Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This is a word that comes to mind today. I am unable to make it to playgroup on time. I am unable to meet every one of my children's requests (when one wants Whataburger and the other Sonic). I am unable to keep a clean house. I am unable to be the friend I need to be to each and every one of my friends. I am unable to meet all of my family's expectations (parents, in-laws, siblings, grandparents). I am unable to stay on a budget for my husband. I am unable to be patient with my crazy dog. I am unable to eat "clean" (or healthy) all the time.
I am unable to be...PERFECT.
Oh, believe me...I have tried...ALL MY LIFE. I have learned, however, is that I must surrender that thought. I can not and will not ever be perfect...although I will try my hardest. So, today I cling to another word...GRACE. It is a "Sunday School" word that means "forgiveness when you don't deserve it"(or at least that is my definition). I need that today...GRACE...because the guilt of not being perfect is choking me. Guilt has popped its ugly head out today and wants to get me! I'm not going to let it win...I'm going to run to GRACE instead. Thank you, God, for giving me that today!


Boundbrook Lane said...

Bless you, friend! You are ABLE in Christ! I'll pray for you this week that the enemy will NOT steal your joy, and that you'll be able to ABIDE this week!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Thanks for this. Love you!