Thursday, June 07, 2007


Imagine being 3 rows (plus a small barrier) from Fergie...that was us! I could see the sweat on her face! So fun!
Last night, we had a blast at the House of Blue (which is the coolest venue and has NO SMOKING...I love that). There were no cameras allowed inside so this is the best we could get from my camera phone (which was also not allowed...oops!)
She has a great voice...which I was very surprised. So many singers now are just all image and nothing to really back it up. She really does sing! It was a great show!
We ran into 2 of Jeffrey's family friends (and mine). It was so funny! Becky & Dina hung out with Melissa and I the whole time...which made it even more fun! What a small world that we would see someone we knew!!!It was one of the best concerts I have ever been too! was FREE! That was the best part!
So, the lyrics were not the "clean" ones but you really couldn't hear the f-bombs flying around too bad. It was actually pretty clean...which we were surprised! Fun times!

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christa said...

Thanks for the super sexy Fergalicious pics!