Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mange-y Mane?

The saga with Eli would fill up a large text book. I guess I need to start writing it...however, for now I will give a brief synopsis of the past few weeks with Eli.
A few weeks back, we decided to go with the "Puppy Plan" at Petsmart's Vet. The only problem was...he was 2 weeks too late to be a "puppy" and would only qualify for the older dog plan (which does not include being neutered but still included all shots, doctor visits and discount on medicine). Ugh! So, we took Eli in and he had a DOUBLE ear infection, skin infection, and needed to be put on Sensitive Stomach dog food. Can you say "High Maintenance"? I could already see the money we would save on this new dog plan!
Don't think we are a bad parents but...we put Eli in a kennel. I know...this is a cardinal sin for all dog lovers but who in their right mind would take care of Eli?
Will, Jake, and I toured several different kennels to find the perfect one for Eli. The one we chose had a great indoor/outdoor run for Eli and they were allowed to play in the grassy area 5+ times a day!
I picked up Eli on Sunday. The man at the kennel said he had just bathed Eli but he got dirty again...but didn't bathe him again...but charged me $20 to bathe gets better...He was TOTALLY matted! I was fire hot mad!!! Jeffrey said he'd call them when we weren't so mad. On Monday, I called the groomer who was recommended from someone. I told him my situation and he told me to bring him in on Tuesday. Tuesday morning I dropped him off. The groomer told me that he would probably have to SHAVE him because he was so matted. What?
This is what he looked like when we got him home last night...
The kids FREAKED out and accused Jeffrey of bringing home the wrong dog!!!
Then...he had sores all over his stomach. I took him to the vet today and the Vet Nurse said she thought it was either...Mange OR Ringworm! Oh, my goodness!!! The Vet ended up thinking it was probably just a virus but took a sample to see if it was ringworm. $70 later (meds and lab work...thank goodness office visits are free with the "plan"), we now have to give Eli a pill 3 TIMES A DAY! Help me!!!
The funny thing is, yesterday I wrote in my journal that I really needed help with the dog. I really want to get rid of him! Eli's only saving grace was that he was cute...not so much as of yesterday afternoon. What is God trying to teach me?


Finally an Abrigg..... said...

i think he's probably crying in that picture.

krisdmurphy said...

Hang in there, girl! What kennel did you use?? DO TELL - so no one else goes thru it. I have a couple GREAT places to rec to you if you'd like. And, remember, this too shall pass. They are like kids - they need us to not give up on them, esp in the hard times. We took them in and need to be "parents" regardless of how hard it is...I feel your pain. Just got back from $300 vet visit yesterday for our doggies (yes, we have 2 now). Hang in there...and email me the name of the kennel!! Did you vet rec them? sheesh

Kristen said...

what a story! i'm sure your first commentator was right -- eli is crying in that picture. the sad pup.

we coat hank's pills in peanut butter. he doesn't mind taking them that way, maybe eli will like it, too.

sending puppy love to you!