATE to clean. But, God tells us that we are to do everything without grumbling and have a happy heart. This is SO hard for me but I am trying. I haven't been very good at it lately but it is my responsibility to clean up just as it is your responsibility to do the same."
Well, he got up a few minutes later and began to help Jake and me.
Then...more drama.
"This is the worst day ever! Alec hit me with his elbow, I had to clean up, and now Jake locked me in the car!"
So, on the car ride to soccer practice we began to talk about how we shouldn't let the "little things" ruin our day. So, in loving mockery I began fake crying out, "Oh, this is the worst day ever!!! The sky has clouds in it and I wanted there to be no clouds." The boys giggled and so did I! I hope they are "getting it".

I told Jeffrey the story this morning and he said, "Will is just like you." Ouch! How many times do I let the "little things" ruin my day. I'm trying to teach my kids but learning more myself in the process. Couldn't I just go get a shot instead?


Kristen said...

My mom and I really enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing it. It is wonderful to know what's happening at your house. I miss you, friend. xoxo

Jackson said...

Steph, I LOVE this! It got me really tickled and also convicted. I despise cleaning too. Love you guys!

Kris said...

proud of you for sharing that w/kiddos...sometimes it all seems so seperate. That is, what I'm learning and what I'm trying to teach...when really He wants it to be the same. So glad you're my friend...loved lunch the other day

Kristen said...

hey! i like that i made your friend links and to be numero uno!! woo-woo!!!