Monday, July 02, 2007

Popcorn, Please!

Are you ever in those situations where you wish you had a camera? Or a time you just wanted to sit back and eat popcorn while watching your surroundings? My neighborhood Kroger makes me feel that way every time!
I am a grocery store snob...I will admit. I don't go to Walmart. My favorite two stores are Tom Thumb & Target. While trying to cut the grocery budget some, I began shopping at our local Kroger. This is NOT a signature store, however, it has a signature all it's own.
Bought from a former Minyards (says Jeffrey who points out it still has the Minyards colors), this Kroger is in a strip center. The people that work there are so sweet and kind but a little different. I love it that Kroger hires these people. They would probably not have a job otherwise. They are always friendly (sometimes the guys are a little too friendly to me...which makes me a little uncomfortable...I do not feel comfortable when men talk to me that aren't my is just my weird thing).
Then, there is the clientele. Oh, my! All kinds of people...from all walks of life. Today was especially interesting. I watched a lady and her daughter (or granddaughter) go through the store. They had to be on something. The lady was jittery and itchy. When getting my avocados, she actually went for the big avocados ($1.79 each), took off the sticker that has the number on it, and put it in her bag. She was trying to get the $1.79 avocados for $.50 (the smaller avocados were 2 for $1). Crazy! There were other characters but I was fixated on her and her daughter with the afro hair (although she was Caucasian).
I know I stare when I shop at Kroger...I can't help it! I am so grateful, however, for all those people. I am sure they all look at me and think I'm an oddity as well...with my hair pulled back, no makeup on, and two boys who are usually messy...begging for everything down each aisle. All the odd people go to included. As my friend said (when I saw him there at the store and commented on the odd people), "They are my people." I guess that says it all. Anyway, I just had to post about it. It is the most normal thing in my life...especially since I live in a bubble called Castlewood.


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Perhaps I should take you on a tour of Irving grocery stores. You would have a LOT to blog about.

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

hhaaaa...I'm with Amanda. I used to teach in Irving....and occasionally grocery shop at the the Super Walmart on I30. Anytime I wanted mascara, I had to get them to unlock the case. hahaha

Them Chandlers said...

Kroger keeps me real.

And there's one young guy that will always say "hi" or "I haven't see YOU in a long time!" Kinda creepy.

But...I love it.

~A Wal-Mart shopper

Boundbrook Lane said...

I agree with Amanda! I went to the Wal-mart on 183 near Belt Line last Saturday! Wow. I'm kind of a grocery store snob myself, but I was buying a lot for home and for Jackson's party and was trying to save a bit! I truly repeat Jeffrey's wisdom to myself: "I am not above ______ (shopping at Wal-mart, picking up dog poop, etc.). I think it's good for me! Humbling. .

christa said...

You don't even know, try the Super Save food in Justin. And for all you humble people, I am above shopping there! Scoop that Jeffrey