Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Melissas & Some Nasty Colored Hair you know, I have been trying to go blonde since September.  To my disappointment (to my ego and pocketbook), it keeps having tinges of orange.  Why???
Last week I got to spend time with two of my dear friends who are both named Melissa.  Pretty funny, huh?
Melissa H. came to visit me last week.  We had a great time.  She is moving back and I am so happy.  She got to meet some of my friends, too!  It was surreal to have them all meet!  We ate LOTS but worked out too (went on a beautiful hike around the lake...watching out for bobcats and snakes).  We also looked at houses (which of course gives me the moving bug) and did a little business.  Here is a picture before we met some of our fellow coaches at Patrizzio's.
Melissa M. got married last weekend in Houston.  Oh, my!  What a stinkin' gorgeous bride!
  Melissa M. is a 8 year younger version of myself (although she is much brighter and prettier).  We always have fun together and I am so excited for her new life with her new man.  Doesn't she look beautiful?
As you look at the pictures, you will notice my hair.  Why is it so bad?  I thought I would keep it blonde until we got back from LA in March but I'm not sure I can make it to then.
Give me your honest opinion....back to brown or keep it blonde/whatever color it is?
I'll be back to give more scoop on my weekend away sans kids with my man at Hotel Zaza!  Wow!


Shauna said...


I linked to your page from Tiffany's page - First - your hair does not look orange! BUT - if you live in FM/HV - I have the best hairdresser ever if you want a referral to someone! Gosh - this is so random!! Anyhow - she is amazing - her name is Shaina and she is at Tony Cao at 3040 and 2499! Ok - so sorry for stalking your page! Have a great Wednesday!


Amanda said...

You neglected to tell the story about Melissa in which you advised her not to arrive at Baylor with a boyfriend because she needed to be free to kiss as many boys as possible her freshman year. Ha ha! Y'all are two peas in a pod! You were a total hottie at the wedding. You cannot go wrong either way with your hair.

Just Us Gibsons said...

I don't know, I'm going to have to see you in person. It looks completely different with Melissa H. than it does with Melissa M. I'll give you my honest opinion Friday night...hey...bring Jade's bottle! Kerry

k.murphy said...

you are hilarious!! Loved the pix...saw Melissa M's on Beth's blog last week! Fun. Of course you are breathtaking either way, but you know I'm partial to brunettes...hey, we cant all jump ship and join the blondes, now can we??? hope you are good...xoxo

Kristen said...

i was going to advise staying away from taking pictures with flash because your hair does look totally different with the "two melissas" and that's when i noticed you probably had flash in both. still, i like pic #1, but that looks like maintenance -- profound amounts of aquanet and hot rollers. (haha, i'm laughing)

good luck on your quest. remember life is a process and certainly going blonde will be an ever lovin' process as you continually have them dark roots as the thorn in your side. that's why there's the man named Jesus to help us get through our most trying times.

fire up for the process!!

keeprunnin said...

What???Melissa H. is moving back. Tell her I am so excited!!! I would love to get together sometime.

TedTracie said...

I haven't been to your blog in forever... but I LOVE BROWN HAIRED STEPHANIE!!!

Just my opinion.. take it or leave it :-)