Friday, January 11, 2008


My baby is 8 years old!  His birthday was on Thursday and I can not believe how quickly time has gone by!  Sure, there was a time when I thought he would never make it to this age and days felt to slowly creep along (as I cried holding his door shut so he would nap at age 2, wondering if they had military school for toddlers) but I couldn't imagine having an 8 year old.  I even remember knowing a girl who had kids in Kindergarten and 2nd grade thinking, "Her kids are SO old."  And...that is where I am!   
On his actual birthday, we had breakfast at Chick-fil-A and lunch was Taco Bell (brought to school).  After school, we picked out a cookie cake from Nestle's Tollhouse (and enjoyed some ice cream while deciding).  We spent over an hour at Target picking out his presents (thank you family for Target gift cards), and then returned home to unwrap the fun!  Dinner was with our neighbors at Pazzo's (because Kylie's birthday is on the same day) to eat yummy chocolate cake (oh, and pizza).  I didn't say it was a healthy day!
I think he had a good day.
Here is a little bit about Will age 8:
He is so mature.  He is so polite.  He is kind.  He likes to be on stage (like his mommy) and always raises his hands to answer a question (even if he doesn't know the answer).  He loves video games.  He likes Pokemon.  He likes football (this is a new one...we are very excited).  He likes to go on bike rides with the family.  He likes to read his bible (I'm not kidding...he really does...AND he GETS what he is reading...I'm blown away).  He loves friends and is a people magnet.  He loves his brother (he is his BEST friend and vice versa...I pray that is always the case!).  He likes school and is very smart (obviously doesn't get this gift from his mom!).  He likes soccer and baseball.  He likes Webkinz.  He doesn't like to sleep in but doesn't like to go to bed at night either (so sad for mom and dad).  He is very persistent.
That is Will in a nut shell.  I am amazed by him daily!  
I am blessed to call him my son.


Amanda said...

Happy birthday, Will! Stephanie, I know you guys are so proud of your boys. What a special family y'all are! I love you guys.

the corsos said...

Happy Birthday, Will!! He has such an infectious smile, Stephanie. Love that kid!!

Boundbrooklane said...

Happy B-Day, Will!!! You are an awesome mommy, Stephanie!