Sunday, June 10, 2007


This weekend was my first weekend to sing in Kids' Village (Children's worship service for 1st - 5th graders). The term for what I do is "BGVs", or Back Ground Vocals (I'm new to this so I'm still learning all the "lingo"). Can I tell you how much I have enjoyed it? What a perfect spot for God to use me! Acting like a complete dork (ok...I am normally a complete dork) up on stage...teaching kids songs about God! What a blessing! I am overwhelmed that God would allow me this opportunity!!!
The best part, however, was this morning when Will was in the 9am service. He ran to the front row and really got into the music. It was so fun to watch him worshiping God. After the service, he just couldn't stop hugging me. I don't know why but maybe God is prompting his heart. I sure hope so. I'm going to pray that God will take a hold of his life this summer (like my friend Star is doing for her daughter). I can see that God working in his life already...he has already learned so much.
I came to know God personally at age 7 (Will's exact age). I know that sounds weird but it was real. Age 7? Yes, age 7. I knew I needed God and without him I was completely lost...unable to be the person He made me to be. I pray that Will will come to the same realization.


TedTracie said...

Hey Stephanie... Carri told me you have a blog! I love blogging...I think it's a great invention!
WE LAUGHED SO HARD at the Fergie video with the strange clown... haha.
It was great to see you while we were in Texas. Your boys are beautiful!

Boundbrook Lane said...

Stephanie~I'm so glad to have a friend like you. We'll both pray for these precious children of ours...

TedTracie said...

Hey... can you give me your e-mail address? Mine is

I think I have misplaced yours....

So good to see you and YOU LOOKED GREAT IN THAT BIKINI :-)