Monday, July 23, 2007

Riding In Cars With Boys

I believe that is a title of a movie starring Drew Barrymore, however, I believe the movie has different meaning than what I am referring to. I rode in a car with these boys in the above picture for over 35 hours (if you include our "excursion" to Buena Vista). Yes, I should receive many jewels in my crown in heaven for that!
We left on Friday night and stayed in Amarillo at the Holiday Inn ($50 thanks to deal!). Jeffrey informed me that he had gotten some hair color at Sally's on his way home. So, Jeffrey and Will dyed their hair "blonde" in the hotel room (after the boys swam in the indoor pool) at 10:30pm that night. Please, Lord, do not let them get a tattoo at an early age!!!
We met Jeffrey's dad at Cracker Barrel for breakfast...yummy! We talked to him about Jeffrey's cousin who is having a baby at the end of August. We've been praying that she would let us adopt the baby but we think she is going to keep the baby girl. I was saddened by the news but know that God has what is best for everyone. I'd love to have a girl around the house...especially after being with boys all the time.
We headed to Keystone and arrived around 5:30pm mountain time. Our condo was amazing! Did I tell you I got it on eBay for only $350 total for the WHOLE WEEK? Crazy!
Hiking, swimming, playing in the creek, playing monopoly junior, watching Hannah Montana & Man vs. Wild, reading (I read Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas...totally suggest that book!), riding the alpine slide...were all big hits!!!
We did get to see John Mark and Laura briefly. He was still in a lot of pain from his ACL surgery. I felt so bad for him!
We left at 3:00am on Saturday morning (Jeffrey drove). We arrived back in Dallas at 6:15pm...then I ran up to the church to sing at Kids' Village.
All in all we had a great trip together BUT (as I always feel on a trip with all 3 boys) I am so outnumbered!!! Boys are so different than girls! They love potty humor and dirty things. They are just wired differently. I don't get them most of the time! I am looking forward to doing some girlie things very soon!!!


Josh, Nat, & Lily Pat said...

I hope I get to have a boy just to see firsthand how "different" they are. Love that pic of them in the river wearing their crocs.

Isaac, Kim & Landen said...

I have to say I am encouraged to see the messiness and playfulness that is in store for my future. Life with Boys!! And how exciting that Will asked Jesus into his heart!!!! I'm thankful that the Lord reveals Himself to us, even at such a young age. Oh, that it will be Landen's testimony.