Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jake's First Day of School

Cute smile...wet shirt (typical boy! You can't keep them clean for a SECOND!)

Jake w/Bob the Turtle...his new friend
Today, Jake started his first day at his new preschool (CCDC). His teacher is Mrs. Geisel and she has a funny turtle named Bob. Jake was super hyper after school...I think he had an awesome day!

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Trendz Girl said...

Hello Steph: We need to talk on the phone. I miss talking to you. Emailing is nice but not as personal. I have updated our blog with some new york details. Check it out. I will be at the store most of the day today, thursday, so call me. What is new with you?? the pics of the boys are great and it looks like Monicas was fun. I have only been there once but I still remember it. Was Monica there? Talk to you soon. Remember Fall is a beautiful time here, you are always welcome.