Monday, July 23, 2007

If VBS was at Disney World...

If VBS was at Disney World, it would be just like the VBS that my children experienced last week. It was THAT good!
Of course, my amazingly creative father had a lot to do with it (is that bragging?...yes, sorry!).
Round Up was the theme and it was amazing! My mom and I saw the "Big Show" every day at 11am that had singing, dancing, skits, bible stories, and magic tricks. Disney couldn't have done it any better!
Jake has had a hard time with separation anxiety and he went into his class every day...practically running. We were so grateful!
Will couldn't stop dancing at the "Big Show". He knew all the motions to the songs.
We have the CD of all the songs for VBS and the kids love it! I love it because it is songs about God!

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Josh, Nat, & Lily Pat said...

that girl in the picture looks really familiar. do you know if she went to Baylor? i'm trying to figure out where i might know her???