Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine's Day...We Finally Got It Right!!

Sorry...this is long:
After 10 Valentine's Days together...we finally got it right!  There were no tears and no unmet expectations (at least on my part and I'm hoping not on Jeffrey's part, too).  
We actually spent Valentine's Day with my dad ( gets better...I promise).  He came in town that night around 8:30pm.  Now, I'll back up to the beginning of the morning...
My boys were so excited to wake up.  I think they were awake by 6am.  They couldn't wait to give me their present!  They bought me a COACH PURSE.  I am not kidding!  (I haven't worn it yet because I still feel guilty and may take it back still because of the guilt)  Can you say "Extravagant"?  I made the boys mini pink/red (boys don't like pink so you have to say "red") blueberry muffins for breakfast.  They were off to school.  Melissa was still here so we went to Chick Fil A for Chicken Biscuits (we figured out we'd been eating them together for 8 years...crazy!).  I took  her to the new Walmart, had a brief meeting with my accountant, and then worked out to "Fat Blaster" (I love that video).  Melissa left and I was sad (although I'll see her in a few weeks).  A quick visit to the hospital where two of my neighbors were (one for a new baby and the other for complications from a motorcycle wreck...both are home now and doing great!) and then to the school Valentine's Day party.  I had to go back and forth between the two classes.  Lots of sugar was consumed by my two monkeys.  
That night, we went to dinner at Snuffer's (romanic?), sold Jeffrey's car (yippee), and then met my dad at the house.
What?  That doesn't sound romantic?
Well, that really didn't count as "Valentine's Day" because we celebrated for the next THREE DAYS!  
Friday around 2pm we left for Houston (just me and Jeffrey).  We arrived at our hotel around 8pm.  We stayed at the Hotel Zaza in the Houston Museum District!  Can you say G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S?  There was even a tour bus parked outside (rumor was it was Ashley Simpson).  We quickly changed clothes (because tennis shoes were not allowed) and headed to the Monarch where we got some appetizers and drinks.  Yummy food and amazing ambiance.  That hotel is probably the coolest I have ever been to!  Very Eclectic!  
It was an older crowd but we loved people watching.  Our waitress was drunk.  Yes, you read that right.  She was on something or drunk.  Every time she left us...we giggled.  She eventually fell and we never saw her again.  We also enjoyed watching the odd trio next to us (two college age girls with what looked like their professor...gross!).
On Saturday, we went for a walk around the hotel to Hermann Park.  It was pretty (although the weather had much to be desired).  We had breakfast together at Empire Cafe in Montrose.  We shopped for some honeymoon "goodies" for my friend Melissa M. and had a super time just hanging out.  We ate lunch at our favorite mexican place called Guadalajara.  Yummy!   I battled a migraine all day which was crappy!  I took a nap and then got dressed for the wedding (but got side tracked by the movie Jeffrey was watching called Into The Wild).  I ran into the bridesmaid room 5 minutes b/f the wedding (Jeffrey was steaming that I did that but I had to give her the honeymoon "goodies" I got for  her!).  She was happy to see me and her sister said it was perfect that I came back there!!!  Proved Jeffrey wrong (although this is not correct ettiquette to do to someone right before their wedding starts but she does call me her "BFF" so it is appropriate).
We had a great time at the wedding and went back to the hotel a little early...we had woken up at 6am b/c Jeffrey's internal clock woke him up.  We are old!  Ugh!  We had planned to go dancing with Amy & Stephen...sorry guys!  We are lame!
On Sunday, we woke up a little later and then left to come home.  I was so sad to come home.  I needed more time away with my man.  
I love those times with him to recharge!  I didn't have to compete with his job, our kids, or chores.  It was just us!  I'm excited about going to LA with him (and our friends Wes &  Shelly) in a few weeks!
So, it was the perfect Valentine's Day!  After 10 tries...we finally got it right!

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Y'all look great! So glad y'all got it right!! Kerry