Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mega Play date!!!

So, I am now recuperating from having 43 women and over 50 children at our house this morning!! Yes, the Play Group kick off party was at our house today. It was very fun...not to mention, VERY crazy! Thankfully, are carpets are already kid proof (a.k.a. stained beyond repair) so it was stresses here! I am less Martha Stewart these days and loving it! I'm comfortable with the fact my house won't be spotless and I can't do everything (well, it is still a battle but I'm getting better?). There is a lot of freedom in not being perfect (the Lord is constantly teaching me that...especially through the "carpet episodes"...Did you know the professional painter even spilled some paint in the living room?)
There were people every where. Jake had so much fun. There are 6+ boys his age and he thought he was in heaven. It was fun to see new mommies (there were babies who were 6 weeks old here!!!) and veteran mommies (am I a veteran...I guess I am?) having a great time. Stay at home mommies desperately need fellowship (not to use a somewhat "churchy" term) with other helps us keep sane!!!


the Clarks said...

Stephanie, you are one brave woman!

Kristen said...

This play date sounds crazier than pure crazy! Way to do it and come out the other side okay!