Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This Past Week....

Sorry...I haven't been blogging this is a snopsis of what has been going down at the Richardson's....

Wednesday Night...had dinner w/some friends (my sweet blog reader...thank you for being the ONLY one who reads it!!). Jake now has a new girl friend. He talked about Audrey all day the next day and then the following day. I think he has a crush (she is the one in the Monster's Inc. costume).

P.S. We still have the "Santa" chairs for you, Lauren & Matt...they WILL show up very ready!!!

Friday Night (sorry no picture)-Jeffrey played "Corn Hole" w/neighbors until 1am!!! They had a blast just having guy time outside. The boys and I stayed out there until 9pm. My parents got in town around 11pm. Late night at the Richardson's!

Saturday Night- 2 soccer games! Yes, it was 98 degrees here! The kids were so glad to have Nana and Papa here. We all had a great time & loved Papa's new "do". (picture taken by Jake)

Sunday- still recovered from 98 degree heat.

Today-Jake and I went to the Pumpkin Patch with his playgroup from church. He was the cutest "pumpkin" there! He's pictured with Emma. Aren't they precious!

These are some of Jake's buddies. They are ALL boy!!!


Kris said...

Well, er...
I am also a blog reader!!!! I dont recall being there Wed nite! HA! Cant wait to see ya tomorrow

Jackson said...

I'm so sad your dad couldn't have that hairdo for my wedding.