Sunday, September 17, 2006

My heart aches!

Tomorrow morning, Jeffrey and I leave for his "40th Birthday Trip" (6 weeks early...I think we are going to have a Marathon 40th Birthday). Although I am thrilled to get away and be with my sweet husband, my heart is aching for I have to leave my two monkeys behind. I've just been sad all day. When I think of leaving them, I tear up. What? I know that is crazy and totally unlike me! I love to get away but for some reason my heart is sad to leave them. They are in GREAT care but I feel like I need to be there for them. Will is probably going to lose his tooth this week. Jake is probably going to need me to kiss a "boo boo". I won't be there for either. "Please, Lord, help me release control to you and put them in your hands. Comfort them! Love on them while I am away!"

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