Sunday, June 03, 2007

Super Saturday Event & Fergie

Yesterday was the Million Dollar Body Super Saturday Event in Dallas. It was a the DFW Westin from 10am-2pm and it was really fun. I hate meetings but it was super informative and got me motivated...which I always need a little extra push!
Tonight, I am going to measure my body to find out where I am. Watch a few months you won't recognize me...well, maybe you will but I'll be a much more fit girl! Maybe I'll win the monthly $10,000 give a way with my amazing transformation never know!
It was great to see my friends Robert & Melissa. They look fantastic and I'm so glad they told me about Million Dollar Body. I am already a "coach" for over 200 people (in only 3 weeks)...which is super exciting. It is nice to have that accountability, ya know? Yikes!...the pressure is on...which I desperately need.
After the fun time at the Westin...I decided to do something a little crazy. Don't judge...I went to the Verizon store in Southlake to try to get some Fergie tickets. Yes, I gave them my most "Fergilicious" pose (well, not really...I just smiled) and scored 2 tickets to the concert on Wednesday at the new House of Blues in Dallas. Isn't that crazy? Melissa and her boys are going to be staying with us so we are going to go. I'm sure we'll be the only ones over 21 but it will be fun. Do you think she'll do the clean lyrics or the explicit? I hope the clean...I sometimes shudder (involuntarily and unknowingly) at certain words so I wouldn't want to embarrass myself.
I'm sure there will be lots of posts after the concert...stay tuned!


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

I confess that I dream about having Fergie's legs and her moves. I did really want to BE her until I looked up the lyrics to london bridge.

christa said...

Melissa is feeling sick, really I think she has diarrea or something.

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

umm, i confess i saw fergie a few years ago. we got free tickets. she did not use the 'clean' version, but i was to enthralled by her recently botoxed lips. they were very unnatural and i giggled. but, her voice is great! i enjoyed her dance moves as well!