Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Man's Anniversary Celebration

So, yesterday was our 9th anniversary. Can you believe it? Other than the fact we have a 7 1/2 year old, I can't believe it either. It also marks the 10th anniversary of our first date (we married exactly a year from our first date).
My mom has been in town all week and offered to watch our children for us so we could go on a date to celebrate. I met Jeffrey in Southlake because my mom and I had been there for a late lunch and shopping. I put on my high heels to look a little more spiffy (took off the comfy Reefs...oh, how I love those sandals). I walked/jogged across the main street in Southlake to go to another store that was not in the town square (yes, I looked like a dork). My feet instantly began to ache and the blisters began to form. I waited for Jeffrey (who was stuck in traffic) at the Central Market Cafe. It was nice...I got a glass of wine and read my "Love and Respect" book that I'm reading (oh, how I need that book!!!).
We first had to go visit Toby and Michele. She had just had a hysterectomy on Monday and we hadn't seen her yet. We stopped by and talked to Toby. After that, we decided to go see a movie. We NEVER go see movies anymore. What movie did Jeffrey pick? Ok...don't judge us but we saw Knocked Up. Romantic Anniversary, huh? Well, it was either that or the Die Hard movie. It was actually funny (in a way too crude and totally inappropriate but redeeming at the end kind of way).
After the movie (by now it is 9:15pm), we went to eat at Snuffer's. No, I am not kidding! And yes, we had cheese fries. I actually couldn't walk any father because of the blisters on my feet...I threw those high heels in the trash as we exited the restaurant.
As I reflected on our anniversary (and the Happy Birthday card I received from my husband...this has now become an inside joke), I thought, "What a great man's anniversary!". it bad to have a "Man's Anniversary"?
Fancy restaurants make Jeffrey uncomfortable. And...expectations make him even more uncomfortable.
Let's back up to our first date...we were set up on a blind date. We met at his house with the girl who introduced us and her boyfriend. Mind you...Jeffrey had 3 roommates and had just gotten off Young Life Staff. Needless to say, there were people everywhere. We ate hamburgers (that I thought he made but later found out his roommate had) and then jumped in his car (Ginny, Todd, Jeffrey, and I) to go to Blockbuster to rent a movie. What did he rent? SCREAM! I'm not kidding!
Well, I was so scared that I talked through the whole movie. What else could I do?
So, last night was no frills but good (although I had to swallow my princess pride). I think guys like to have a "Man's Anniversary". It really isn't ALL about the wife, right? They have a right to celebrate their marriage the way they want to, too!
Tonight, he showed up with 3 dozen roses. Now, that was Extravagant...but oh, so appreciated by this princess!! Maybe it is give and take after all....


Amanda said...

Congratulations! I love the concept of a Man's Anniversary. A Manniversary, if you will. Your ten will have to be very, very girlie!

christa said...

I always have a manaversary! Not quite a princess (:

the Clarks said...

How sweet! Happy Anniversary!

thosetonnes said...

So sweet. Saw you singing this weekend at Kids Village.