Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Our Days Are Numbered

That is right...Jake & my time together is coming to an end. Two peas in a pod we've been over the past 2 school years. Errands, play group, Mario Baseball, Chick fil A, playing at the parks, and more have been "our things". On May 24th, it will be over and next school year...he will be in kindergarten. Get out the "Sam's Size" Kleenex box...I need it! (Thank goodness I'll have both boys this summer!!...and I don't say that sarcastically...I LIVE for the summer to be with my boys...we always have a blast!)
I asked Jake today what I was going to do without him next year...he said, "You can play with your friends."


Them Chandlers said...

You can come over and play with us anytime! :)

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Oh my goodness! It's your baby! Going to kindergarten!