Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weekend in Review...

We had a jam packed weekend this weekend (which seems to be the theme when the boys are in sports).
It started on Thursday, Papa came in town to see Will play soccer. Will did an amazing job...he had FIRE in his eyes and was out to win (this is a new thing).
On Friday morning, Papa and I had breakfast together...such a sweet time with him. One of the best ever!
After that, I went to bible study. It was one of those awesome times when everyone cries...I love those (it's a girl thing). After that, I went to the Apple Store to get my birthday present from my mom and dad...a new iPhone! Yippee! The electric shock from the $9.99 Go Phone was a little too much!
Following the apple store, I went to El Rancho (Hispanic Grocery Store) to get Fajita meat and a store that just sells Tortillas...oh, yum!
That night, our friends, The Wiselys came over. I had never met them but Jeffrey was college roommates with John. Sweet Family! They live overseas in China. I can't imagine living in China!

When they left, our neighbors came outside to hang out in the driveway (it was 10:00pm and the kids were asleep). We hung at until after 1pm. We have fun neighbors! We even "Forked" the neighbors invited who didn't come out...hee hee! I have pictures but promised not to post them. :)
Saturday was football (which Jake pulled 3 flags...go Jake), soccer (Will scored a goal!), and Kids' Village singing for me.
Today was more Kids' Village singing, a long nap, more Kids' Village singing, and football. The High School kids aren't over is REAL quiet.
It was a nice weekend...
Next weekend is BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!

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Colored With Memories said...

I'm so not ready for "kids in sports" weekends! We drive by the jam packed field and I just cringe!

congrats on the new phone.

you'll have to fill me in on what "forked" means...i'm seriously embarrassing is that?

is it the same neighbors that we sat next to at Blue Goose a couple of weekends ago?

you guys are too lucky!