Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Confessions of a "Soccer Mom"

(Am I actually confessing this?)
"I love being a soccer mom!"
Yes, it is true!

(Although I have not purchased a mini-van, nor have any soccer stickers on my car, nor have soccer balls hanging from my rear view mirror...)
I love to watch my little boos (as Amy calls them) play soccer. It is so much fun...more fun than I ever thought.
  • I love to watch the excitement in the faces when they score a goal.
  • I love to watch the determination in their eyes as they focus.
  • I love to watch as they finally "get" the game.
  • I love to watch as they master a new skill.
  • I love to watch them beam as they run through the "parent bridge" as they finish a game.
  • I love to watch my husband get so intense about the game (especially since he is the LEAST competitive person I makes me laugh).

I am soaking life up right now!


Trendz Girl said...

I am so glad life is good and fun for you right now. Amazing how different our lives are. I can not imagine 50 kids at my house. It would be busting at the seams. YIKES.

Kristen said...

seebug, who are you kidding?!? i think you were born to be the non-sticker-sportin'-but-lovin-soccer-just-the-same! i'm so glad to see you're sporting a blog. i will check back often and will include a link from mine. love you always!!!