Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last Days of School

As I mentioned earlier, I was very busy and distracted on Jake's last day of school. We'd just gotten back in town from Disney World and I hadn't quite gotten in the groove...so much so that I missed the announcement that on the last day of preschool, Jake would have a graduation. Oops! Yes, I missed it! I really do, however, feel like it was a blessing. I really do think I wouldn't have been able to recuperate from that day...I am so sad about my baby going to school. Who am I going to play with?

May 18th was Field Day/Play Date for the 1st grade class. Because I was room mom this year, I was in charge of a game. We did an Obstacle Course (from items purchased at the Dollar Store). It turned out quite cute but Jean and I were exhausted by the end...and so were the children. After their time at the park, we brought them home (around 12:30pm...yes, I am a cool mom and get my kids out of school early sometimes...hey...it is the end of the year and they were just going to go back to the room and watch a movie) and they went swimming at the Maddie & Emma's house for 4 hours! Can you say tired??

Last Tuesday, Will was surprised by receiving a specials award for Computer. He was chosen from all the first graders at his school! Isn't that super? I guess his dad (Director of IT) might have had something to do with his skills. Will also received a Reading Counts award for his reading this year. The students had to read books and take tests on those books in order to achieve this award. He loves to read...we were very proud and hope he continues to be such an avid reader. We enjoyed getting to see him receive his awards...he was precious!

Thankfully, I was very busy on Will's last day to really feel the affects of having my oldest "baby" graduate from 1st grade! I was hurrying off to Houston to take care of my mom. I tried to fly out but ended up spending 5 hours stranded at the airport. I took a flight out the next morning. I really do think it was a blessing, however. I was too busy to get sentimental. In a house full of boys...that is much appreciated...they don't like sappy things!

So, now our summer has begun and we are very excited. I'm not going to lament on what August 27th has in store for me. I'm just going to enjoy the next 3 months with my boys...savoring every moment!

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Amanda said...

I cannot believe how grown up Will is! I would hardly recognize him! Your boys are so beautiful I mean handsome. That olive skin...so gorgeous I mean rugged. Way to go Will on those awards!