Monday, January 21, 2008

Material Girl

Ok...I have tried to be a "Material Girl" the past few weeks and it hasn't worked.  Here are two examples:
1.  COACH PURSE-  Yes, I want one.  My mom bought me a small one for Christmas but told me I could use the money they gave us to "upgrade".  So, I went to "upgrade" but the one I picked out was too small.  I had to take it back.  The bigger one wouldn't work either so I had to choose a new style.  The new style was $350!  Yikes!  I made Jeffrey go to 7 stores (yes, 7) to look at all my options just to come home EMPTY HANDED!  I couldn't spend $350 on a purse even though I had the money.  What is wrong with me?  We've thought about going to the outlet, waiting for sales, and etc but I still can't spend the money.
2.  XC90- I almost bought a Volvo XC90 last week.  I even drove one home from the dealership.  Oh, I looked so cute in it!  It was light green (which matches my eyes) and beautiful.  Jeffrey said I could buy it but I couldn't do it!  It was an expensive car (even though he came down $10K off the sticker) and wasn't the "smartest" financial decision but the main problem was it was too small for all of us!  It was like making a square peg fit in a round hole.  Darn it!  I wanted that car!  So, I had to drive it back to the dealership.  I prayed that it would be easy and the sales guy was super nice (if you need a Volvo, you have to go to this guy!).  I told him it was too small and he said, "It is not the car for you."  What?  I want the car!  I want to be the cute girl in the expensive car!  Why wasn't he trying to pressure me into buying it!  Ugh!

The lesson God is trying to teach me is clear.  He has changed me from the girl I used to be (the name-brand-wearing, fancy-car-driving diva).  I'm not saying those things are bad that I wanted but it was clear to me that they are things I don't need to least right now.  He also revealed to me the REASON I wanted those things...because "everyone else" has one.  Yikes!  So, I'll be content in my $14.99-from-TJ Maxx-purse and my Honda-Pilot/Mom-Mobile for now.


keeprunnin said...

I am certain we get way more of a "rush" getting a deal at TJ Maxx anyways.

christa said...

So, I am inlove with a Dooney purse, this beautiful limited edition HP red $500 purse. I think I would look so HOT with that purse, then I think about how my friends need $$ for dr appointments, how there are people who don't have a clue where the morgtage is going to come from.... Damn this spirit of of frugal compassion. I would look so good (: So proud of you for being a big girl and in you heart knowing that it's just a game! Yeah Stephanie

Just Us Gibsons said...

If you ever are needing to feel trendy, just come hang with me! We drive super old cars and I think I've been carrying the same $20 purse for over a year now! You'll feel great in no time!

PS...You really just wanted the Volvo for all of the safety features it offers, right?!?

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

Or you could go to NYC and buy fake ones like me!!!!! :) 30 dollars a piece. :) OR, if you know someone that's going you could ask them to buy it for you. People gave me money when Peter and I went. It's quite the experience on Canal Street!

Boundbrooklane said...

You are awesome!!! I love your transparency!!! Thanks for the reminder about what is NOT important! By the way, you can't beat a Target purse!